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> Gallery 07 - Businesses - Pre 1930

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Main Street businessesPic of the Week - January 19, 2012
This building on Main Street is now occupied by The Shoesmith. At the time of the photo it was home to Hugh Anderson's paint and wallpaper business. In the 50s it was home to "Laundromart".
Filename=tc-earlybus-h_dion.jpg Filesize=31KB Dimensions=720x577 Date added=Sep 22, 2011
Hormisdas Dion's businessThis is 36-38 Ash St. (The two story house is still in existence.) The buildings housed the businesses of Hormisdas Dion. His extensive retail store consisted of a bakery, grocery store, meat market and he sold grain, wood and coal. At the height of his business he used 3 trucks and 5 teams for delivery of goods.
Filename=April09.jpg Filesize=81KB Dimensions=1024x411 Date added=Apr 09, 2011
Hormidas Dion's business. Mr. Dion was very involved in community affairs and was, at different times, the city assessor, member of the school board, councilman-at-large and alderman. His final civic office was that of Mayor of Willimantic. He became the city’s eighth mayor in December, 1923.but his term was cut short by a fatal heart attack on April 28, 1924.
Filename=pow-06-07-12-chronicle.jpg Filesize=560KB Dimensions=1037x619 Date added=Jun 07, 2012
Lincoln and Boss LumberyardPic of the Week - June 7, 2012
The photo is of the Lincoln and Boss Lumberyard which was on the west side of North Street and ran parallel to Meadow St. It was bought out in 1924 by the Willimantic Lumber and Coal Co. and their stock (from the North St. location and their storage area at the railroad station) was moved to the Church Street location of Willi Lumber and Coal.
Filename=pow-05-31-12.jpg Filesize=949KB Dimensions=1130x779 Date added=Jun 07, 2012
Burt Thompson's Grocery StorePic of the Week - May 31, 2012
This was the grocery store owned by Burt Thompson. It was located in Franklin Hall at 798 Main St.

Filename=November13.jpg Filesize=102KB Dimensions=1024x560 Date added=Nov 13, 2010
Vanderman's FoundryVanderman's Foundry on Mansfield Avenue. Years before he built the big plant on Mansfield Ave., Vanderman started out with a shop on Church St. and later moved it to Valley St. The inset in the illustration is the Valley St. building. His specialty was first-class plumbing and low pressure steam and hot water heating. By 1878 he was also manufacturing quite a number of his patent plumbing specialties and heavy steel tool chests used by railroads and construction trades. Some of the smaller chests were used by The Wells Fargo Express Co. and were used as boot-boxes on stage coaches.
Filename=pow-05-24-12.jpg Filesize=791KB Dimensions=1023x795 Date added=May 24, 2012
Latham and Crane's LumberyardPic of the Week - May 24, 2012
The picture is of the Latham and Crane Lumberyard. It sat just north of where Bank St. ends at Valley Street and was accessed from Spring St.
Filename=October23.jpg Filesize=89KB Dimensions=1024x685 Date added=Oct 24, 2010
The Boston Furniture StoreThis is E.F. Casey’s “Boston Furniture Store” which was located on Lower Main St. at Thread Mill Square. An early ad says that Mr. Casey sells, “Furniture, Carpets, Crockery, Stoves, Ranges, and everything in the House Furnishing Line. Also Steam-ship Tickets Sold. If certain goods be warranted to have certain qualities, the guarantee is strictly adhered to, and should it prove not to be justified by the facts, the matter will be made right, promptly and cheerfully, for this gentleman acts on the policy that he cannot afford to have an honestly dissatisfied customer, and he doesn't propose to have one if he can avoid it.”
Filename=October02.jpg Filesize=225KB Dimensions=1024x714 Date added=Oct 02, 2010
The Remington Co.The Remington Co wasa clothing store owned by Homer Remington. It was located (we think) at 760 Main St. In 1920 the building was home to F.W. Woolworth..
Filename=September11.jpg Filesize=111KB Dimensions=1024x544 Date added=Sep 11, 2010
Bugbee'sBuilt by Henry A. Bugbee in 1904-5 to house his feed and grain operation which had started out at 814 Main St. In 1922, the building was occupied by the Willimantic Grain Co. In 1955 it was the Star Furniture Company. Today it is home to WAIM. Paul Ashton wrote that he "remembered STAR Furniture run by Sam Moskowitz. A very nice and funny guy I recall. "
Filename=May26.jpg Filesize=148KB Dimensions=1024x993 Date added=May 26, 2011
Pic of the Week - May 26, 2011
This building was at 29 Jackson St. It was both home and office to Dr.Charles H. Girard. Dr. Girard and his wife are pictured on the second floor porch. We could find no information at all about Perilli the Italian Grocer. The information I had came from handwritten notes found at the Chronicle. The notes indicated that the building in the Pic of the Week was replaced by a new building. We have another picture and will get that on the site. In the 50s, the building was occupied by the Girard Agency and, of course, the Wonder Bar Restaurant as well as a package store.
Filename=August28.jpg Filesize=201KB Dimensions=1024x899 Date added=Aug 28, 2010
First National BankThe new First National Bank building. After a brief existence (including a scandal involving the head teller) the bank was absorbed by the Windham National Bank. Later on, a new building at the same location housed the Windham National Bank and the Connecticut Bank and Trust Co. The building at that location today is the home of the Windham Theatre Guild and Burton Leavitt Theatre.
Filename=May01.jpg Filesize=54KB Dimensions=1024x620 Date added=May 01, 2010
Willimantic Lumber and Coal.The picture is of the Tudor-style exterior of the Willimantic Lumber and Coal Building shortly after completion around 1920.
Filename=April24.jpg Filesize=85KB Dimensions=1024x730 Date added=Apr 24, 2010
Cardinal SaloonSylvanie Cardinal’s (1869-1933) legacy to Willimantic was an impressive commercial building that once stood at the heart of "Sodom" on the northeast junction of Main Street and Ash Street
Filename=sept-15-2011.jpg Filesize=83KB Dimensions=1024x643 Date added=Sep 15, 2011
C.A. Hawkins' Willimantic Carriage and Jobbing ShopPic of the Week - September 15, 2011
C.A. Hawkins' Willimantic Carriage and Jobbing Shop was located at the corner of Jackson and Ash St. It was later moved a short distance away and today is being used as a storage area for a private residence.

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