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Filename=3-17-2016.jpg Filesize=485KB Dimensions=2047x1455 Date added=Mar 17, 2016
South Windham SchoolhouseThis photo was shared by Ada Kerachsky Albright and shows students at the the South Windham School on Babcock Hill Road. It was one of the nine district schoolhouses in the town of Windham.
Filename=7-13-2017-pow.jpg Filesize=186KB Dimensions=896x1260 Date added=Jul 13, 2017
Christian Street District SchoolhouseThe Christian Street District Schoolhouse was located on present day RT 14 in what was known as “the Christian Street District” which was one of the town’s ten school districts. In 1900, fifteen pupils studied there. The building is still in existence on the north side of RT 14 near the Scotland town line.
3-26-2015 POW.jpg
Filename=3-26-2015 POW.jpg Filesize=253KB Dimensions=1498x950 Date added=Mar 26, 2015
Bricktop District Schoolhouse circa 1895Children stand outside the Bricktop District Schoolhouse. It was located on present day RT 14 near Lover’s Lane. At that time, there were eight Windham school districts outside of Willimantic.
Filename=pic4w.jpg Filesize=126KB Dimensions=1024x622 Date added=Feb 26, 2010
Victorian homeBeyond its cotton thread and railroad links, Willimantic is also renowned for its magnificent Victorian mansions. Here's a view of a few of them, built during the 1890s on Windham Street in the city's famed hill district.
Filename=ephemstan-22tc.jpg Filesize=702KB Dimensions=1077x1800 Date added=Feb 11, 2013
Willimantic High School Graduation ExercisesPrior to the opening of Windham High School in 1897, Willimantic had two high schools. The District One High School (Willimantic High School) which was at the southeast corner of Windham and Valley Streets), and Natchaug High School. (Photo courtesy of Stan)
Filename=pic6w.jpg Filesize=154KB Dimensions=796x1024 Date added=Feb 26, 2010
Eight sided house A Willimantic landmark! This unique eight sided house was built in the 1880s by a local carpenter named Charles Beckwith. It stood on the northwest junction of Summit and Walnut Streets in Willimantic's prosperous nineteenth century hill district. It was demolished in the late 1930s, and was one of the few octagonal houses to be found in Connecticut
Filename=ephemstan-28tc.jpg Filesize=913KB Dimensions=1800x1077 Date added=Feb 11, 2013
Natchaug High School Reunion Prior to the opening of Windham High School in 1897, Willimantic had two high schools. The District One High School (Willimantic High School) which was at the southeast corner of Windham and Valley Streets), and Natchaug High School. (Photo courtesy of Stan)
Filename=10-23-2014-pow.jpg Filesize=869KB Dimensions=1297x967 Date added=Oct 23, 2014
Windham Center Grammar SchoolThis is the original, pre-Civil War Windham Center School. It was located on what is now called Windham Center Road approximately halfway between the firehouse and Mullen Hill Road. It was replaced in 1923 by the school on North Road. Rural Windham had eight school districts, each with its own building. Willimantic had three school districts.
Filename=tc-earlybuild-a.jpg Filesize=116KB Dimensions=1024x772 Date added=Sep 22, 2011
The First District School.
Filename=8-4-2016-pow.JPG Filesize=287KB Dimensions=2048x1350 Date added=Aug 04, 2016
The Back Road District schoolhouseChildren are gathered outside the Back Road District’s schoolhouse (at the corner of Beaver Hill Road). Perhaps some other family members joined in the the picture because throughout the years, the Back Road District averaged only ten students and, in 1897, it was consolidated with the Windham Center District. We believe the gentleman in the photo to be Windham Selectman Charles Spafford who taught at the school.
Filename=3-6-14pow-a.jpg Filesize=981KB Dimensions=1368x949 Date added=Mar 13, 2014
Meritt Welch Real EstateChaplin resident Merritt Welch stands in front of his real estate office on North Street. In 1912, Mr. Welch became the State Senator from the 29th district. It was said that his popularity was due in large part to the acquaintances he made through his business. Pic of the Week March 6, 2014
Filename=june16-2011.jpg Filesize=101KB Dimensions=1024x685 Date added=Jun 18, 2011
First District Schoolhouse.Pic of the week for June 18, 2011. This building sat on the corner of Windham and Valley Sts. It was razed in preparation for the building of what would be called the F.R. Noble School. Today it is a dorm for ECSU.
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