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Filename=laramee~0.jpg Filesize=944KB Dimensions=610x1008 Date added=Sep 30, 2015
Pierre J. (Pete) LarameePierre J. "Pete" Laramee served as the mayor of Willimantic in 1937 and from 1940 - 1941. He also served as the first person of French Canadian descent to represent Willimantic in the Connecticut State House of Representatives from 1917-1918, and 1923-1924 and as a Connecticut State Senator from 1937 to 1942. He was the owner of "The Laramee Company", a thriving meat market on North Street and was a partner in the "Al-Pierre Dance Hall" on Valley Street.

Filename=dion.jpg Filesize=814KB Dimensions=914x1583 Date added=Apr 25, 2013
Hormisdas DionMr. Dion was very involved in community affairs and was, at different times, the city assessor, member of the school board, councilman-at-large and alderman. His final civic office was that of Mayor of Willimantic. He became the city’s eighth mayor in December, 1923 but his term was cut short by a fatal heart attack on April 28, 1924.
Filename=hurley.jpg Filesize=897KB Dimensions=936x1737 Date added=Mar 02, 2013
Margaret C. HurleyMargaret Hurley was the wife of Willimantic Mayor James Hurley. She was elected as Representative of Windham to the State Legislature in Nov., 1934. A graduate of the Normal School, she was a schoolteacher and a member of the Democratic State Central Committee.
Filename=acaisse.jpg Filesize=16KB Dimensions=231x383 Date added=Aug 31, 2013
Alexis Caisse, Sr.Alexis J. Caisse,Sr. was in business as a building contractor and was active in Willimantic's social and political life, especially in French-Canadian organizations. He served as an Alderman of the second ward and then as Alderman-at-large. He was the father of longtime Streets Superintendent Alexis J. Caisse, Jr.
Filename=vegiard.jpg Filesize=950KB Dimensions=936x1620 Date added=Mar 02, 2013
Archille VegiardHis name is actually misspelled on the card - it is Archille J. Vegiard. He was an Alderman from the Fourth Ward. For many years, he ran the Brick and Sullivan Shoe Store and he was a director of the Willimantic Savings and Loan Assn. He died in 1972.
Filename=Scan_Pic0038.jpg Filesize=888KB Dimensions=1980x1412 Date added=Oct 31, 2013
Police Chief Grant Bombria and Captain Frederick LaramiePolice Chief Grant Bombria is sitting in his office at the Police Station which was then in the Town Hall. Bombria became Chief in 1940 after the retirement of Chief Thomas Grady. When Bombria retired in 1952, he had been on the force for thirty-five years. He was followed as Chief by the man standing on the right, Captain Frederick R. Laramie. Pic of the Week October 31, 2013
stan-lucius bigelow.jpg
Filename=stan-lucius bigelow.jpg Filesize=792KB Dimensions=1548x1040 Date added=Dec 12, 2013
Lucius BigelowLucius Bigelow was a tin peddler from Simsbury who made the rounds of the city on a regular basis. Peddlers, especially tin peddlers, often incurred the distaste of local businesses because peddlers paid no taxes. Pic of the Week December 12, 2013
Filename=people-tc-3.JPG Filesize=101KB Dimensions=1024x738 Date added=Oct 21, 2011
James SullivanBetter known as "Jim". Jim's Coffee Spot on Main St. was a popular place throughout the 50s and 60s.
Filename=9-24-2015-a-pow.jpg Filesize=723KB Dimensions=1084x1619 Date added=Sep 24, 2015
Pierre J. Laramee and Harry S. GaucherWillimantic mayor Pierre J. Laramee (left) and City Corporation Counsel Harry S. Gaucher were preparing for a baseball game during the annual Elks outing. Laramee captained the Democrat’s team and Gaucher, the Republican team. At the end of the game, both Laramee and Gaucher claimed victory. After a great deal of good natured yet party oriented bantering, it was still unclear as to who won the game!
Filename=pow-chron-6.jpg Filesize=930KB Dimensions=1800x1189 Date added=Apr 06, 2013
The Rosen Family.Pic of the Week - April 4, 2013. This picture was taken around 1915 on the corner of Mayo and Lafayette Streets. Frank and Bertha Rosen are the couple in the center of the picture. Their children (left to right) are Morris, Adele, Alice, Molly, Anna and Haskel . Among the Rosen’s business interests were the Windham Super Service Gas Station, an auto parts store and Eastern Live Poultry. Visit our Forum to read more information from a family member who saw the picture in the Chronicle. (Photo courtesy of Stan)
Filename=9-17-2015-pow-a.jpg Filesize=826KB Dimensions=1054x1526 Date added=Sep 16, 2015
Oscar O. TannerHe operated a saloon and bottling works out of his building at the corner of North Street (originally called Tanner’s Lane) and Main Street. Tanner served two terms as Mayor, in 1898-199 and again in 1904-1905. Tanner was a great sportsman and managed the city’s professional baseball team, the Colts. A friend of world champion boxer John L. Sullivan, Tanner also sponsored many boxing matches in the city.
Filename=people-pinkie-marrotte.jpg Filesize=82KB Dimensions=899x608 Date added=Apr 25, 2012
Paul Pinkiewicz, aka "Pinkie" of the Windham Police; picture taken in 1959 on Jackson Street, Willimantic. Notice the old "Windham Police" cruiser. (photo courtesy of Steve Marrotte)
Filename=February19.jpg Filesize=73KB Dimensions=502x647 Date added=Feb 19, 2011
President Roosevelt visits Willimantic
We came across this picture of President Roosevelt's August, 1902 speech in Willimantic and wanted to post it for our viewers
Filename=people-tc-2.jpg Filesize=74KB Dimensions=634x480 Date added=Apr 23, 2012
President Roosevelt visits Willimantic (2)
Filename=Scan_Pic0218.jpg Filesize=192KB Dimensions=2047x1433 Date added=Apr 23, 2012
President Roosevelt visits Willimantic (3)
Filename=September25a.jpg Filesize=124KB Dimensions=1024x612 Date added=Sep 25, 2010
Governor Cross - 1934 outing at "The Oaks" in North WindhamIn the 1930’s, Windham County Democrats held semi-annual “outings” to present the upcoming "ticket". Upwards of 500 people would attend these outings. During his terms as Governor, Wilbur Cross was a regular visitor. Governor Wilbur Cross (wearing coat and tie) is speaking. To Gov. Cross’ right, in light colored pants and shirt and wearing a bowtie, is Mr. Timmins. To Mr. Timmins right is Congressman Maloney. The second man from Maloney's right is (we THINK) State Representative William M. Citron who was to go on the be elected as a Representative to the U.S. 74th and 75th Congress.
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