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Filename=renewal-01.jpg Filesize=100KB Dimensions=1024x1024 Date added=Jun 04, 2011
The beginning......Redevelopment officially began at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday Oct. 9, 1973. It began at Lincoln
Square and proceeded East. The first building to be razed was the gas station that sat at
the junction of Union and Main. Four other buildings were razed in that first three week
Filename=bus-post1930-5a.jpg Filesize=194KB Dimensions=2046x728 Date added=Oct 31, 2012
Shell ChateauThe Shell Chateau was built in 1936 and was named after a nearby gas station. It was completely destroyed by fire in the early morning hours of July 14, 1979.
Filename=df-a.jpg Filesize=870KB Dimensions=1200x669 Date added=Nov 01, 2012
Sherman's Corner - Chaplin, CTPic of the Week - November 1, 2012. Chaplin First selectman Bill Rose was among the people who identified last week’s photo as “Sherman’s Corner” in Chaplin. Bill wrote, “In the era pictured it was a gas station, bus stop, bar and grill and the local hot spot for night time entertainment. Today it is the home of the Bach Dor Cafe.
Filename=7-24-14--120dpi.jpg Filesize=236KB Dimensions=1665x1081 Date added=Jul 31, 2014
N.L. Sherman's store and gas station.N.L. Sherman’s gas station and store was located, of course, at what we now know as Sherman’s Corner in Chaplin. Pic of the Week July 24, 2014
Filename=pic3.jpg Filesize=127KB Dimensions=1024x635 Date added=Mar 13, 2010
Industrial Willimantic in 1908Industrial Willimantic in 1908. Note the 1850s gasworks to the right, and the 1820s Smithville mills at Bridge Street. This shot was taken from the footbridge.
Filename=2-27-14pow.jpg Filesize=566KB Dimensions=1535x1043 Date added=Feb 27, 2014
Old Route 32 in South WindhamRetired Willimantic Fire Captain Joseph “Al” Beaulieu provided this information on last week’s picture. “The brick building on the left of the photo is the present gray vinyl covered building on the northeast corner of 32 and 203. The second and third buildings on the picture’s left are gone. RT 32 then curves right (at the small house almost in the middle of the picture). That is today’s Old Windham Road and is the original RT 32. That small house is the one just before the gas station. The big tree in the center of the picture is still there and is showing the effects of the ’38 hurricane. “Al” pointed out that you can still see the same branch configuration. A few years later, the present day 32 as we know it was constructed. Pic of the Week February 27, 2014
Filename=pow-chron-6.jpg Filesize=930KB Dimensions=1800x1189 Date added=Apr 06, 2013
The Rosen Family.Pic of the Week - April 4, 2013. This picture was taken around 1915 on the corner of Mayo and Lafayette Streets. Frank and Bertha Rosen are the couple in the center of the picture. Their children (left to right) are Morris, Adele, Alice, Molly, Anna and Haskel . Among the Rosen’s business interests were the Windham Super Service Gas Station, an auto parts store and Eastern Live Poultry. Visit our Forum to read more information from a family member who saw the picture in the Chronicle. (Photo courtesy of Stan)
Filename=mainst-a-7.jpg Filesize=84KB Dimensions=1024x605 Date added=Jun 12, 2011
Lincoln Square - 1958The Lincoln Square area of Willimantic is captured in this 1958 photograph. The Lincoln furniture building that gave its name to the square was replaced by a gas station in 1938. Lincoln Square was also the location of a rotary, and an annual, decorated Christmas tree. It disappeared in 1973 during city redevelopment
Filename=4-7-2016-a.jpg Filesize=150KB Dimensions=2047x1092 Date added=Apr 07, 2016
Susco Service Center during WWIIThe photo is of the Susco Service Center which was on Main Street. It was located next to the old City Garage which is where Tyler Square is today. It was owned, at the time, by Sussman's Oil and was also referred to as Sussman's Gas Station No. 2
Filename=pic16.jpg Filesize=147KB Dimensions=1024x672 Date added=Jun 03, 2010
Union Railroad DepotWillimantic's Union Railroad Depot, pictured here in 1898, was built in 1882. It replaced the original 1849 station built by the New London and Northern Railroad. Note the water container, the New England RR car, the gas light and the Hooker Hotel cab waiting to take passengers to Willimantic's finest hostelry. The Union Station was demolished in 1955. Note the similarity in design to the extant station at Stafford Springs.
Filename=January22.jpg Filesize=80KB Dimensions=1024x496 Date added=Jan 22, 2011
Willimantic Traction Co. trolleyAda Kerachsky Albright says, "The trolley is heading south on the Old South Windham Road, crossing the intersection of Kick Hill Road and about to go up Babcock Hill Road. In the far background is Route 32 which runs parallel to the old South Windham Road. My family lived in what had been the old schoolhouse on Babcock Hill Road, and before the land across the road from our house was developed, there was a lane that had once been a trolley lane and went to the short road paralleling Route 32 that starts behind where the gas station is/was.
Filename=pow-06-14-12.jpg Filesize=129KB Dimensions=1024x733 Date added=Jun 14, 2012
Potter Farm - West Main Street and Columbia RoadPic of the Week - June 14, 2012
The Potter Farm. Evidently the city bought a large portion of the Potter Farm in 1909 for the expansion of the "New Willimantic Cemetery". We believe the house sat in the approximate location where the Shell Chateau once stood --or the gas station at the "Y" intersection today. But of course the cemetery is on the other side of Columbia Rd..
Filename=11-27-14b.jpg Filesize=391KB Dimensions=1677x1244 Date added=Dec 05, 2014
Adam's ExpressThis is the Adam’s Express delivery wagon at the company’s business office at 850 Main Street (The Kimbel Block). Also in the building was the Willimantic Gas and Electric Company office.
Filename=btc13=a.jpg Filesize=129KB Dimensions=1024x668 Date added=Oct 31, 2012
The Willimantic Gas and Electric Light Plant
wmtc gas and light.jpg
Filename=wmtc gas and light.jpg Filesize=123KB Dimensions=1024x668 Date added=Jan 17, 2013
Willimantic Gas and Electric Light Company -Pic of the Week - January 10, 2013. These were buildings belonging to the Willimantic Gas Co. and the Willimantic Electric Light Company. They merged in 1900 and the total value of the new company was said to be $120,000. In 1909, the company was bought out by the Rockville-Willimantic Lighting Co. At that time, electricity ceased being produced in Willimantic and was bought from other companies and sent over new transmission lines to Willimantic.
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