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> Gallery 12 - Willimantic Fire Dept.

Filename=firehouse-tc-3.jpg Filesize=140KB Dimensions=1024x650 Date added=Sep 22, 2011
Filename=firehouse-bankst_.jpg Filesize=141KB Dimensions=1024x683 Date added=Jun 12, 2011
Bank St. headquarters - 1908The Bank Street fire house is pictured here in 1908
pic1-bank st fd.jpg
Filename=pic1-bank st fd.jpg Filesize=105KB Dimensions=1024x995 Date added=Jun 12, 2011
Bank St Headquarters
Filename=12-29-2016-POW-a.jpg Filesize=321KB Dimensions=1315x1238 Date added=Dec 29, 2016
Pic of the Week December 29, 2016For over sixty years, the Willimantic Fire Department has decorated the front of its headquarters for Christmas and New Years. The “Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Year” signs were created in the basement of the old Bank Street Headquarters in 1953. Firefighters Dick Garneau, Milton Shippee and Joseph Whalen are shown putting the final touches on the sign.
Alert Hose-Mike Tirone.jpg
Filename=Alert Hose-Mike Tirone.jpg Filesize=136KB Dimensions=1024x751 Date added=Jun 22, 2010
Alert Hose Co.The Alert Hose Company's decorated fire wagon.
Photo courtesy of Mike Tirone.
Filename=tc-fire-a.jpg Filesize=127KB Dimensions=1024x747 Date added=Sep 22, 2011
Filename=firehouses-12.jpg Filesize=191KB Dimensions=1024x1051 Date added=Jun 12, 2011
Christmas at Bank St. HQBank St. headquarters is decorated for Christmas.
Willimantic Fire Deptartment_.jpg
Filename=Willimantic Fire Deptartment_.jpg Filesize=197KB Dimensions=1024x841 Date added=Jun 22, 2011
WFD Collage Here's an interesting collage of Willimantic Fire Dept. pics throughout the years. Courtesy of Mike Tirone
Filename=firehouse-tc-4-excel-parlor.jpg Filesize=156KB Dimensions=838x589 Date added=Sep 22, 2011
Excelsior Hook and Ladder's Parlor at the Bank St. Headquarters
Filename=firehouse-tc-1assemblyroom.jpg Filesize=154KB Dimensions=1024x731 Date added=Sep 22, 2011
Alert Hose Company's Assembly Room at Bank St. Headquarters
Filename=firehouse-a-a.jpg Filesize=81KB Dimensions=1024x1080 Date added=Jun 12, 2011
The Montgomery Hose Company The Montgomery Hose Company consisted mainly of Irish firemen. They built this hose house on Jackson Street in the 1880s, and it is pictured here just before it was demolished in 1974.
Filename=11-10-16-tc.jpg Filesize=285KB Dimensions=2048x1386 Date added=Nov 17, 2016
Hilltop Hose - Fiftenth AnniversaryThe men of WFD's Hilltop Hose Company Three gather outside their headquarters. We think this photo was taken at the fifteenth anniversary celebration of the company’s formation. There were 150 guests representing present, former and honorary members, city officials, and invited guests. The evening included “ a fine musical program... a banquet and social time”. The only men we could identify were Elmer Young, company Secretary (front row, second from right), Frank M. Lincoln, company Foreman.
Willimantic Montgomery Station_.jpg
Filename=Willimantic Montgomery Station_.jpg Filesize=236KB Dimensions=864x1024 Date added=Jun 22, 2011
Montgomery Hose - Jackson St.Courtesy of Mike Tirone
Filename=firehouses-12~0.jpg Filesize=191KB Dimensions=1024x1051 Date added=Dec 31, 2015
Pic of the Week - December 31, 2015Since the early 1950s, the Fire Department's Bank Street Headquarters was heavily decorated for the Christmas and New Year's Holidays. Firefighters who put the decorations up had memories of the preparations. One said that one of the difficulties of putting up the decorations was that the department's "cherry picker" truck would sometimes have to be moved quickly if other apparatus was called out for an emergency.
Hilltop Hose - Mike Tirone.jpg
Filename=Hilltop Hose - Mike Tirone.jpg Filesize=157KB Dimensions=1024x756 Date added=Jun 22, 2010
Hilltop HoseThe Hilltop Hose firehouse on Summit St.
Photo courtesy of Kevin Crosbie.
happy new year.jpg
Filename=happy new year.jpg Filesize=119KB Dimensions=593x551 Date added=Dec 31, 2015
Pic of the Week - December 31, 2015In this companion picture to the decorated firehouse, firefighters prepare the original signs that went up as part of the decorations.
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