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Filename=1912-tc-1.jpg Filesize=147KB Dimensions=1199x523 Date added=Sep 04, 2011
Introduction to Dr. Keating's photo album. Pictures were taken during the Summer of 1912 during the smallpox epidemic. The Isolation Hospital was on Pleasant St. The handwriting is Dr. Keatings.
Filename=1912-tc-2.jpg Filesize=199KB Dimensions=1024x611 Date added=Sep 04, 2011
The Isolation HospitalIn 1912, Willimantic joined the rest of the world in being hit by the smallpox epidemic. Dr. Keating was Willimantic's Health Official.
Filename=6-11-2015-pow.jpg Filesize=196KB Dimensions=1024x718 Date added=Jun 18, 2015
South Windham HouseThe Fitch School (aka Pine Grove Seminary) operated in South Windham from 1848 until 1867. It was conducted by Dr. Jabez C. Fitch (1815-1885), who prepared boys for entry into Yale College. The school building pictured here was erected om 1855, and by 1905 it was purchased by Smith and Winchester and became the South Windham Hotel. The hotel was known primarily for its saloon and a pathway between Smith and Winchester and the saloon was called "Whiskey Alley".
Filename=1912-tc-3.jpg Filesize=173KB Dimensions=1024x614 Date added=Sep 04, 2011
Rear view of the Isolation HospitalAfter much discussion over a period of time, Willimantic decided to open an isolation hospital. Dr. Keating volunteered to stay at the hospital during the entire time it was in operation, thus putting his own health "on the line".
11-5-2015POW-trolley 1907.JPG
Filename=11-5-2015POW-trolley 1907.JPG Filesize=288KB Dimensions=1599x1025 Date added=Nov 05, 2015
First Day of Trolley - Ceremony in CoventryThis photo was taken at the dedication of the Coventry to Willimantic Trolley Line. The portly gentleman in the front ,holding a cigar is Dr. William Higgins, a Coventry doctor and legislator. Route 31 in Coventry is named after him.
Filename=pic4c.jpg Filesize=102KB Dimensions=708x1024 Date added=Feb 26, 2010
Dr. Thomas Morton Hills Hospital Dr. Thomas Morton Hills Hospital stood on North Street behind the building occupied today by Quinebaug Community College (Todds). It was built in the 1880s and demolished during redevelopment in the early 1970s. Hills was a noted surgeon, an expert in the swift amputation of limbs. Note the Methodist Church at the rear which stood on Church Street, and which was also demolished in 1974.
Filename=pic4.jpg Filesize=105KB Dimensions=1024x651 Date added=Jun 03, 2010
Dr. Mason's HospitalThis picture is of Dr. Mason's Hospital at Fairview Avenue in 1920. It was built in 1880 as a home by William Barrows, the president of the Willimantic Linen Company. The rambling mansion was purchased circa 1908 by Dr. Louis Irving Mason (1865-1930), and in 1911 he built the extension on the rear. In 1939 it became the home of the Spector family, and also the site of summer theatre, thus laying the roots of the Windham Theatre Guild. The magnificent building was demolished in 1979.
Filename=1912-tc-4.jpg Filesize=175KB Dimensions=1024x605 Date added=Sep 04, 2011
Dr. Keating with Nurse Ryan and Frank Brooke, the cook.Nurse Ryan and Cook Brooke also stayed at the hospital during this time. As a result of these peoples' efforts, there were no deaths due to smallpox in Willimantic.
pow  08-16-2012.jpg
Filename=pow 08-16-2012.jpg Filesize=676KB Dimensions=1080x829 Date added=Aug 16, 2012
Obwebetuck Hotel / Houston InstitutePic of the Week - August 16, 2012 The Obwebetuck Hotel opened in either 1888 or 1889. It was popular as a summer resort and also used for such gatherings as the June, 1889 First Annual (Windham?) High School Alumni Banquet. By December, 1892, the Obwebetuck Hotel had been leased by “The New England Housian Narcotic Cure Company”. Dr. W.D. Waller of Columbia was appointed as house physician. By 1897 it was known as Dr Rose’s Sanitarium. On April 4, 1907 a devastating fire completely destroyed what by then was called Grand View Sanitarium. 16 inmates escaped the fire.
Filename=1912-tc-4-c.jpg Filesize=128KB Dimensions=1024x586 Date added=Sep 04, 2011
Doctor William Patrick Stuart KeatingDr. Keating. He was also the City Health Officer.
Filename=6-15-2017-pow-a.JPG Filesize=354KB Dimensions=1014x1600 Date added=Jun 22, 2017
Entrance to Dr. Mason's HospitalThis was the entrance to Dr. Mason’s Hospital on Fairview Street. Dr. Mason practiced in Willimantic from 1909 to 1930. The hospital was originally built in 1881 as a home for Willimantic Linen Company president William Barrows. The building was demolished in 1974.
Filename=11-26-2015-pow.JPG Filesize=131KB Dimensions=842x596 Date added=Nov 25, 2015
Doctor Rose's Sanitarium - South WindhamThe photo entitled “Cozy Sleeping Room” was taken from an advertisement for Dr. Rose's Sanitarium.
Filename=pre1930=12.jpg Filesize=511KB Dimensions=576x817 Date added=Nov 01, 2012
The Surprise Store - Jackson St.Pic of the Week - October 11, 2012. “The Surprise Store”, was a clothing store that was on Jackson Street. It was owned by Samuel Eisenberg who is seen posing with his wife and an employee. The family of Dr. Girard, a prominent city physician and businessman, is on the second floor porch.
Filename=pow-chron-21a.jpg Filesize=547KB Dimensions=1191x853 Date added=Sep 12, 2013
Willimantic Cash Store (Kaplan's Market?)This photo had an inscription on the back saying “Kaplan’s Market” but our research could not find a market by that name. The sign leads us to think it was the Willimantic Cash Store which was located at 17 Union Street. Years later the building was owned by Dr. Arthur Girouard. The last store to be located in that building was Martin’s Home Appliances when the building was razed as part of the redevelopment program of the 70s. Pic of the Week September 12, 2013
Filename=earlybus-tc-1.jpg Filesize=334KB Dimensions=1024x1279 Date added=Sep 22, 2011
Amos B. Adams' Insurance AgencyHouse (built in 1862) at corner of Union and Center St. Left to right: Amos B. Adams, Mrs. Sumner, Mrs. Adams, Nellie Sumner, Dr. Edwin Sumner. Picture is prior to 1884.
Filename=May26.jpg Filesize=148KB Dimensions=1024x993 Date added=May 26, 2011
Pic of the Week - May 26, 2011
This building was at 29 Jackson St. It was both home and office to Dr.Charles H. Girard. Dr. Girard and his wife are pictured on the second floor porch. We could find no information at all about Perilli the Italian Grocer. The information I had came from handwritten notes found at the Chronicle. The notes indicated that the building in the Pic of the Week was replaced by a new building. We have another picture and will get that on the site. In the 50s, the building was occupied by the Girard Agency and, of course, the Wonder Bar Restaurant as well as a package store.
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