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Filename=tc-1938-st_joe-1.jpg Filesize=127KB Dimensions=1024x697 Date added=Sep 22, 2011
St. Joseph's Church
Filename=6-26-14pow.jpg Filesize=837KB Dimensions=1080x882 Date added=Jun 26, 2014
Community Reunion Week ParadeOn June 17, 1930, a parade was one of many events that celebrated “Community Reunion Week” over a four day period. Eight bands, twenty floats and just about every community organization participated. Following the parade, huge community entertainment venues were set up at the Elks Park and the State Armory. Pic of the Week June 26, 2014
Filename=pic1m.jpg Filesize=108KB Dimensions=1024x659 Date added=Feb 26, 2010
Chaffee Silk MillThe Chaffee Silk Mill, pictured on the corner of Church and Valley in a building erected in 1872. J. Dwight Chaffee manufactured high quality silk thread and silk fishing lines from this site, well into the 20th century. This building was also fell victim to early 1970s city redevelopment, and today is the site of the Windham Courthouse.
Filename=4-9-2015.jpg Filesize=937KB Dimensions=1392x1117 Date added=Apr 16, 2015
The Knights of Columbus Boys BandThe Knights of Columbus Boys Band stands in front of the north door of Natchaug School. . It was organized in 1917 by Charles Wheeler and played at Willimantic events until the early 1930s. They are in front of the north door of Natchaug School. This band started out as "The American Boy's Band" and was part of a local Boy Scout Troop. When the troop lost its charter, Wheeler was able to get a new sponsor - the Knights of Columbus. Years later, the band became known as "The Thread City Cadets.
1-19-2017 Willi Lumber - 1.jpg
Filename=1-19-2017 Willi Lumber - 1.jpg Filesize=197KB Dimensions=2047x1407 Date added=Jan 19, 2017
Willimantic Lumber and CoalOn September 19, 1940, a fire destroyed Willimantic Lumber and Coal. The first firefighters on the scene found flames shooting more than 100 feet in the air. Thousands gathered to watch the fireman as they doused the flames. The intense heat damaged several surrounding buildings and blistered structures on the opposite side of Church Street.
Filename=5-25-2017.jpg Filesize=168KB Dimensions=1003x759 Date added=Jun 01, 2017
VFW Boys Drum and Bugle Corps This photo was taken in 1932 and show the Boys Drum and Bugle Corps which was sponsored by the VFW’s local Gold Star Post. The newly crowned “State Junior Champions” had won several prizes at a competition. The group was made up largely of sons of veterans.
Filename=memorial-5.JPG Filesize=141KB Dimensions=654x370 Date added=May 25, 2012
Memorial Plaque - Windham Center
10-16-14 POW.jpg
Filename=10-16-14 POW.jpg Filesize=358KB Dimensions=1627x1251 Date added=Oct 16, 2014
Main Street ParadeThis circa 1895 photo was a favorite of the late Chronicle publisher Mrs. Lucy B. Crosbie who said that parades were a prelude to many local activities since a parade called attention to the event. She also liked that photo because she felt that it was a spontaneous idea to take a photo. Since the exposure could have taken as long as two minutes, several people and a wagon moved on before the photo was set and it left the ghostly images that are seen in the photo.