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9-22-2016 pow.jpg
Filename=9-22-2016 pow.jpg Filesize=219KB Dimensions=1716x1220 Date added=Sep 29, 2016
Coal ShedsThese coal sheds belonged to the Lincoln and Boss Lumber and Coal Company that had just been purchased by the Willimantic Lumber and Coal Company. The sheds were located just south of the Central Vermont Railroad tracks near Railroad Street.
Filename=pow-chron-12.jpg Filesize=637KB Dimensions=1440x929 Date added=Jul 18, 2013
Jordan HardwareThis photo shows the Jordan Hardware Company as it was decorated for the July 4, 1910 festivities. The company had moved into its new quarters in the completely renovated Tilden Block. Note the newly published "1909 Aero Map of Willimantic" featured in the right hand window. July 11, 2013 Pic of the Week
Filename=4-17-14pow.jpg Filesize=292KB Dimensions=1218x938 Date added=Apr 20, 2014
Clark-Hurley Hardware Company(left to right) Burt Trowbridge, Herbert Clark, James Hurley and Jay E. Grant are shown inside the Clark-Hurley Hardware Company. Clark sold his share to Grant and the company became the one we all knew – Hurley-Grant Hardware on the corner of Railroad and Main Streets. Pic of the Week April 17, 2014
Filename=img031b.jpg Filesize=505KB Dimensions=1568x1032 Date added=Oct 10, 2013
H.C. Murray Company - The Boston StoreHere is the H.C. Murray Co. (Boston Store) building with its delivery wagon in front. At that time, the storefront also included the Union Shoe Store which was run by Charles Risedorf who lived on North St. Pic of the Week October 3, 2013
Filename=769main-app1925.jpg Filesize=857KB Dimensions=1080x787 Date added=Nov 13, 2013
Worden's Tea RoomWorden’s Tea Room at 769 Main Street (later this building was replaced by Brown’s Department Store). The Tea Room was there in 1925 but was in business less than two years due to the death of Mr. Worden. Pic of the Week November 7, 2013
Filename=pre1930=12.jpg Filesize=511KB Dimensions=576x817 Date added=Nov 01, 2012
The Surprise Store - Jackson St.Pic of the Week - October 11, 2012. “The Surprise Store”, was a clothing store that was on Jackson Street. It was owned by Samuel Eisenberg who is seen posing with his wife and an employee. The family of Dr. Girard, a prominent city physician and businessman, is on the second floor porch.
Filename=stan-adams.jpg Filesize=785KB Dimensions=1440x941 Date added=Sep 26, 2013
Delivery Wagon of the A.C. Andrews Music Co.Last week’s photo showed the delivery wagon of the A.C. Andrew Piano and Music Store. In the early 1900s, the store, which sold “musical goods of every description, pianos, organs and stationery”, was located at 804 Main Street in the Chapman Block (known also as the Tin Tsin Building). Pic of the Week September 26, 2013
Filename=pic1.jpg Filesize=153KB Dimensions=1024x619 Date added=Mar 13, 2010
Hotel HookerThe Hotel Hooker opened for business in 1887. It has recently been renamed the Seth Chauncey House, and is being purchased by a New York City based group called Common Ground to provide low cost accommodations.
Filename=pow-chron-3.jpg Filesize=130KB Dimensions=2048x1276 Date added=Jul 03, 2013
Whiton-Martin Trucking CompanyThis is a 1917 two ton Kissel motor truck owned by the Whiton-Martin Trucking Company. It had ben purchased from Burnham Bros. Both were Willimantic businesses. There is very little information available about either business. This photo appeared to be more of an advertising photo for the truck. June 27, 2013 Pic of the Week
Filename=tubridy.jpg Filesize=63KB Dimensions=490x357 Date added=Mar 26, 2013
Tubridy-Weldon CompanyIt's the official opening of the Tubridy Weldon Store on Main Street in April 1916.
Filename=tc-earlybus-cail.jpg Filesize=864KB Dimensions=1440x946 Date added=Apr 04, 2013
Caillouette's Refrigerator CartPic of the Week - March 28, 2013. The photo of the M.A. Caillouette Store’s Refrigerator Cart was taken in front of the Boston Store. Caillouette’s store was at 921 Main St , just about where the Post Office is today. (Photo courtesy of Stan)
Filename=pow-chron-21a.jpg Filesize=547KB Dimensions=1191x853 Date added=Sep 12, 2013
Willimantic Cash Store (Kaplan's Market?)This photo had an inscription on the back saying “Kaplan’s Market” but our research could not find a market by that name. The sign leads us to think it was the Willimantic Cash Store which was located at 17 Union Street. Years later the building was owned by Dr. Arthur Girouard. The last store to be located in that building was Martin’s Home Appliances when the building was razed as part of the redevelopment program of the 70s. Pic of the Week September 12, 2013
Filename=7-7-2016-abbb.jpg Filesize=563KB Dimensions=1920x1010 Date added=Jul 07, 2016
Maverick LaundryThe Maverick Laundry started out in Willimantic’s Melony block in 1903 and moved to its new home at 1150 Main Street in 1940. The building later became home to Wile Motors and then Superior Electronics.
Filename=sl10.jpg Filesize=781KB Dimensions=1555x964 Date added=Dec 09, 2013
The Jordan Auto CompanyButch Ives correctly identified the November 21 picture as the Jordan Auto Company. It started out as Chesbro Brothers Automobiles and was bought by Jordan in 1913. The dealership occupied the building that many of us remember as Benny’s and today is home to Lots and More. Pic of the Week November 21, 2013
Filename=pic11.jpg Filesize=177KB Dimensions=1024x850 Date added=Jun 03, 2010
The Willimantic Savings InstituteThe Willimantic Savings Institute building pictured in 1928, just before renovations covered the original design. It was built in 1870, and was the first home of the Windham Normal School. Note the A & P store to the right. The Savings Institute was formed in 1842, and was located in the building now the home of Schillers Sewing Machines.
Filename=earlybus-tc-mm.jpg Filesize=21KB Dimensions=320x222 Date added=Apr 25, 2012
Marrotte's GroceryCharles Marrotte (forefront) was owner of this butcher shop located somewhere over the river in Willimantic. Standing in back is Charles Jr. Picture taken approximately 80 years ago, 1930's, we guess. (photo courtesy of Steve Marrotte)
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