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Filename=military-1~0.jpg Filesize=524KB Dimensions=1998x1447 Date added=May 08, 2012
Company "E" leaves Willimantic for the Spanish-American War - 1898Captain Flynn and the 110 men of Company E prepare to depart Willimantic for Niantic, the first stop on their way to the Spanish-American War. The Thread Co. and most businesses shut down and the entire city was decorated with flags for the occasion. Almost every society, club and government body participated in a parade to Union Station. From there, the Company went for further training at Fort Meade. They remained at Fort Meade for the duration of the War and returned to Willimantic in March, 1899.
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Filename=pow - 01-31-2013.jpg Filesize=345KB Dimensions=1024x745 Date added=Jan 31, 2013
Clubhouse of the Nipnet Canoe ClubPic of the Week - January 31, 2013. Nipnet Canoe Club. The clubhouse was built on the south side of the Willimantic River about a quarter mile from the Quidnick-Windham Mfg. Company’s dam and was later doubled in size. It was destroyed by fire in the early 1930s. The club was active in Willimantic, especially in the early 1920s.
Filename=pow-8-15-13.jpg Filesize=629KB Dimensions=1200x833 Date added=Aug 15, 2013
"Quoiting at The Oaks"Members of “The Acorns” quoit team practice at their new quoit court at The Oaks. Quoits was a popular pastime/sport in Willimatic into the 1930s. There were quoit courts at Rec Park and even at the Country Club. Willimantic had two excellent quoit teams – the Shamrocks, led by Police Captain “Big Dan” Killourey, and the Acorns, led by Bill Higgins. Pic of the Week August 8, 2013
Filename=3-3-2016-pow.jpg Filesize=786KB Dimensions=1756x1028 Date added=Mar 02, 2016
Normal School - The 22 Club “The 22 Club” was one of the organizations for students at the Normal School. It was founded by the class of ’22 and its purpose was "to encourage an understanding attitude toward the theater...and to encourage the use of drama in community recreation”.
Filename=August11-2011.jpg Filesize=109KB Dimensions=1024x561 Date added=Aug 11, 2011
KOKA ClubThe KOKA club participates in the 1910 4th of July Parade
Filename=3-19-2015b.jpg Filesize=468KB Dimensions=2047x1343 Date added=Mar 26, 2015
Willimantic Rod and Gun ClubMembers of the Willimantic Rod and Gun Club gather outside their clubhouse and range which were located at 347 High Street (where Windham High is located today). The club was founded in the late 1800s and remained active until 1910. A new Willimantic Rod and Gun Club was formed in 1929 and used the National Guard rfile range on North Windham Road.
Filename=stan-pow=1.jpg Filesize=880KB Dimensions=1080x1806 Date added=Sep 19, 2013
Windham Athletic Club Boxing Match The photo was taken prior to one of the many boxing matches that were held by the Willimantic Athletic Club. They were held in “Washburn’s Hall” in the Holmes Block at 715 Main St. (above the Ames Butter and Egg Store). Our friend Stan told us that the man with the starter's pistol was Joe Duchesneau, his grandfather. Pic of the Week September 19, 2013

Filename=pic6e.jpg Filesize=135KB Dimensions=1024x637 Date added=Jun 03, 2010
Willimantic Moose ClubThe Willimantic Moose Club, local 1440, was located in this fine house on the north side of Pleasant Street for many years. The house was built in 1848 for John Tracy, the Agent for the Windham Manufacturing Company's mills on Bridge Street. Tracy was a founder of the Willimantic Savings Institute in 1842. The building still stands just west of the Armoury. The Moose Club subsequently moved to Brook Street, and took over the old Polish Club, when that institution built a new club on Ives Street circa 1933.
6-18-2015 POW.jpg
Filename=6-18-2015 POW.jpg Filesize=145KB Dimensions=1024x743 Date added=Jun 25, 2015
The Venerables"The Venerables". The criteria for joining the group was that a person needed to be at least 70 years of age. “The Venerable Club” was begun by hotelier Seth C. Hooker. The first meeting was held in June, 1902 and the group continued to meet on a yearly basis for about 20 years. The picture, we think, is of the 1903 gathering.
Filename=mills-pollack.jpg Filesize=110KB Dimensions=1024x594 Date added=Jun 12, 2011
Conantville Silk Mill Mansfield's Conantville Silk Mill was built just before the Civil War. It was taken over by Max Pollack in the early 20th century to manufacture cotton thread. The old mill building is perhaps known to locals as the Shaboo Club, which burnt down in the late 1970s. The Eastbrook Shopping Mall stands on the site today
Filename=pow-06-28-12.jpg Filesize=221KB Dimensions=720x440 Date added=Jun 28, 2012
Rev. Francis Mulville's FuneralPic of the Week - June 28, 2012
Father Francis X. Mulville was extremely community oriented and was a member of several organizations and groups. They included the Knights of Columbus, the Montgomery Hose Company and the Willimantic Gun Club. As evidenced by the picture postcard, a large group gathered at the Willimantic Train Station. At Willimantic, the officers of the Montgomery Hose Company boarded the train and accompanied the body, "to its last resting place at Simsbury".

Filename=pica.jpg Filesize=136KB Dimensions=1024x606 Date added=Apr 18, 2010
The Willimantic Country Club, the headquarters of the Willimantic Golf Club.
Filename=9-1-2016-pow.jpg Filesize=229KB Dimensions=1730x906 Date added=Sep 08, 2016
White Eagle Polish American Citizen Club Members of Willimantic’s White Eagle Polish American Citizen Club are gathered outside their clubhouse which was located at 7 Brook Street.
Filename=atco-copspeople-10.jpg Filesize=689KB Dimensions=1571x1043 Date added=Jun 16, 2013
ATCO's 1925 StrikeState troopers came into the city to subdue the strikers. The Willimantic police department strongly criticized the state troopers' clubbing and beatings of the striking ATCO workers, causing a rift between both law enforcement agencies.
Filename=6-30-2016.jpg Filesize=812KB Dimensions=2047x1397 Date added=Jul 07, 2016
The Grex Club's float for the 1911 Fourth of July ParadeThe Grex Club, sponsored by the First Congregational Church, existed for only 9 years but during that time was extremely active in Willimantic events. It sponsored several sports teams and hosted many dances and minstrels.
Filename=6-23-2016.JPG Filesize=58KB Dimensions=799x481 Date added=Jun 23, 2016
Pollack's Mill addition This photo shows the construction of an addition to the Pollack Mill (also known as the Conantville Mill). The older section of the mill later became home to the famous Shaboo nightclub. Since this addition was on the backside of the mill, it was not often seen by patrons of the place, who mostly arrived after dark and entered the front door next to the big Shaboo Inn sign. Thank you to Walker for the added information.
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