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Filename=pic10.jpg Filesize=151KB Dimensions=1024x666 Date added=Jan 23, 2011
Most historic bridge in WillimanticThis bridge is one of the most historic in Willimantic, but few know of its existence. It is pictured here in a 1939 aerial view. The bridge was built under electric floodlight in 1880. It is well known however to those who worked at the American Thread Company. It was the connection to Mill Number Four, the large cotton mill destroyed by fire in 1995.
Filename=neigh-oak-summit.jpg Filesize=74KB Dimensions=1024x707 Date added=Jun 11, 2011
Ebenezer LutheranThe recently built Swedish Lutheran Church dominates the corner of Oak and Summit streets in this 1896 photograph. Swedish immigrants had organized "Den Svenska evangeliska Lutherska Ebenezerkyrkan av Willimantic" on November 17, 1889. The church was built in 1893/94, and partially rebuilt after a 1916 fire.
Filename=aaaa.jpg Filesize=678KB Dimensions=1573x1223 Date added=Sep 08, 2011
Civil Defense Exercise and ParadeOn Sunday, June 27, 1953. Operation "Willimantic Plan" was a huge Civil defense exercise that involved 1400 firefighters, police and communication workers who fought 6 "fires" set off by an "atomic bomb attack". Following the exercises there was a parade from Lincoln Square and an "air demonstration".
Filename=smsfire-marsalisi-1.jpg Filesize=398KB Dimensions=893x598 Date added=Mar 21, 2013
St. Mary School FireCourtesy of Joe Marsalisi
Filename=pic3.jpg Filesize=82KB Dimensions=1024x769 Date added=Jun 18, 2011
St. Mary School fireOn Friday January 30, 1953, St. Mary's School was destroyed by fire.
Filename=blocks-tc-2.jpg Filesize=127KB Dimensions=1024x759 Date added=Sep 22, 2011
Frinck's BlockA "block" has been defined as "a large building divided into separate functional units". In Willimantic, having your own block was a sort of a business success story. From the late 1800s until the early 1950s there were about 30 "blocks" in Willimantic. It is hard to keep track of the names because when a building was sold, the name often changed. For example, the Tilden Block became the Jordan Block. Before the catastrophic fire, the Jordan Block still had the "Tilden" name on the roof lettering. This photo is of Frinck's Block, one of the few owned by a woman (Mrs. Elnora Frinck). Her store sold crockery and glassware.
Filename=firehouse-tc-3.jpg Filesize=140KB Dimensions=1024x650 Date added=Sep 22, 2011
Filename=tc-fire-melony-1.jpg Filesize=132KB Dimensions=1024x646 Date added=Sep 23, 2011
Melony Block Fire (Maverick Laundry)The Maverick Laundry fire occurred on Wednesday, May 6, 1908. Box 32, at the corner of Bank and Main was struck at 12:05 in the afternoon. The Maverick Laundry was located in the Melony Block which was just across the street from the Hooker House. At the time of the alarm, thick black smoke was coming from both the laundry and from the A.C. Blanchette furniture store.
Filename=pic4b.jpg Filesize=100KB Dimensions=1024x570 Date added=Feb 26, 2010
European HouseThe European House, a building that housed a hotel and several stores, occupied the corner of Main and Railroad. It was built in 1861, and partially destroyed by fire in the early 20th century. It was again hit by a fire during World War Two, and demolished. Advertised on the Railroad Street side of the building are the City Drug Store, toilet articles, and cigars and soda.
Filename=firehouse-bankst_.jpg Filesize=141KB Dimensions=1024x683 Date added=Jun 12, 2011
Bank St. headquarters - 1908The Bank Street fire house is pictured here in 1908
Filename=pic2.jpg Filesize=80KB Dimensions=1024x760 Date added=Jun 18, 2011
St. Mary School fireOver 200 firefighters fought the blaze.
Filename=tc-fire-melony-2.jpg Filesize=107KB Dimensions=1024x644 Date added=Sep 23, 2011
Melony BlockThe flames worked their way through the floor and into Blanchette's furniture dealer’s store. That caused much of the furniture store’s stock to be damaged by flames, smoke or water. Unfortunately, just a few days earlier, Blanchette had received a new shipment of household goods and four new pianos.
Filename=pow-03-29-12.jpg Filesize=126KB Dimensions=1024x768 Date added=Mar 30, 2012
Thread City CyclersPic of the Week - March 29, 2012
This is a photo of the "Thread City Cyclers". They are pictured outside the Tilden Block. The Cyclers were very active in early Willimantic social life and had a meeting room in the Tilden Block. The Tilden Block was sold to the Jordan's and was later destroyed by fire.
Filename=bus-post1930-5a.jpg Filesize=194KB Dimensions=2046x728 Date added=Oct 31, 2012
Shell ChateauThe Shell Chateau was built in 1936 and was named after a nearby gas station. It was completely destroyed by fire in the early morning hours of July 14, 1979.
Melony Fire - 1.jpg
Filename=Melony Fire - 1.jpg Filesize=205KB Dimensions=1024x610 Date added=Jun 22, 2010
Melony BlockThe fire was believed to have started in the basement drying room where the huge amount of clothes drying there, along with carpets and oily machinery created not only a mass of flames but billowing clouds of smoke as well. It was said that firemen at the rear of the building had to stand back several feet in order to avoid the smoke.
Filename=pic5.jpg Filesize=123KB Dimensions=1024x879 Date added=Jun 18, 2011
St. Mary School fireIt was believed to have started in a boiler room under an 1876 addition to an already ancient building.
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