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Filename=7-20-2017_pow.jpg Filesize=925KB Dimensions=2047x1291 Date added=Jul 21, 2017
Pic of the Week 7-20-2017This week’s 1887 photo shows a local business. The building in which it was located later became used by a different business. Do you know where this was located or what businesses were in this building? Share your thoughts on our Forum or e-mail us - “
Filename=7-13-2017-pow.jpg Filesize=186KB Dimensions=896x1260 Date added=Jul 13, 2017
Christian Street District SchoolhouseThe Christian Street District Schoolhouse was located on present day RT 14 in what was known as “the Christian Street District” which was one of the town’s ten school districts. In 1900, fifteen pupils studied there. The building is still in existence on the north side of RT 14 near the Scotland town line.
Filename=7-6-2017.jpg Filesize=182KB Dimensions=1024x725 Date added=Jul 13, 2017
Convention of Saint John Baptiste SocietyThe photo shows attendees at the September, 1904 national convention of the St. Jean Baptiste Society. The convention was held in Willimantic amidst much pageantry and celebration.
Filename=6-29-2017_pow-a.jpg Filesize=179KB Dimensions=1186x795 Date added=Jun 29, 2017
Mayor Pierre J. Laramee at Memorial Day CelebrationWillimantic Mayor Pierre J. Laramee is speaking at what we believe was the 1938 Memorial Day observance. At that time, Windham Field was in the process of being converted to Veterans’ Memorial Park as part of a WPA project.
Filename=6-22-2017a_pow.jpg Filesize=339KB Dimensions=2047x1089 Date added=Jun 22, 2017
Schoolchildren at Mill Number 6 dedicationThe photo shows the 120 schoolchildren who participated in the dedication ceremonies of ATCO’s Mill No. 6 in April, 1908. The ceremonies included a charity ball sponsored by the ATCO Fire Brigade. The children, all girls selected from the city’s schools, led the “grand march” at the beginning of the ball. They carried flags representing the nationalities of Thread Company workers.
Filename=6-15-2017-pow-a.JPG Filesize=354KB Dimensions=1014x1600 Date added=Jun 22, 2017
Entrance to Dr. Mason's HospitalThis was the entrance to Dr. Mason’s Hospital on Fairview Street. Dr. Mason practiced in Willimantic from 1909 to 1930. The hospital was originally built in 1881 as a home for Willimantic Linen Company president William Barrows. The building was demolished in 1974.
Filename=6-08-17_from_TC_site-a.jpg Filesize=83KB Dimensions=1024x669 Date added=Jun 10, 2017
Whitford's BakeryHenry Whitford's Bakery. 210 Walnut Street.
Filename=6-1-2017_pow.JPG Filesize=259KB Dimensions=2048x1467 Date added=Jun 01, 2017
Eaton's Ice HouseThis was the mechanical room of Eaton’s Ice House. It was located just over the town line in Mansfield. In the late 1890s, “The Chronicle” said that ice, “was formerly a luxury, but now an actual necessity”. Eaton's Ice House was located in Mansfield just about where the present RT 6 North Frontage Rd. intersects Mansfield City Road. It later became Brown’s Ice House and was destroyed by fire in 1960.
Filename=5-25-2017.jpg Filesize=168KB Dimensions=1003x759 Date added=Jun 01, 2017
VFW Boys Drum and Bugle Corps This photo was taken in 1932 and show the Boys Drum and Bugle Corps which was sponsored by the VFW’s local Gold Star Post. The newly crowned “State Junior Champions” had won several prizes at a competition. The group was made up largely of sons of veterans.
5-18-2017 chron- pow.jpg
Filename=5-18-2017 chron- pow.jpg Filesize=876KB Dimensions=1349x1706 Date added=May 18, 2017
First Dial Phone CallThe photo was taken at 7:00 A.M. on June 25, 1950. Mayor Florimond Bergeron is making the first dial phone call from the new Willimantic based switchboard. On Bergeron’s left is Harry Chalmers, business manager and on the right, Charles Smith, the plant supervisor. There were approximately 9,000 telephones in Willimantic at that time.
5-11-2017 pow.jpg
Filename=5-11-2017 pow.jpg Filesize=251KB Dimensions=1656x1043 Date added=May 11, 2017
"The River Path"This was known as “River Path” or “River Walk”. It was authorized by the Court of Burgesses in July 1880 and was to be a walkway from Main Street to the New London Northern railway bridge and from there to Pleasant Street. It connected to a “flight of steps from the river bank to Pleasant Street” constructed by A.R. Morrison in 1879. According to newspaper reports, it was “well patronized and appreciated by parties living in that vicinity”. It was later replaced by the footbridge.
Filename=picofweek.jpg Filesize=247KB Dimensions=1490x1018 Date added=Aug 17, 2014
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