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> Gallery 08 - Businesses - Post 1930

Filename=pow-chronicle.jpg Filesize=61KB Dimensions=363x222 Date added=Nov 15, 2012
Fred's Fruitland. Fred's Fruitland was run by the Calise Brothers and was located at Cardinal Square in Sodom. It is remembered by many for the quality of the produce sold there and the high degree of friendly customer service. We aren't sure which of the men in the picture is Fred and we don't know his brother's name. Any information would be appreciated.Pic of the Week - November 8, 2012.
Filename=pow-01-26-12.jpg Filesize=68KB Dimensions=816x623 Date added=Jan 25, 2012
Willimantic Frozen Food Store
Ada Kerachsky Albright said, "Now I see the railroad car in the background. I remember the freezer locker place very well. It wasn't far from my parents' store, and my mother rented a locker drawer there. When the place closed, my mother bought a stack of three or four drawers which we had in our cellar and used for storage. One of the drawers was "mine" for special things I stored when I went to college. My mother eventually decided to discard the contents--my precious baseball cards and other baseball memorabilia which would be worth a lot today. " Pic of the Week January 25, 2012
Filename=pow-12-8-11.jpg Filesize=66KB Dimensions=1024x555 Date added=Dec 08, 2011
Jack Roan's
Jack Roan's was a well-known Willimantic appliance business. It was located on the corner of Church and Valley Streets. Pic of the Week - December 08, 2011
Filename=4-7-2016-a.jpg Filesize=150KB Dimensions=2047x1092 Date added=Apr 07, 2016
Susco Service Center during WWIIThe photo is of the Susco Service Center which was on Main Street. It was located next to the old City Garage which is where Tyler Square is today. It was owned, at the time, by Sussman's Oil and was also referred to as Sussman's Gas Station No. 2
Filename=November20.jpg Filesize=153KB Dimensions=1024x787 Date added=Nov 20, 2010
Church Street Here are the occupants of the pictured buildings in the 1950s:
2-18 Church St – Murray Building ; 20-24 Church St. – Chronicle Building ; 28 Church St. – Hartford Cleaners ; 34 Church St. – Methodist Church ; 44-52 Church St. – Pomeroy Block (44 - Brennan Electric ; 46 – Vacant ; 48 – Windham Electric ; 50 – Vacant ; 52 – Noheimer’s Market)Pic of the Week - Nov. 20, 2010
Filename=3-31-2016-pow.jpg Filesize=165KB Dimensions=1024x768 Date added=Apr 07, 2016
Gus SmagaczLocal well driller Gus Smagacz and his equipment at a job site. His company’s motto was, “Well wanted? Well drilled. Well satisfied!”
Filename=8-14-14pow.jpg Filesize=307KB Dimensions=1080x686 Date added=Aug 14, 2014
Center Street GarageThe Center Street Garage was torn down during Willimantic’s redevelopment period. In the late 50s it was run by Amos Marceau and then in the 60s, it was run by Norman French. When it first opened, it was run by Theodore Brochu. It also housed Charlie’s Welding Shop which was run by Joseph Morin. Pic of the Week August 14 , 2014
Filename=8-7-14a.jpg Filesize=300KB Dimensions=1805x1229 Date added=Aug 14, 2014
Shirshac Brothers GarageThis 1960s picture shows the service station at 1068 Main Street that was operated by the Shirshac Brothers. It was originally part of the Ideal Tire Company and then became a car repair shop. By the fifties and into the mid sixties, the Shirshacs had run the garage until they moved to Jackson Street. Pic of the Week August 7, 2014
Filename=6-16-2016-adj.jpg Filesize=262KB Dimensions=1503x1081 Date added=Jun 22, 2016
Green Meadows Inn This was the Green Meadows Inn which was located at 1510 West Main Street (just about where Capitol Garage is today). It was popular not only as a restaurant but also a banquet hall and a meeting place for local organizations. It closed in 1943 after a fire that was later determined to have been set by the operator of the Inn.
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