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Southwest view WillimanticThis is a circa 1837 drawing by John Warner Barber of the southwest view Willimantic. The Windham Manufacturing Company's cotton mills can be seen on the left. This wooden bridge over the Willimantic River was constantly being damaged by floods, and was eventually replaced by the largest stone arch bridge in Connecticut, built by Lyman Jordan in 1869
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Lyman Jordan's 1869 Bridge Street Bridge The largest stone arch bridge in Connecticut (1869-1908), Lyman Jordan's 1869 Bridge Street Bridge is pictured looking east down the Willimantic River in 1908.
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Pic of the Week January 7, 2015From the 1920s until the early 40s, marching bands and dance bands provided much of the music for all types of Willimantic events. The “Al-Pierre Tabarin” on Valley Street was one of Eastern Connecticut’s premier dance spots. Hal White had studied at the Boston Conservatory of Music and put this band together in the early 1930s. Local musicians included Kerman Lavigne (tenor sax), Clarence Sylvester (banjo), Bill and Ray Buckingham (trumpets), Roy Grover (drums),Lester Carter (piano), Rodney Clune (alto sax), and Hal White (violin and sax).
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Union StationThe Union Station, Willimantic, pictured in 1910. Willimantic was also widely known as the central rail hub of New England. All trains passed through here! During the 1890s, Willimantic became the only stop on the famed New England Air Line express between New York City and Boston -- a journey undertaken in just over four hours. Rudyard Kipling mentioned Willimantic in a poem. He often passed through the city en route from New York to Boston. This poem has been set to music by Connecticut's State Troubador, Sally Rogers on her CD, "Songs of the Heritage Corridor."
Filename=001.jpg Filesize=299KB Dimensions=1024x886 Date added=Apr 18, 2010
In 1948, a company from Boston, Tichnor Quality Views, published a wallet of colorized postcard views of Willimantic, Coventry and the University of Connecticut printed on linen-style paper. They provide a valuable historical document of life in northeast Connecticut more than half a century ago.
Filename=IMAG2350-1ephem.jpg Filesize=826KB Dimensions=1224x570 Date added=Mar 02, 2013
D.P. Dunn Business EnvelopeDaniel "Danny" Dunn was a news dealer,and a cigar and tobacco merchant He was a member of Connecticut state house of representatives from Windham, 1903-04, 1907-12 and; mayor of Willimantic, 1911-1917.
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Pierre J. (Pete) LarameePierre J. "Pete" Laramee served as the mayor of Willimantic in 1937 and from 1940 - 1941. He also served as the first person of French Canadian descent to represent Willimantic in the Connecticut State House of Representatives from 1917-1918, and 1923-1924 and as a Connecticut State Senator from 1937 to 1942. He was the owner of "The Laramee Company", a thriving meat market on North Street and was a partner in the "Al-Pierre Dance Hall" on Valley Street.

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Willimantic Water Works Pumping Station The Willimantic Water Works Pumping Station is located just across the border in the town of Mansfield, Connecticut. It was built in 1888, and is still used to pump drinking water to area residents.
Filename=pic2.jpg Filesize=135KB Dimensions=606x1024 Date added=Apr 18, 2010
The Nathan Hale Hotel was built in 1925, and was one of the finest hotels in eastern Connecticut. It lost its popularity after World War Two because of the advent of motor hotels, and the lack of parking spaces downtown.
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The Connecticut State Armory on Pleasant Street, built in 1912.
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Memorial Day, 1911 - first formations of the paradeCompany “L” of the Connecticut National Guard (first group of marchers in the photo) had marched from their Valley Street Armory down to Broad Street. At Broad Street they were joined by the Garde Florimond (second group of marchers) and the Tierney Cadets. They marched down Broad Street to Main and then up Main Street to the Town Hall. There, they were joined by twelve more groups. The parade proceeded to the Willimantic Cemetery where the graves of the veterans were decorated.
Filename=8-27-2015b-whs-june22-1908.jpg Filesize=358KB Dimensions=1788x1341 Date added=Aug 27, 2015
WHS 1908 Baseball Team On June 22, 1908 the 1908 Windham High School baseball team headed to the Connecticut High School Baseball Championship at Yale Field. Two hundred Windham fans also went to New Haven. Unfortunately, the team lost to Hartford Public High School.
Filename=pic3a.jpg Filesize=136KB Dimensions=1024x613 Date added=Apr 18, 2010
The University of Connecticut campus at Storrs pictured shortly after its postwar landscaping project.
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The Grand Army of the Republic (The G.A.R. - Civil War Veterans)This picture was taken during the 1909 reunion of the Civil War veterans of the 21st Regiment, Connecticut Volunteers (“The Gallant Old Regiment”). They met at the Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) Hall. The veterans were all members of various G.A.R. posts throughout the state. Those who came for this, their fortieth reunion, marched from the railroad station to the Grand Army of the Republic Hall. The May 16th reunion was also the anniversary of the 1864 Battle of Drury’s Bluff in which the regiment had played a prominent part. May 23, 2013 Pic of the Week.
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Filename=pow - 02-21-2013.jpg Filesize=537KB Dimensions=1825x932 Date added=Feb 21, 2013
Mansfield State Training School and Hospital. Pic of the Week - February 21, 2013. The photo was taken when the building was used by “The Connecticut Colony for Epileptics”. In 1917, the CT legislature merged it with “The Connecticut Training School for the Feeble Minded” which, at the time, was located in Lakeville. With the merger and move came the new name, Mansfield State Training School and Hospital.
Filename=12-11-14pow-7-10-36.jpg Filesize=811KB Dimensions=1263x1255 Date added=Dec 11, 2014
Laying of cornerstone at the new WWW Filtration Plant.Senator Matthew Daly, WPA Administrator for Connecticut (left) and Willimantic Mayor Pierre J. Laramee (right) are pictured at the July 10, 1936 ceremonial cornerstone laying for a new filtration plant at the Willimantic Water Works. The project also included improvements to the flood control dam. The dam had been damaged in a recent flood and the lower Bricktop area had been flooded.
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