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> Gallery 07 - Businesses - Pre 1930

Filename=earlybus-tc-mm.jpg Filesize=21KB Dimensions=320x222 Date added=Apr 25, 2012
Marrotte's GroceryCharles Marrotte (forefront) was owner of this butcher shop located somewhere over the river in Willimantic. Standing in back is Charles Jr. Picture taken approximately 80 years ago, 1930's, we guess. (photo courtesy of Steve Marrotte)
wmtc gas and light.jpg
Filename=wmtc gas and light.jpg Filesize=123KB Dimensions=1024x668 Date added=Jan 17, 2013
Willimantic Gas and Electric Light Company -Pic of the Week - January 10, 2013. These were buildings belonging to the Willimantic Gas Co. and the Willimantic Electric Light Company. They merged in 1900 and the total value of the new company was said to be $120,000. In 1909, the company was bought out by the Rockville-Willimantic Lighting Co. At that time, electricity ceased being produced in Willimantic and was bought from other companies and sent over new transmission lines to Willimantic.
Filename=pow-09-20-12-chronicle.jpg Filesize=628KB Dimensions=960x694 Date added=Sep 20, 2012
Windham National BankPic of the Week - September 20, 2012
This was the home of the Windham National Bank. Windham National moved into the building in January, 1896. The building was originally the home of the First National Bank. That institution went insolvent after a scandal involving its treasurer and some missing funds.
George Nason Lumberyard-chronicle.jpg
Filename=George Nason Lumberyard-chronicle.jpg Filesize=512KB Dimensions=1200x868 Date added=Nov 22, 2012
George Nason's Lumberyard. Corner of Valley and Church StreetsPic of the Week - November 22, 2012. This is George Nason’s Lumberyard which burned on Feb. 13, 1894. At the time it burned, it was across the street from the original police headquarters and Town Hall. By 1895, the lot had been proposed as one of the possible sites for a new Town Hall. Eventually “the Chase lot” on the corner of High and Main was chosen. The Nason lumberyard later became Willimantic Lumber and Coal.
Filename=pic3b.jpg Filesize=129KB Dimensions=1024x776 Date added=Feb 26, 2010
Samuel Amidon's Grocery StoreThe former Victorian Lady building is pictured shortly after its erection in 1892, when it served as Samuel Amidon's Grocery Store, replete with the smell of "salted cod and molasses."
Filename=pow-09-13-12-chronicle.jpg Filesize=482KB Dimensions=1024x586 Date added=Sep 13, 2012
Joseph Lewis' Canning FactoryPic of the Week - September 13, 2012
The Lewis Canning Factory was on upper North St. It burned down in 1894, two years after it was built. Joseph Lewis had a 20,00 square foot glass enclosed building and cultivated 100 acres near Jackson St.

Filename=Jordan.JPG Filesize=142KB Dimensions=1024x583 Date added=Jun 18, 2011
Jordan Auto Co.The Jordan Auto Co. on its opening day in 1914. The company sold and repaired Buick, Cole and Dodge automobiles in their new building at 1029 Main St. It was occupied after that by Benny's and today by Odd Lots.
Filename=pow-12-13-12-chronicle.jpg Filesize=550KB Dimensions=960x678 Date added=Dec 13, 2012
Cardinal SaloonPic of the Week - December 13, 2012. This is the interior of the Cardinal Saloon, located in Sodom at Cardinal Square. It was open from 1909-1919 and was run by Sylvanie Cardinal. It was one of the centers of French-Canadian social life.
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E.P. Chesbro's DealershipE.P. Chesbro's automobile dealership at Main and Windham St. (in later years, Benny's was located there). L to R : Fred Little, E.P. Chesbro, Leslie Nichols, Walter Brown, John Upton.
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Amos B. Adams' Insurance AgencyHouse (built in 1862) at corner of Union and Center St. Left to right: Amos B. Adams, Mrs. Sumner, Mrs. Adams, Nellie Sumner, Dr. Edwin Sumner. Picture is prior to 1884.
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