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Filename=pic03.jpg Filesize=166KB Dimensions=1024x650 Date added=Jan 23, 2011
Stone arch bridge in 1920A trolley car crosses the stone arch bridge in 1920, revealing the need for a new highway bridge - a bridge that would not be built until more than 60 years after the demise of the trolley cars.
Filename=gall27.jpg Filesize=182KB Dimensions=1024x1009 Date added=Jul 13, 2011
Governor Cross at WCMHMay 11, 1932. Governor Wilbur Lucius Cross speaks at the dedication of the new Windham Community Memorial Hospital. In 1929, it was decided that St. Joseph's Hospital on Jackson needed much more space than was available. Cooperation between St. Joseph's hospital board and local businesses and benefactors led to the planning and building of the new hospital.
Filename=tc-events-c.jpg Filesize=157KB Dimensions=1024x756 Date added=Sep 22, 2011
President Roosevelt visits WillimanticPresident Theodore Roosevelt made a brief visit to Willimantic on August 25, 1902. His train, going from Hartford to Providence, stopped at the Bridge Street crossing. Roosevelt was escorted to a carriage which took him to Lincoln Square where he gave a short speech.
Filename=pic2w.jpg Filesize=139KB Dimensions=1024x659 Date added=Feb 26, 2010
Willimantic footbridgeThe famed Willimantic footbridge. Built in 1906 to connect the northern and southern sections of the city, this bridge is the only one in the eastern United States to cross a highway, railroad lines and a river.
Filename=June09.jpg Filesize=76KB Dimensions=1024x459 Date added=Jun 10, 2011
Vermont Drive looking West.This was the Pic of the Week for 10 June, 2011. The brick buildings are on Vermont Drive. Arnold's Lane, Winter St and Wilson St. are in the picture. Beyond that, there is very little growth. Paul Ashton adds, "I magnified the picture and you can make out the monuments among the trees in the upper right hand corner. The "old" Willimantic Cemetery (across from Stop and Shop)".
Filename=tc-fire-melony-1.jpg Filesize=132KB Dimensions=1024x646 Date added=Sep 23, 2011
Melony Block Fire (Maverick Laundry)The Maverick Laundry fire occurred on Wednesday, May 6, 1908. Box 32, at the corner of Bank and Main was struck at 12:05 in the afternoon. The Maverick Laundry was located in the Melony Block which was just across the street from the Hooker House. At the time of the alarm, thick black smoke was coming from both the laundry and from the A.C. Blanchette furniture store.
Filename=pic2c.jpg Filesize=80KB Dimensions=1024x568 Date added=Feb 26, 2010
Willimantic Water Works Pumping Station The Willimantic Water Works Pumping Station is located just across the border in the town of Mansfield, Connecticut. It was built in 1888, and is still used to pump drinking water to area residents.
Filename=tc-1938-305prospect-b.jpg Filesize=208KB Dimensions=1024x1417 Date added=Sep 22, 2011
305 Prospect St.1938 hurrican damage at 305 Prospect St. (across from what was, at that time, Windham High School)
Filename=pic2.jpg Filesize=155KB Dimensions=1024x765 Date added=Mar 13, 2010
Thread City SquareThread City Square pictured in 1908. This area stood across from the American Thread Mills One, Five and Six, and the old turnpike to Norwich.
Filename=3-13-14pow.jpg Filesize=742KB Dimensions=1440x1299 Date added=Mar 13, 2014
West side of Church Street at the Valley Street intersectionThis is the west corner of Church and Valley streets in 1910. The building with the sign was the Willimantic Printing Company at 88 Church St. The next building was Chaffee Manufacturing. It produced nylon fishing line and braided silk). Across Valley Street was the west mill of Holland Manufacturing Pic of the Week March 13, 2014. Courtesy of Windham Historical Society.
Filename=10-29-2015-pow-a.jpg Filesize=317KB Dimensions=2048x1545 Date added=Oct 28, 2015
Early Photo of Windham's Frog Pond.It is located on RT 14 (Scotland Road) in Windham Center just across from Follett Road.
Filename=TylerCity-2.jpg Filesize=994KB Dimensions=1440x838 Date added=Jan 08, 2014
Bridge Street CrossingThis photo was taken in 1955 by photographer Charles Palmer, whose parents are in the shot, wearing coats. They are on the concrete island that "replaced" the station. The gallows signal is visible. Much more RR history can be found at . (Charles Palmer photo, Bob LaMay Collection - Photo used with permission of TylerCityStation Collection).
Filename=3-12-2015POW.jpg Filesize=403KB Dimensions=1855x1121 Date added=Mar 19, 2015
Demolition of the Pomeroy BlockThe building being demolished was known as "The Pomeroy Block". Some of you may remember that it housed Brennan's Electrical and Noheimer's Market. Across the street (from left to right in the photo) was Melo's Beauty Salon, Olin's Wallpaper Store, a barber shop, Theresa's Dress Shop and Delmar Radio.
Filename=8-13-2015-POW.jpg Filesize=480KB Dimensions=2047x1411 Date added=Aug 13, 2015
Thread City Cyclers - 1902This 1902 photo shows the Thread City Cyclers after a bicycle trip to Phelps Crossing. Early “Chronicle” editor/publisher George Augustus Bartlett is standing third from the left and wearing a winged T-shirt.
Filename=38huricane01.jpg Filesize=121KB Dimensions=1024x637 Date added=Feb 02, 2011
Telegraph Shanty1938 Hurricane Photo's Telegraph Shanty. R.R. Crossing Bridge St. Photo courtesy of Mike Tirone.
Filename=pic08.jpg Filesize=163KB Dimensions=1024x705 Date added=Jan 23, 2011
Asa and Seth Jillson's 1826 cotton mill Asa and Seth Jillson's 1826 cotton mill can be seen in this 1916 photograph. It stood almost opposite to the entrance to Jackson Street. The entrance to the Thread City Crossing is located several feet to the west of where this historic mill was located.
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