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Filename=tc-events-c.jpg Filesize=157KB Dimensions=1024x756 Date added=Sep 22, 2011
President Roosevelt visits WillimanticPresident Theodore Roosevelt made a brief visit to Willimantic on August 25, 1902. His train, going from Hartford to Providence, stopped at the Bridge Street crossing. Roosevelt was escorted to a carriage which took him to Lincoln Square where he gave a short speech.
Filename=TylerCity-2.jpg Filesize=994KB Dimensions=1440x838 Date added=Jan 08, 2014
Bridge Street CrossingThis photo was taken in 1955 by photographer Charles Palmer, whose parents are in the shot, wearing coats. They are on the concrete island that "replaced" the station. The gallows signal is visible. Much more RR history can be found at . (Charles Palmer photo, Bob LaMay Collection - Photo used with permission of TylerCityStation Collection).
Filename=8-13-2015-POW.jpg Filesize=480KB Dimensions=2047x1411 Date added=Aug 13, 2015
Thread City Cyclers - 1902This 1902 photo shows the Thread City Cyclers after a bicycle trip to Phelps Crossing. Early “Chronicle” editor/publisher George Augustus Bartlett is standing third from the left and wearing a winged T-shirt.
Filename=38huricane01.jpg Filesize=121KB Dimensions=1024x637 Date added=Feb 02, 2011
Telegraph Shanty1938 Hurricane Photo's Telegraph Shanty. R.R. Crossing Bridge St. Photo courtesy of Mike Tirone.
Filename=pic08.jpg Filesize=163KB Dimensions=1024x705 Date added=Jan 23, 2011
Asa and Seth Jillson's 1826 cotton mill Asa and Seth Jillson's 1826 cotton mill can be seen in this 1916 photograph. It stood almost opposite to the entrance to Jackson Street. The entrance to the Thread City Crossing is located several feet to the west of where this historic mill was located.
Filename=pow-03-15-12.jpg Filesize=97KB Dimensions=1024x682 Date added=Mar 15, 2012
William's CrossingButch Ives identifies the photo as, "Trolley Bridge at Williams Crossing. Present location would be at the Mushroom Factory. Roadway runs parallel with the Central Vermont Railroad tracks under the two bridge spans. Last trolley to Willimantic was i n 1938. Pic of the Week - March 15, 2012
Filename=January22.jpg Filesize=80KB Dimensions=1024x496 Date added=Jan 22, 2011
Willimantic Traction Co. trolleyAda Kerachsky Albright says, "The trolley is heading south on the Old South Windham Road, crossing the intersection of Kick Hill Road and about to go up Babcock Hill Road. In the far background is Route 32 which runs parallel to the old South Windham Road. My family lived in what had been the old schoolhouse on Babcock Hill Road, and before the land across the road from our house was developed, there was a lane that had once been a trolley lane and went to the short road paralleling Route 32 that starts behind where the gas station is/was.
Filename=mainst-lower.jpg Filesize=82KB Dimensions=1024x634 Date added=Jun 12, 2011
Lower Main Street, 1963This is the railroad crossing on Lower Main Street, pictured in 1963. The building on the right is the Jillson House, now the home of the Windham Historical Society. The façade and sign of the Windham Diner can be seen just further up the street.
Filename=38huricane13.jpg Filesize=167KB Dimensions=1024x709 Date added=Feb 02, 2011
Bridge St.1938 Hurricane, near to the Bridge Street railroad crossing. The view is looking to the West towards the Windham Manufacturing Company's old cotton mills
Filename=atco-g.jpg Filesize=196KB Dimensions=1024x755 Date added=Jun 12, 2011
ATCO bridgeThe crossing between Mills One and Mills Six welcomed visitors and travellers into Willimantic between 1916 and 1998.
Filename=February05.jpg Filesize=178KB Dimensions=1024x560 Date added=Feb 05, 2011
Coventry - Pic of the Week - February 05, 2011
This is a postcard pic from a group of postcards sent to us by Dick Donovan. S. Rand wrote to us and said, "The location of this waterwork was on the north side of Woods Lane in Coventry. The factory was on the south side of the lane. The dam and the remains of the mill pond remain as does part of the foundation of the factory. The UMC factory was actually located located across from the old Coventry Roller Carnival/Flea Market pavillion on Lake St. The UMC mill was originally a grist mill and the building still exists! There was a trolley crossing located where the blue steel tank is at this location. This was part of my old stomping grounds in my younger years. "
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