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Filename=pic5.jpg Filesize=125KB Dimensions=683x1024 Date added=Feb 26, 2010
Cute kids and animalsCute kids -- and cute animals are used to sell products, then and now. Although the dog in this 1885 winter scene is not that cute! Note the large spool of Willimantic cotton thread on the sleigh.
Filename=pic7w.jpg Filesize=101KB Dimensions=1024x555 Date added=Feb 26, 2010
Windham Center Green, 1911It all began here in the 1690s. This is Windham Center Green, pictured in 1911. The building visible at the far side of the green was built in 1839 for the Windham Bank. The organization relocated to the growing borough of Willimantic in 1872, and since then the building has been the home of the Windham Free Library. Also located on the green is a Sheriff's lock-up from the early 18th century -- along with some magnificent houses built before the Revolutionary War. This charming village also served as the summer home of Julian Alden Weir, the famed American impressionist artist.
Trapella---apr_ 1, 1947.JPG
Filename=Trapella---apr_ 1, 1947.JPG Filesize=108KB Dimensions=550x670 Date added=Apr 24, 2015
Ad for Trapella Road Houses
Filename=pic5.jpg Filesize=124KB Dimensions=1024x461 Date added=Feb 26, 2010
Company box top Willimantic spool cotton -- a company box top printed in Willimantic in 1900
Filename=pic8w.jpg Filesize=124KB Dimensions=1024x629 Date added=Feb 26, 2010
Union StationThe Union Station, Willimantic, pictured in 1910. Willimantic was also widely known as the central rail hub of New England. All trains passed through here! During the 1890s, Willimantic became the only stop on the famed New England Air Line express between New York City and Boston -- a journey undertaken in just over four hours. Rudyard Kipling mentioned Willimantic in a poem. He often passed through the city en route from New York to Boston. This poem has been set to music by Connecticut's State Troubador, Sally Rogers on her CD, "Songs of the Heritage Corridor."
Filename=7-24-14--120dpi.jpg Filesize=236KB Dimensions=1665x1081 Date added=Jul 31, 2014
N.L. Sherman's store and gas station.N.L. Sherman’s gas station and store was located, of course, at what we now know as Sherman’s Corner in Chaplin. Pic of the Week July 24, 2014
Filename=1910-7-4-1910--ATCO.jpg Filesize=758KB Dimensions=1623x1043 Date added=Jul 06, 2014
American Thread CompanyThe caption says, "American Thread Company" although at least one of the gentlemen is from Hilltop Hose Number 3.

Filename=1910-7-4-1910--singers.jpg Filesize=856KB Dimensions=1639x1031 Date added=Jul 06, 2014
Singers Following the parade, there was a ballgame at Windham Field after which, “patriotic exercises” were held. 700 Willimantic schoolchildren participated by singing "patriotic airs".
Filename=pow-01-26-12.jpg Filesize=68KB Dimensions=816x623 Date added=Jan 25, 2012
Willimantic Frozen Food Store
Ada Kerachsky Albright said, "Now I see the railroad car in the background. I remember the freezer locker place very well. It wasn't far from my parents' store, and my mother rented a locker drawer there. When the place closed, my mother bought a stack of three or four drawers which we had in our cellar and used for storage. One of the drawers was "mine" for special things I stored when I went to college. My mother eventually decided to discard the contents--my precious baseball cards and other baseball memorabilia which would be worth a lot today. " Pic of the Week January 25, 2012
Filename=pic1-a.jpg Filesize=100KB Dimensions=1024x659 Date added=Jun 11, 2011
Savings InstituteThe Willimantic Savings Institute was the city's first brick block, built in 1869. It was also the first home of the Willimantic Normal School in 1892 -- the teacher training school that has evolved into Eastern Connecticut State University
Filename=mainst-a10.jpg Filesize=116KB Dimensions=1024x682 Date added=Jun 12, 2011
Main St - app. 1950Another westward view of Main street. This time we are looking at the south side of the street from the Railroad Street junction, circa 1950. Note the Walgreens drug store, a part of Currans Pharmacy, the preponderance of restaurants and retail stores -- and the parking problem. There are less businesses half a century later, but parking is still a pain!
Filename=pic3w.jpg Filesize=129KB Dimensions=1024x670 Date added=Feb 26, 2010
Post officeThe Willimantic post office is pictured here, shortly after its construction in 1910. This attractive building, constructed from Indiana limestone, now houses the Willimantic Brewery Company and restaurant -- probably one of the finest pubs between Boston and New York.
Filename=pow-06-14-12.jpg Filesize=129KB Dimensions=1024x733 Date added=Jun 14, 2012
Potter Farm - West Main Street and Columbia RoadPic of the Week - June 14, 2012
The Potter Farm. Evidently the city bought a large portion of the Potter Farm in 1909 for the expansion of the "New Willimantic Cemetery". We believe the house sat in the approximate location where the Shell Chateau once stood --or the gas station at the "Y" intersection today. But of course the cemetery is on the other side of Columbia Rd..
Filename=July03.jpg Filesize=91KB Dimensions=1024x625 Date added=Jul 03, 2010
Not sure - we're told it's on Natchaug St.The building pictured is, we are told, is the Willimantic Auto Works repair shop at the very end of Natchaug St. Ralph Cabit sent us this photo taken in June, 1944.
--photo courtesy of Ralph Cabit--
Filename=mainst--d.jpg Filesize=91KB Dimensions=1024x619 Date added=Jun 12, 2011
Main Street in the 1920sA view of Willimantic's Main Street in the 1920s. The Loomer Opera House can be seen on the left, and Lincoln Square is in the distance.
Filename=9-8-2016-a--pow-a.jpg Filesize=298KB Dimensions=2047x967 Date added=Sep 08, 2016
The 1950 American Legion Baseball TeamThe 1950 American Legion Baseball team is gathered in back of Leonard Motor’s garage (the team’s sponsor) on Meadow Street. Maurice Leonard of Leonard Motors is standing at the rear right side.
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