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Filename=swvfd.jpg Filesize=234KB Dimensions=1443x962 Date added=Jul 12, 2015
Filename=swvfd-tirone.jpg Filesize=99KB Dimensions=960x773 Date added=Dec 04, 2015
South Windham F.D. at Smith-WinchesterPerhaps early 50s? Photo courtesy of Mike Tirone
Filename=6-11-2015-pow.jpg Filesize=196KB Dimensions=1024x718 Date added=Jun 18, 2015
South Windham HouseThe Fitch School (aka Pine Grove Seminary) operated in South Windham from 1848 until 1867. It was conducted by Dr. Jabez C. Fitch (1815-1885), who prepared boys for entry into Yale College. The school building pictured here was erected om 1855, and by 1905 it was purchased by Smith and Winchester and became the South Windham Hotel. The hotel was known primarily for its saloon and a pathway between Smith and Winchester and the saloon was called "Whiskey Alley".
Filename=pow-chron-9.jpg Filesize=749KB Dimensions=1440x1115 Date added=Apr 25, 2013
South Windham Road and Jordan Lane Ada Kerachsky Albright and John M. Lebanon correctly identified last week’s picture as the intersection of South Windham Road and Jordan Lane. See their info on the Forum. (Photo courtesy of Stan) April 25, 2013 Pic of the Week.
Filename=3-17-2016.jpg Filesize=485KB Dimensions=2047x1455 Date added=Mar 17, 2016
South Windham SchoolhouseThis photo was shared by Ada Kerachsky Albright and shows students at the the South Windham School on Babcock Hill Road. It was one of the nine district schoolhouses in the town of Windham.
Filename=2-27-14pow.jpg Filesize=566KB Dimensions=1535x1043 Date added=Feb 27, 2014
Old Route 32 in South WindhamRetired Willimantic Fire Captain Joseph “Al” Beaulieu provided this information on last week’s picture. “The brick building on the left of the photo is the present gray vinyl covered building on the northeast corner of 32 and 203. The second and third buildings on the picture’s left are gone. RT 32 then curves right (at the small house almost in the middle of the picture). That is today’s Old Windham Road and is the original RT 32. That small house is the one just before the gas station. The big tree in the center of the picture is still there and is showing the effects of the ’38 hurricane. “Al” pointed out that you can still see the same branch configuration. A few years later, the present day 32 as we know it was constructed. Pic of the Week February 27, 2014
pow  08-16-2012.jpg
Filename=pow 08-16-2012.jpg Filesize=676KB Dimensions=1080x829 Date added=Aug 16, 2012
Obwebetuck Hotel / Houston InstitutePic of the Week - August 16, 2012 The Obwebetuck Hotel opened in either 1888 or 1889. It was popular as a summer resort and also used for such gatherings as the June, 1889 First Annual (Windham?) High School Alumni Banquet. By December, 1892, the Obwebetuck Hotel had been leased by “The New England Housian Narcotic Cure Company”. Dr. W.D. Waller of Columbia was appointed as house physician. By 1897 it was known as Dr Rose’s Sanitarium. On April 4, 1907 a devastating fire completely destroyed what by then was called Grand View Sanitarium. 16 inmates escaped the fire.
Filename=sanitarium-5.JPG Filesize=64KB Dimensions=723x499 Date added=Nov 28, 2015
Doctor Rose's Sanitarium - South Windham
Filename=sanitarium-3.JPG Filesize=133KB Dimensions=1028x685 Date added=Nov 28, 2015
Doctor Rose's Sanitarium - South WindhamNick Khan correctly identified the Nov. 25/26 Pic of the Week as the Sanitarium in South Windham. The picture was part of an ad for the Sanitarium. Here is another part of the ad.
Filename=sanitarium-2.JPG Filesize=109KB Dimensions=804x583 Date added=Nov 28, 2015
Doctor Rose's Sanitarium - South Windham
Filename=sanitarium-4.JPG Filesize=89KB Dimensions=718x504 Date added=Nov 28, 2015
Doctor Rose's Sanitarium - South Windham
Filename=11-26-2015-pow.JPG Filesize=131KB Dimensions=842x596 Date added=Nov 25, 2015
Doctor Rose's Sanitarium - South WindhamThe photo entitled “Cozy Sleeping Room” was taken from an advertisement for Dr. Rose's Sanitarium.
Filename=September18.jpg Filesize=99KB Dimensions=1024x509 Date added=Sep 18, 2010
We're told this is a view of Smith and Winchester in South Windham "from across the lawn". We don't know from which lawn this was taken or the angle from which it was taken. Any ideas? Pic of the Week September 18, 2010
Filename=11-13-2014pow.jpg Filesize=640KB Dimensions=1549x763 Date added=Nov 13, 2014
Machine Shop HillAda Kerachsky Albright correctly identified this photo as, "the intersection of Machine Shop Hill and where the Old South Windham Road becomes Babcock Hill Road (a short block off of Route 32). The white building with the columns was divided down the middle, with the Post Office on the left and Celia Johnson's little general store on the right." Smith-Winchester’s factory is in the background. Thank you Ada.
10-20-2016 POW.jpg
Filename=10-20-2016 POW.jpg Filesize=534KB Dimensions=2047x1339 Date added=Oct 20, 2016
Smith and WinchesterThis is the interior of the Smith Winchester plant in South Windham.
Filename=4-24-2014-pow.jpg Filesize=656KB Dimensions=1567x963 Date added=Apr 24, 2014
Tree Planting at Guilford Smith LibraryWe received a note from Helen Card who was present when this early 1940s picture was taken at the Guilford Smith Library in South Windham. It was the dedication of a tree from Obwebetuck Grange in memory of the men and women in the armed services. The tree was planted on the library lawn and it is still there. Pic of the Week April 24, 2014
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