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Filename=pic7w.jpg Filesize=101KB Dimensions=1024x555 Date added=Feb 26, 2010
Windham Center Green, 1911It all began here in the 1690s. This is Windham Center Green, pictured in 1911. The building visible at the far side of the green was built in 1839 for the Windham Bank. The organization relocated to the growing borough of Willimantic in 1872, and since then the building has been the home of the Windham Free Library. Also located on the green is a Sheriff's lock-up from the early 18th century -- along with some magnificent houses built before the Revolutionary War. This charming village also served as the summer home of Julian Alden Weir, the famed American impressionist artist.
Windham Inn 1910 -120dpi.jpg
Filename=Windham Inn 1910 -120dpi.jpg Filesize=800KB Dimensions=960x612 Date added=Nov 28, 2012
Windham Inn - 1910 Bill Kotrba sent us this photo. He says, "It is a very unusual view picturing route 14 heading in an easterly direction. I have only seen 2 examples of this card in the past. Please note, the Windham Inn has a wrap around porch, and the grade in front of the post office is much higher than it is today. Between 1958 and 1962, our music professor, Elizabeth Fields from Willimantic State Teacher's College, lived in the third building on the left."
Bingham (tc1).jpg
Filename=Bingham (tc1).jpg Filesize=535KB Dimensions=960x595 Date added=Jan 11, 2013
Bingham's Mill
Bingham (tc2).jpg
Filename=Bingham (tc2).jpg Filesize=650KB Dimensions=880x642 Date added=Jan 11, 2013
Bingham's Mill ?Is this another photo of Bingham's Mill. Share your thoughts on our Forum. The discussion is under "General Discussion >>> Bingham's Mill - second view. Photo courtesy of Bill Kotrba
Filename=10-29-2015-pow-a.jpg Filesize=317KB Dimensions=2048x1545 Date added=Oct 28, 2015
Early Photo of Windham's Frog Pond.It is located on RT 14 (Scotland Road) in Windham Center just across from Follett Road.
Filename=7-13-2017-pow.jpg Filesize=186KB Dimensions=896x1260 Date added=Jul 13, 2017
Christian Street District SchoolhouseThe Christian Street District Schoolhouse was located on present day RT 14 in what was known as “the Christian Street District” which was one of the town’s ten school districts. In 1900, fifteen pupils studied there. The building is still in existence on the north side of RT 14 near the Scotland town line.
Filename=windhams-11.jpg Filesize=164KB Dimensions=538x338 Date added=Nov 01, 2012
Johnson and Potter Store - Windham Center (today it is the Post Office)Pic of the Week - October 25, 2012. At the time the photograph was taken, this was the Johnson and Potter Store. It was built for Benjamin Dwyer as a store in 1875. Somewhere around 1886, postmaster William Swift purchased the store after his own store (and the Congregational Church) burned to the ground.For much more detail, see Tom Beardsley's three articles on the Windham center Post Office. They were published in "The Chronicle" on September 2,9 and 16, 2000. Use the "Articles" tab on this page or copy/paste this link :
3-26-2015 POW.jpg
Filename=3-26-2015 POW.jpg Filesize=253KB Dimensions=1498x950 Date added=Mar 26, 2015
Bricktop District Schoolhouse circa 1895Children stand outside the Bricktop District Schoolhouse. It was located on present day RT 14 near Lover’s Lane. At that time, there were eight Windham school districts outside of Willimantic.
Filename=1-16-14pow.jpg Filesize=862KB Dimensions=1350x783 Date added=Jan 16, 2014
Unidentified Rag PickerThis picture was taken by Julian Beville who also climbed the 200 foot high smokestack at Windham Mfg. Co. to take photos of Willimantic from the top. It is of a still unidentified rag picker who worked for “Warner’s of Willimantic”. A note on the back of the picture says it could be a, “Mr. Neff where the school buses are parked”. The lettering on the wagon says, “Warners – Willimantic”. Pic of the Week January 16, 2014
Filename=July07-2011.jpg Filesize=192KB Dimensions=1024x806 Date added=Jul 07, 2011
Windham Fire CompaniesThis was the Pic of the Week for July 7, 2011. The info says this pic is of the Windham Fire Companies in 1900 and was taken on Pearl st. in Willimantic. From left are: Jarrius Smith, William Swift, Rufus Huntington, William Wales, Henry Page, Edward Burnham, Rufus Rood, Andrew Frink, Charles Larrabee, Charles Rood and William Rood.
Filename=12-4-14pow-a.jpg Filesize=844KB Dimensions=1440x946 Date added=Dec 05, 2014
Zion's Hill, Windham CenterZion’s Hill section of Windham. This is where present day RT 14 takes a left in Windham Center and heads towards Scotland.
Filename=2-19-2015.jpg Filesize=358KB Dimensions=889x713 Date added=Feb 19, 2015
Selleck's Service Station - Pic of the Week February 19, 2015This was the service station run by Sterling Selleck on Route 14 in Windham Center. The pumps and sign are gone but the building is still standing.
Filename=pow-8-22-13.jpg Filesize=906KB Dimensions=1153x741 Date added=Aug 22, 2013
The Vino Elderkin house - built by Colonel Elderkin for his son.The photo shows Jerusalem Road as it joined the present day Route 203. The Colonel Elderkin house in on the photo’s right. It was built by Colonel Elderkin for his son Vino just after the Revolutionary War. The bricks were said to be imported from Holland and the nails were hand wrought. It was torn down in 1912. It had fallen into disrepair several years earlier and nothing was done to prevent further damage. The Colonel himself never lived there - his house was in the Windham center village. Pic of the Week August 22, 2013
Filename=vfbfbfbfbf.jpg Filesize=108KB Dimensions=714x406 Date added=Oct 17, 2012
Windham Courthouse (on Windham Green)
Filename=tc-windhams-c.jpg Filesize=141KB Dimensions=1024x635 Date added=Oct 31, 2012
Filename=10-23-2014-pow.jpg Filesize=869KB Dimensions=1297x967 Date added=Oct 23, 2014
Windham Center Grammar SchoolThis is the original, pre-Civil War Windham Center School. It was located on what is now called Windham Center Road approximately halfway between the firehouse and Mullen Hill Road. It was replaced in 1923 by the school on North Road. Rural Windham had eight school districts, each with its own building. Willimantic had three school districts.
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