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Filename=June09.jpg Filesize=76KB Dimensions=1024x459 Date added=Jun 10, 2011
Vermont Drive looking West.This was the Pic of the Week for 10 June, 2011. The brick buildings are on Vermont Drive. Arnold's Lane, Winter St and Wilson St. are in the picture. Beyond that, there is very little growth. Paul Ashton adds, "I magnified the picture and you can make out the monuments among the trees in the upper right hand corner. The "old" Willimantic Cemetery (across from Stop and Shop)".
Filename=11-19-2015xxxxx-a.jpg Filesize=286KB Dimensions=1563x1048 Date added=Nov 19, 2015
Mill HousingBrian Zoldak and Jamie Eves identified this photo as mill housing with the photo y being taken from either Dunham or Chapman Street. Mill Number Two is in the background. Jamie Eves says, “... the building on the right is likely the center of Mill Number Two, and the one on the left is the eastern extension, originally a separate building.”..
Filename=April21.jpg Filesize=126KB Dimensions=1024x705 Date added=Apr 21, 2011
High and ValleyPaul Ashton identified this as, "the intersection of Valley and High with the steeple of the First Congregational church in the background (the one that blew down in the 1938 hurricane). It must have been shot from the Normal School building." To the left of the Congregational Church's steeple, one can make out one of St. Mary's steeples (they were modified in about 1958) and, to the left of that, very faintly, St. Joseph's pre-hurricane steeple.
Filename=pow-historical-9a.jpg Filesize=866KB Dimensions=1728x1368 Date added=Jun 06, 2013
Valley Street (looking west from Church St.)The first building (partially visible) on the left was the Chaffee Mfg. Company which made braid. By 1950, Mayor Bergeron’s tin shop was there along with a liquor store. The next building was the Windham Silk Mill. By the 50s, it was William Brand. Then, on the corner of North and Valley, was the Washburn Block. Beyond the Washburn block, is a group of buildings housing the Willimantic Welfare Bureau (later home to Watson’s Movers), the Women’s Christian temperance Union, the Park Central Hotel, and Carpenter’s auto radiator repair. Just about visible to the left of the tree is the Turner Silk Mill, later the Trade School. June 6, 2013 Pic of the Week
Filename=3-13-14pow.jpg Filesize=742KB Dimensions=1440x1299 Date added=Mar 13, 2014
West side of Church Street at the Valley Street intersectionThis is the west corner of Church and Valley streets in 1910. The building with the sign was the Willimantic Printing Company at 88 Church St. The next building was Chaffee Manufacturing. It produced nylon fishing line and braided silk). Across Valley Street was the west mill of Holland Manufacturing Pic of the Week March 13, 2014. Courtesy of Windham Historical Society.
Filename=pow-02-23-2012.jpg Filesize=98KB Dimensions=1024x768 Date added=Feb 23, 2012
South St. or John St. at intersection with Pleasant st.We are not sure what street the photo is taken from - probably John or South Street as it intersects with Pleasant Street. the spires of Saint Mary Church can be seen in the background. Pic of the Week - February 23, 2012
Filename=March26.jpg Filesize=119KB Dimensions=1024x571 Date added=Mar 26, 2011
1908 view of Hosmer MountainNick K says," the street in the front is Bridge Street (easily recognizable by the houses and natural landscape) . Hosmer Mountain dominates the background. Bridge Street eventually runs into Pleasant Street. The curved road in the distance leading to the hill is part of Mountain Street." Or, as Paul Ashton questions, "upI don't know when the Hosmer reservoir was built but you can see the road cut up the side of the mountain. I wonder if it was for the reservoir or the mica mine or both at that time. "
Filename=4-6-2017.jpg Filesize=74KB Dimensions=884x431 Date added=Apr 13, 2017
Schoolhouse Lane Neighborhood.This was the Schoolhouse Lane vicinity. Notice that there were still houses on the south side of Valley Street between High and Windham streets, the rooftops of which are visible in the photo. There was no Post Office or Telephone Company building at that time.
Filename=November06.jpg Filesize=104KB Dimensions=1024x545 Date added=Nov 06, 2010
ATCO?This picture generated much discussion. See the Forum for Pic of the Week posted November 06, 2010. The general consensus is that it's lower Main St. The tower probably belongs to the old ATCO Spool Shop.
pow-12-20-2012 chron.jpg
Filename=pow-12-20-2012 chron.jpg Filesize=654KB Dimensions=1537x838 Date added=Dec 20, 2012
Prospect Street - facing West.Pic of the Week - December 20, 2012. Prospect Street, facing West, between North and Church Streets.
Filename=August06.jpg Filesize=89KB Dimensions=1024x536 Date added=Aug 06, 2010
The OaksThe Oaks was developed in 1890 by the Willimantic Linen Company as a new phase in its housing program (the housing program commenced in 1865). Forty houses were erected using 4 basic floor plans. All have six rooms, though varying considerably in the arrangement and size of rooms and closet accommodation. All the houses have front porches opening either to halls or vestibules.
Filename=2-6-14pow.jpg Filesize=726KB Dimensions=1440x1207 Date added=Feb 06, 2014
Valley Street looking west.This is Valley Street looking west from approximately in front of Saint Mary’s Church. The Holland Mills buildings and storage shed are pictured. Visble in the lower right side of the photo is the wrought iron fence that is still in existence in front of Saint Mary’s. Also visible in the bottom left is the spire of the Congregational Church. Pic of the Week February 6, 2014
Filename=pow-07-12-12a.jpg Filesize=213KB Dimensions=672x449 Date added=Jul 12, 2012
Meadow StreetPic of the Week - July 12, 2012
Meadow Street - looking west from Bank Street. This is the location of the present day Public Safety Complex.
Filename=June19.jpg Filesize=122KB Dimensions=1024x954 Date added=Jun 19, 2010
Babcock Court (off Spring Street)This is a picture taken in approximately the 1880's.The angle of the photo places the photographer somewhere on Chestnut St. and we think that the houses pictured are still on Babcock Court.
Filename=2-5-2015-pow-2.jpg Filesize=903KB Dimensions=1680x1266 Date added=Feb 12, 2015
Valley Street - looking west from Pearl Street -Pic of the Week February 5, 2015The building on the left was built in 1897 as Willimantic’s second armory. Later it became a dance hall and then home of Watson’s Movers. The next three buildings housed McCarthy Brothers Plumbing and Heating, then the Park Central Hotel, and J.B. Carpenter Plumbing. The Trade School can be seen on the far right.
Filename=barrows.jpg Filesize=611KB Dimensions=600x1331 Date added=May 22, 2012
Barrows Avenue (list of names of residents)Barrows, Chappell and Tanner Avenues were located on West Main Street in the approximate area where Stop and Shop is now located. Housing on those streets was built in 1943 as part of the Federal Public Housing Authority's attempts to provide housing for workers in military establishments and businesses that did production work for the military. After the war's end, many returning soldiers lived there temporarily.
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