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4-20-2017-river walk.jpg
Filename=4-20-2017-river walk.jpg Filesize=225KB Dimensions=1033x1051 Date added=Apr 21, 2017
Pic of the Week April 20, 2017This week’s photo shows a circa 1900 photo of a Willimantic walkway that newspapers called “romantic”. Do you know where this was located or what eventually replaced it? Share your thoughts on our Forum or e-mail us - “”.
4-13-2017boys band-1.jpg
Filename=4-13-2017boys band-1.jpg Filesize=69KB Dimensions=746x482 Date added=Apr 13, 2017
KofC Boys' BandPictured are members of the Knights of Columbus Boy’s Band. The band later became known as the Willimantic Cadets and was led by local legendary bandmaster Charles Wheeler. The photo was taken in front of the Loomer Opera House.
Filename=4-6-2017.jpg Filesize=74KB Dimensions=884x431 Date added=Apr 13, 2017
Schoolhouse Lane Neighborhood.This was the Schoolhouse Lane vicinity. Notice that there were still houses on the south side of Valley Street between High and Windham streets, the rooftops of which are visible in the photo. There was no Post Office or Telephone Company building at that time.
Filename=3-30-2017-b-pow.jpg Filesize=259KB Dimensions=2047x1237 Date added=Mar 30, 2017
Ravine ParkThis photo shows the tracks that led to Ravine Park in Franklin. The pavilion, which is partially visible in the photo, was a popular outing location for many Willimantic groups. The Willimantic to Norwich trolley would make special stops there.
Filename=3-23-2017.jpg Filesize=270KB Dimensions=1466x2047 Date added=Mar 23, 2017
Quidnick-Windham Mfg. Co. smokestackThis was the smokestack of the Quidnick-Windham Manufacturing Company on Bridge Street. It was on the southwest corner of their “L” shaped building. In the 1940s, the buildings were bought and used by Electro-Motive.
Filename=3-16-2017.JPG Filesize=269KB Dimensions=1600x1025 Date added=Mar 16, 2017
Skyline Tourist CabinsThe Skyline Tourist Camp cabins on U.S. Route 6-A (Route 66 today) in Columbia.
Filename=3-9-2016-pow-b.jpg Filesize=593KB Dimensions=2047x1319 Date added=Mar 09, 2017
RR station in Lebanon This was the old New London Northern Railroad station in Lebanon
Filename=3-2-2017-pow.jpg Filesize=191KB Dimensions=1314x1013 Date added=Mar 02, 2017
Bay State PharmacyThe Bay State Pharmacy originally opened in the Loomer Opera House. It then moved to the new Nathan Hale Hotel (where this photo was taken). In 1967, the pharmacy closed and was replaced by a cocktail lounge.
Filename=2-23-2017.jpg Filesize=668KB Dimensions=1752x1276 Date added=Feb 24, 2017
Recreation ParkThis was the eastern entrance to Recreation Park. The American Thread Company’s wooden Mill Number 3 can be seen on the right.
Filename=2-16-2017.jpg Filesize=164KB Dimensions=1516x1027 Date added=Feb 24, 2017
Balloon AscrensionPreparations are being made for a balloon ascension and parachute jump that occurred during the Willimantic Fair of September, 1910. On three different days, aeronaut Vincent Morris made the ascension and jump. On third day’s jump, he gave the crowd a scare as the parachute almost landed in the Willimantic River.
Filename=2-9-2017-a.JPG Filesize=216KB Dimensions=1917x875 Date added=Feb 24, 2017
Helmold's Orchestra Helmold’s Orchestra was formed in 1900. After the breakup of the old Opera House Orchestra, the new orchestra was organized by C.C. Helmold to play at Loomer’s Opera House and it played there and at many other venues until 1917.
Filename=1-12-17aa.jpg Filesize=274KB Dimensions=1564x793 Date added=Jan 12, 2017
Eclipse of the SunOn January 24, 1925, almost five thousand people gathered on Hosmer Mountain to witness a total eclipse of the sun. The photo shows the people leaving the site. Over a thousand people had come from Boston on two special trains. During the eclipse, the temperature dropped five degrees to a chilly two below zero. Mayor Hickey and Street Superintendent John Sullivan had the Street Department prepare Hosmer Mountain for the crowd. Police had also been called to duty but, it was reported, none were needed.
1-19-2017 Willi Lumber - 1.jpg
Filename=1-19-2017 Willi Lumber - 1.jpg Filesize=197KB Dimensions=2047x1407 Date added=Jan 19, 2017
Willimantic Lumber and CoalOn September 19, 1940, a fire destroyed Willimantic Lumber and Coal. The first firefighters on the scene found flames shooting more than 100 feet in the air. Thousands gathered to watch the fireman as they doused the flames. The intense heat damaged several surrounding buildings and blistered structures on the opposite side of Church Street.
Filename=1-26-2017g.jpg Filesize=252KB Dimensions=1733x1088 Date added=Jan 26, 2017
Smith and Winchester workersThis is a group of workers at the Smith and Winchester factory in South Windham.
Filename=2-02-2017.jpg Filesize=363KB Dimensions=1635x1427 Date added=Feb 02, 2017
Saint Joseph's RectoryWe are fairly certain that the house in this week’s photo was built in 1844. It ended up being purchased by a well known Willimantic clergyman. Do you know where this building was located? Share your thoughts on our Forum or e-mail us - “”.
Filename=1-5-2017-pow.jpg Filesize=151KB Dimensions=1024x815 Date added=Jan 05, 2017
Willimantic Police Department and CD AuxiliariesThis 1952 photo shows members of the Willimantic Police Department. Police Chief Grant Bombria had appointed police auxiliaries and Civil Defense personnel in response to the nation’s new “Civil Defense Structure”. Among those in the photograph are Chief Bombria, First Selectman Ralph Crosthwaite, Stanley Harris, Calvin Harris, Jessie Owens, Jim Spurlock, Paul Pinkiewicz and Andre Marrotte.

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