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Tom Beardsley's Articles from 2003

July 5 - December 18

All articles have been digitized from materials available at the Willimantic Public Library. appreciates the many ways in which the Library has been a partner in this project. The Willimantic Public Library has a wealth of material available concerning Willimantic history. We urge our readers to visit and support our hometown Library. We are also grateful for the partnership of "The Chronicle". All Tom's articles are reproduced here with the permission of "The Chronicle", the copyright holder. Further reproduction without permission is prohibited.

July 5 Radio man Herbert Rice and WILI - part 2 of 3
July 12 The Polka Lady and the weatherman - part 3 of 3
July 19 One more historic building being allowed to crumble
July 26 Turner Block gives Teddy the sense of a "big city"
Aug. 2 The life and achievements of Windham's "water giver"
Aug. 9 The origins and history of "Sodom"
Aug. 16 The State Normal School for Teachers comes to the city
Aug. 23 South end of Lebanon's Green a changed piece of land
Aug. 30 Knights of Columbus helped beautify the city
Sept. 6 Willimantic's railroad hub - part 1 of 2
Sept. 13 Businessmen band together - part 2 of 2
Sept. 20 Holland Silk Mills
Sept. 27 Howard Knox, M.D. made contributions
Oct. 4 Greek revival building is oldest on Main St. - part 1 of 2
Oct. 11 Schiller's Sewing Circle building's long history - part 2 of 2
Oct. 18 John Hickey and the Irish population
Oct. 25 Redevelopment disaster - Jillson Square
Nov. 1 Union St. once a thriving thoroughfare
Nov. 8 George W. Burnjham : watchdog of treasury
Nov. 15 Sad saga of Henry Hall : promise comes to tragic end
Nov. 22 Everyday people make up a community
Nov. 29 Windham gunpowder mill first for the colonies
Dec. 6 Trip down memory lane : Pleasant St.
Dec. 13 Irene Monroe: Willimantic through and through
Dec. 18 Lace curtain Irish and Jackson St. roots