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> Gallery 07 - Businesses - Pre 1930

Filename=10-1-2015-a.jpg Filesize=702KB Dimensions=1919x1258 Date added=Oct 08, 2015
The Bijou Moving Picture TheaterThe theater was opened in 1907 by Harry Gale and was located in the building on the left side of Jordan Hardware. The 1916 fire that destroyed the Jordan building had started in the Bijou Theater and then traveled through second story windows into the Jordan building.
Filename=pow-12-01-16.jpg Filesize=98KB Dimensions=653x960 Date added=Dec 01, 2016
Joseph Hickey and staffThis photo shows businessman John Hickey (seated, right) and two of his clerks. One clerk is a “Mr. Gill”. Hickey was known in town as a “shrewd son of Ireland”. Besides running his several businesses, he invested heavily in property and was instrumental in developing much of the Jackson Street area. His son, J.J. Hickey later became his partner and took over the drugstore.
Filename=6-12-14.jpg Filesize=890KB Dimensions=1440x915 Date added=Jun 19, 2014
Kramer's Dairy delivery wagon. Kramer Dairy delivery wagon. The Kramer family operated a dairy, a dairy bar and a greenhouse on Windham Road. Pic of the Week June 12, 2014
Filename=11-27-14b.jpg Filesize=391KB Dimensions=1677x1244 Date added=Dec 05, 2014
Adam's ExpressThis is the Adam’s Express delivery wagon at the company’s business office at 850 Main Street (The Kimbel Block). Also in the building was the Willimantic Gas and Electric Company office.
Filename=12-3-2015-a.jpg Filesize=187KB Dimensions=1552x1039 Date added=Dec 10, 2015
Potvin's Beauty Salon and Barber ShopPotvin’s Beauty Salon and Barber Shop was located at 23 Union Street. John Potvin Jr., Louisa Potvin and their son Arthur can be seen in the doorway of their new business.
Filename=7-10-14-pow-original.jpg Filesize=429KB Dimensions=2048x1233 Date added=Jul 17, 2014
Turner and Commercial blocks first floor businessesThis photo was taken at the corner of Main and Church Streets and shows the delivery wagon of the Thompson Meat Market (on Church Street) and the bottom floor businesses of the Turner and Commercial Blocks. The businesses included the Thompson Store, Apothecaries Hall, Charlie Lee’s Laundry Pic of the Week July 10, 2014
Filename=pow-chron-4b2.jpg Filesize=861KB Dimensions=1440x1041 Date added=Mar 28, 2013
The Loomer Opera House Billiard Room Pic of the Week - March 21, 2013. This was the “Opera House Billiard Room”. It was located on the North Street side of Loomer’s Opera House. The Loomer Opera House building, on the northwest corner of North and Main Streets, was razed in 1939 after being in Willimantic for almost 80 years. (Photo courtesy of Stan)
Filename=tc-buspre30-a.jpg Filesize=748KB Dimensions=1584x1139 Date added=Apr 17, 2013
Loomer Opera House Billiard Room(Photo courtesy of Stan)
Filename=5-29-14pow.jpg Filesize=852KB Dimensions=1618x941 Date added=May 29, 2014
Abraham Krug's Lunch CartAbraham Krug is seen outside his first first lunch cart. It was located on Union Street where the railroad tracks went across to Main Street. Years later he moved to a location on Main Street between Watson Street and Arnold’s Lane.
Filename=1-22-15-pow.jpg Filesize=894KB Dimensions=1440x1014 Date added=Jan 29, 2015
Thread City Candy KitchenThe Thread City Candy Kitchen was located at 661 Main Street. It was run by the Peter Yonclas family. It was located in what was known as the Kelgwin Block at 661-667 Main Street. The block was destroyed in the Valentine’s Day fire of 1968.
Filename=pow-chron-13.jpg Filesize=508KB Dimensions=864x1020 Date added=Jun 06, 2013
Willimantic Beef Company - This is the building at 640 Main St.[Prior to Main Street being renumbered, it was 80 Main St.] In the 1890s, William Tiffany had a meat market there. At the time of the photo, it was occupied by the Willimantic Beef Company. After Willimantic Beef, Swift and Company took over the building. In the late 1950s, Willimantic Frozen Food was located there. In the 70s, the building was razed as part of the redevelopment project. May 30, 2013 Pic of the Week
Filename=1-29-2015.jpg Filesize=125KB Dimensions=1154x841 Date added=Feb 05, 2015
Alonzo Spellman's MarketSpellman’s Market was located at 27 Church Street and operated from 1902 through 1958
Filename=3-6-14pow-a.jpg Filesize=981KB Dimensions=1368x949 Date added=Mar 13, 2014
Meritt Welch Real EstateChaplin resident Merritt Welch stands in front of his real estate office on North Street. In 1912, Mr. Welch became the State Senator from the 29th district. It was said that his popularity was due in large part to the acquaintances he made through his business. Pic of the Week March 6, 2014
hall and bill2.jpg
Filename=hall and bill2.jpg Filesize=821KB Dimensions=1200x680 Date added=Oct 15, 2012
Hall and Bill Printing Co.Pic of the Week - Sept. 27, 2012. The Hall and Bill Printing Company was located on North St. It was one of the nation's oldest printing businesses. Reader "Nick" said the building is still there and now occupied by Perception Programs. At the time of the photo, it was also the home of “The Willimantic Journal”.
Filename=pow-chron-15a.jpg Filesize=472KB Dimensions=1063x747 Date added=Jun 13, 2013
Chesbro's PharmacyHere is the interior of Chesbro’s Pharmacy when it was located in the Loomer Building. Chesbro later sold the business to Bay State Drugs but continued on with his other occupation, making patent drugs for the relief of a multitude of symptoms.June 13, 2013 Pic of the Week
Filename=tc-pre1930-ww.jpg Filesize=676KB Dimensions=1500x1064 Date added=Apr 18, 2013
Archie Wood's CafeteriaApril 18, 2013 Pic of the Week. This is interior of Archie Wood’s Cafeteria. It was located in the Central Building at 28-30 Union St. and shared the storefront with Woods Smoke Shop. The smoke shop was run by Arthur Dubreuil. Mr. Dubreuil also developed Wood's Field on Jackson (site of the present Terry Court housing development). Wood's Field was used for baseball games and citywide gatherings for many years. (Photo courtesy of Stan)
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