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Filename=pic10.jpg Filesize=151KB Dimensions=1024x666 Date added=Jan 23, 2011
Most historic bridge in WillimanticThis bridge is one of the most historic in Willimantic, but few know of its existence. It is pictured here in a 1939 aerial view. The bridge was built under electric floodlight in 1880. It is well known however to those who worked at the American Thread Company. It was the connection to Mill Number Four, the large cotton mill destroyed by fire in 1995.
Filename=3-12-2015POW.jpg Filesize=403KB Dimensions=1855x1121 Date added=Mar 19, 2015
Demolition of the Pomeroy BlockThe building being demolished was known as "The Pomeroy Block". Some of you may remember that it housed Brennan's Electrical and Noheimer's Market. Across the street (from left to right in the photo) was Melo's Beauty Salon, Olin's Wallpaper Store, a barber shop, Theresa's Dress Shop and Delmar Radio.
Filename=November20.jpg Filesize=153KB Dimensions=1024x787 Date added=Nov 20, 2010
Church Street Here are the occupants of the pictured buildings in the 1950s:
2-18 Church St – Murray Building ; 20-24 Church St. – Chronicle Building ; 28 Church St. – Hartford Cleaners ; 34 Church St. – Methodist Church ; 44-52 Church St. – Pomeroy Block (44 - Brennan Electric ; 46 – Vacant ; 48 – Windham Electric ; 50 – Vacant ; 52 – Noheimer’s Market)Pic of the Week - Nov. 20, 2010
11-20-2014pow-cloned-photo fix.jpg
Filename=11-20-2014pow-cloned-photo fix.jpg Filesize=573KB Dimensions=1024x649 Date added=Nov 19, 2014
Pomeroy Block - Church StreetThe Pomeroy Block sat at 44-52 Church Street and was razed during the redevelopment period. In its earliest days, it was the home of the Republican Headquarters, the Blanchette and Hoffman Bakery and the Burnham and Keegan Meat Market. In its final years, Brennan’s Electrical, The Windham Electric Company and Noheimer’s Market were located there
Filename=8-28-14pow.jpg Filesize=940KB Dimensions=1440x993 Date added=Aug 28, 2014
The Trade SchoolPictured here are the Electrical and Drafting Departments which were on the third floor of the old State Trade School on the corner of Bank and Valley Streets. Pic of the Week August 28 , 2014
Filename=11-27-14b.jpg Filesize=391KB Dimensions=1677x1244 Date added=Dec 05, 2014
Adam's ExpressThis is the Adam’s Express delivery wagon at the company’s business office at 850 Main Street (The Kimbel Block). Also in the building was the Willimantic Gas and Electric Company office.
Filename=btc13=a.jpg Filesize=129KB Dimensions=1024x668 Date added=Oct 31, 2012
The Willimantic Gas and Electric Light Plant
Filename=4-21-2016-pow.JPG Filesize=295KB Dimensions=1150x1754 Date added=Apr 28, 2016
Telegraph Wire stringingThis photo was taken in back of the Willimantic railroad station and shows workmen stringing Western Union telegraph lines. The poles were also used by the telephone company and for electric power lines that originated at the Willimantic Electric Light Company. The footbridge can be seen in the background.
wmtc gas and light.jpg
Filename=wmtc gas and light.jpg Filesize=123KB Dimensions=1024x668 Date added=Jan 17, 2013
Willimantic Gas and Electric Light Company -Pic of the Week - January 10, 2013. These were buildings belonging to the Willimantic Gas Co. and the Willimantic Electric Light Company. They merged in 1900 and the total value of the new company was said to be $120,000. In 1909, the company was bought out by the Rockville-Willimantic Lighting Co. At that time, electricity ceased being produced in Willimantic and was bought from other companies and sent over new transmission lines to Willimantic.
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