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Lyman Jordan's 1857 bridgeLyman Jordan's 1857 bridge, soon to become a decorative walkway and part of the Windham Mills State Park, is pictured in 1906 looking west.
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Willimantic Post Office
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Willimantic footbridgeThe famed Willimantic footbridge. Built in 1906 to connect the northern and southern sections of the city, this bridge is the only one in the eastern United States to cross a highway, railroad lines and a river.
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The 1906 footbridge view provides an excellent view of Railroad Street.
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Carpenter and Fowler's storeThis is the Carpenter and Fowler storefront. It was located to the right of Marshall Tilden’s business block. Carpenter and Fowler later became Carpenter and Jordan and then Jordan Brothers Hardware. In 1906, the Jordan Brothers bought the Tilden Block next door and in 1916 the building was destroyed in one of Willimantic’s most spectacular fires.
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Tilden's BlockThe Tilden's Block displays a sign that reads, “Stoves, crockery, glass, tin ware, furniture, carpets, oil cloths, dry and fancy goods, ladies and children's cloaks and suits.” The block was completely renovated, inside and out, in 1894. The facade was completely redone and a third floor was added. In 1906, Marshall Tilden sold the block to the Jordan Brothers. It became known as the Jordan Block and was destroyed by fire in 1916.
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Tilden-Jordan Block Here is the Tilden Block following the renovation of 1894. Note that the whole front facade has been changed and a third floor added. In 1906 it became the Jordan Block and housed the Jordan Hardware Co. It was destroyed in the fire of 1916.
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Mamlin-Tilden-Jordan BlockIn 1870,a “Mr. Hamlin” erected the two story building on Main St. shown inthis photo. It contained four small stores. In 1887 it was purchased by Marshall Tilden who, in in 1894, completely remodeled it. Upon completion of the remodeling it was called, “the most ornamental four story block in the city”. The “Tilden Block” was then purchased by the Jordan brothers in 1906 and became “the Jordan Block”. It was completely destroyed in a spectacular 1917 fire. Less than a year later, the Jordan Block had been completely rebuilt. The building is presently owned by the ECSU Foundation. Pic of the Week May 8, 2014
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Buckingham House 1906The Buckingham House can be seen on this 1906 postcard view of the Windham Town Hall.
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