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The Grand Army of the Republic:
Decoration Day Orders - 1869

OFFICIAL: Adjutant General.
W'M. T. COLLIS3, A. A. G.
Headquarters Grand Army Of The Republic,
Adjutant General's Office, -ill F Street,
General Orders ) Washington, D. C, April 12, 1869.
No. 21. J

I. The 30th day of May, 1869 - a day set apart by the Grand Army of the Republic to commemorate the glorious deeds of our departed comrades´┐Ż will be observed throughout the United States in such manner as befits the solemnities of the occasion, and as will testify the undying love of a grateful people for the memory of those who died that the nation might live.

This is the second public observance of the occasion, which it is trusted will recur yearly while there remains a heart loyal to the cause in which our comrades fell, and while the moving principle of that struggle is worth preserving. If our organization had no other object, that alone of keeping green the restin-places of our nation's defenders, by this annual commemoration, would be motive enough to hold us together in a fraternal band.

The Commander-in-Chief desires to thank those patriotic men and women who gave their aid and sympathy on a former occasion to make successful this National Memorial Day, and they are cordially invited to unite with the comrades of the Grand Army in the approaching ceremonies; and he thanks the loyal press everywhere, through whose generous aid a lasting record has been made of the observances one year ago. To the Congress of the United {states the comrades are specially indebted for authorizing the publication, in book form, of the proceedings of last May, and for the promise held out that each year a compilation will be made and published, as a national recognition of sympathy with these memorial observances.

II. It has been determined not to prescribe any form of ceremony for universal observance, but each post, or any number of posts, may arrange together such fitting services as circumstances will permit. Department commanders will use every effort to perfect arrangements for the occasion. The newspaper press are requested to give publication to this order.

III. Department and post commanders are specially enjoined to preserve and forward to these headquarters a copy of the proceedings (in printed form, as far as possible) which take place in carrying out this order.

IV. As the 30th of May occurs on Sabbath, posts are at liberty to observe either that day, or Saturday, the 29th.

By order of JOHN A. LOGAN,