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Filename=pic8w.jpg Filesize=124KB Dimensions=1024x629 Date added=Feb 26, 2010
Union StationThe Union Station, Willimantic, pictured in 1910. Willimantic was also widely known as the central rail hub of New England. All trains passed through here! During the 1890s, Willimantic became the only stop on the famed New England Air Line express between New York City and Boston -- a journey undertaken in just over four hours. Rudyard Kipling mentioned Willimantic in a poem. He often passed through the city en route from New York to Boston. This poem has been set to music by Connecticut's State Troubador, Sally Rogers on her CD, "Songs of the Heritage Corridor."
Filename=pic5-a.jpg Filesize=147KB Dimensions=1024x578 Date added=Jun 11, 2011
Willimantic Railroad DepotThe Willimantic Railroad Depot building was also known as the Union station. It appears here in H. W. Rich's 1894 photograph. It was demolished shortly after the flood of 1955.
Filename=TylerCity-1.jpg Filesize=725KB Dimensions=1342x759 Date added=Jan 08, 2014
Willimantic Depot 1929This beautiful photo of the Willimantic Station is from the TylerCityStation collection. The building with carts in front of it has a sign that says, "Baggage". Much more RR history can be found at . ( Photo used with permission of TylerCityStation Collection).
11-5-2015POW-trolley 1907.JPG
Filename=11-5-2015POW-trolley 1907.JPG Filesize=288KB Dimensions=1599x1025 Date added=Nov 05, 2015
First Day of Trolley - Ceremony in CoventryThis photo was taken at the dedication of the Coventry to Willimantic Trolley Line. The portly gentleman in the front ,holding a cigar is Dr. William Higgins, a Coventry doctor and legislator. Route 31 in Coventry is named after him.
Filename=willistation.JPG Filesize=80KB Dimensions=1024x668 Date added=Oct 31, 2012
Willimantic DepotThis depot was actually the second depot built at Willimantic. The first was between the tracks and became quite unsafe. Read more about this and see a picture of the first depot under the title "Willimantic 1" at the following link :
Filename=willista2.JPG Filesize=101KB Dimensions=1024x714 Date added=Oct 31, 2012
Filename=TylerCity-2.jpg Filesize=994KB Dimensions=1440x838 Date added=Jan 08, 2014
Bridge Street CrossingThis photo was taken in 1955 by photographer Charles Palmer, whose parents are in the shot, wearing coats. They are on the concrete island that "replaced" the station. The gallows signal is visible. Much more RR history can be found at . (Charles Palmer photo, Bob LaMay Collection - Photo used with permission of TylerCityStation Collection).
Willimantic ooiguguym6.JPG
Filename=Willimantic ooiguguym6.JPG Filesize=244KB Dimensions=739x571 Date added=Oct 31, 2012
4-30-2015 POW.jpg
Filename=4-30-2015 POW.jpg Filesize=268KB Dimensions=1154x755 Date added=Apr 30, 2015
"Camp Station" trolley stopThis was the Willimantic Traction Company’s trolley stop at “Camp Station”, the stop for the Willimantic Camp Meeting Association. Joseph “Al” Beaulieu let us know that, “this stop was located at Rt 32 and Plain Road at the Camp Meeting Association entrance”.
Filename=trolley-a-a.jpg Filesize=100KB Dimensions=1024x686 Date added=Jun 12, 2011
Trolley - 1935The Willimantic trolley car to Baltic leaving lower Main Street in April, 1935.
Filename=trolley-a-campmeetingstation.jpg Filesize=128KB Dimensions=1024x643 Date added=Jun 12, 2011
Camp Meeting StationThe Willimantic Methodist Campground trolley car stop pictured in 1908
Filename=11-17-2016-pow-a.jpg Filesize=365KB Dimensions=2046x1152 Date added=Nov 23, 2016
Bridge Street Railroad DepotThis is the railroad depot just west of Bridge Street. It originally served the Quidnick-Windham mills. And, as Joseph "Al" Beaulieu points out, it was the Railway Express Station.
Filename=tc-trolley-a.jpg Filesize=123KB Dimensions=1024x673 Date added=Oct 31, 2012
1909 Trolley CrashThe December 1909 trolley car crash took place near Dugway Hill between Willimantic and South Windham. Fortunately their were no injuries amongst the passengers heading to Willimantic after a night shift at the Smith and Winchester factory. Note that this section of Route 32 had not been built yet.
Filename=3-9-2016-pow-b.jpg Filesize=593KB Dimensions=2047x1319 Date added=Mar 09, 2017
RR station in Lebanon This was the old New London Northern Railroad station in Lebanon
Filename=pow-03-15-12.jpg Filesize=97KB Dimensions=1024x682 Date added=Mar 15, 2012
William's CrossingButch Ives identifies the photo as, "Trolley Bridge at Williams Crossing. Present location would be at the Mushroom Factory. Roadway runs parallel with the Central Vermont Railroad tracks under the two bridge spans. Last trolley to Willimantic was i n 1938. Pic of the Week - March 15, 2012
11-17-2016 pow-a.jpg
Filename=11-17-2016 pow-a.jpg Filesize=56KB Dimensions=633x428 Date added=Nov 23, 2016
Franklin StationThe North Franklin Railroad Station. A February, 1899 newspaper article mentioned that it had just been “thoroughly repaired and is one of the neatest stations on the road”.
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