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Filename=pic10.jpg Filesize=151KB Dimensions=1024x666 Date added=Jan 23, 2011
Most historic bridge in WillimanticThis bridge is one of the most historic in Willimantic, but few know of its existence. It is pictured here in a 1939 aerial view. The bridge was built under electric floodlight in 1880. It is well known however to those who worked at the American Thread Company. It was the connection to Mill Number Four, the large cotton mill destroyed by fire in 1995.
tc-60s willi-bb.jpg
Filename=tc-60s willi-bb.jpg Filesize=141KB Dimensions=1024x1010 Date added=Sep 22, 2011
Bridge St at Main St.Remember those great Remy's grinders?!?
Filename=stan-mem-4.jpg Filesize=361KB Dimensions=576x522 Date added=Feb 10, 2013
Thomas Haran BottlesThomas Haran was a bottler and ran a saloon from the Haran Block at 857 Main Street (that was the old Main St. numbering system - our guess is that it was the corner of Walnut and Main). At one time, he was the Foreman of the Montgomery Hose Company Number Two on Jackson St. (Photo courtesy of Stan)
Filename=7-18-2013.jpg Filesize=720KB Dimensions=1200x900 Date added=Jul 18, 2013
Letter Carriers in front of Post Office.The photo was taken on July 23, 1914 in front of the old Post Office. Those pictured were the letter carriers and “mounted carriers” of that time. Pictured, left to right, are :George K. Allen., Joseph Paulhus, ?? Jackson, Clarence Palmer, John Smith. Clarence Barrows, Edward Syman, Anson Syman (mounted city carrier). Not in picture : Dwight Ide, George Arnold. Pic of the Week July 18, 2013.
Alert Hose-Mike Tirone.jpg
Filename=Alert Hose-Mike Tirone.jpg Filesize=136KB Dimensions=1024x751 Date added=Jun 22, 2010
Alert Hose Co.The Alert Hose Company's decorated fire wagon.
Photo courtesy of Mike Tirone.
Filename=sl3.jpg Filesize=614KB Dimensions=1568x1020 Date added=Oct 17, 2013
Baseball Game at Windham FieldHere we see a crowd of people attending a baseball game at Windham Field. Memorial Park was originally known as Windham Field, and served for many years as the home of the Willimantic Colts, the city's professional baseball team. The stadium was removed in 1917, and the field was landscaped to memorialize those from Willimantic who died during World War One. Pic of the Week October 10, 2013
Filename=pic1.jpg Filesize=157KB Dimensions=1024x616 Date added=Apr 18, 2010
Memorial ParkMemorial Park was originally known as Windham Field, and served for many years as the home of the Willimantic Colts, the city's professional baseball team. The stadium was removed in 1917, and the field was landscaped to memorialize those from Willimantic who died during World War One.
Filename=1a.jpg Filesize=557KB Dimensions=864x514 Date added=Oct 31, 2012
Hilltop Hose - Willimantic Fire DepartmentCompany Three - the "Hilltoppers".
Filename=1910-7-4-1910--ATCO.jpg Filesize=758KB Dimensions=1623x1043 Date added=Jul 06, 2014
American Thread CompanyThe caption says, "American Thread Company" although at least one of the gentlemen is from Hilltop Hose Number 3.

Filename=TylerCity-2.jpg Filesize=994KB Dimensions=1440x838 Date added=Jan 08, 2014
Bridge Street CrossingThis photo was taken in 1955 by photographer Charles Palmer, whose parents are in the shot, wearing coats. They are on the concrete island that "replaced" the station. The gallows signal is visible. Much more RR history can be found at . (Charles Palmer photo, Bob LaMay Collection - Photo used with permission of TylerCityStation Collection).
Filename=pow-chron-17b.jpg Filesize=782KB Dimensions=1440x853 Date added=May 23, 2013
The Grand Army of the Republic (The G.A.R. - Civil War Veterans)This picture was taken during the 1909 reunion of the Civil War veterans of the 21st Regiment, Connecticut Volunteers (“The Gallant Old Regiment”). They met at the Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) Hall. The veterans were all members of various G.A.R. posts throughout the state. Those who came for this, their fortieth reunion, marched from the railroad station to the Grand Army of the Republic Hall. The May 16th reunion was also the anniversary of the 1864 Battle of Drury’s Bluff in which the regiment had played a prominent part. May 23, 2013 Pic of the Week.
5-14-2015 POW.jpg
Filename=5-14-2015 POW.jpg Filesize=330KB Dimensions=1927x1293 Date added=May 14, 2015
Alert Hose Company's 1908 minstrel.The members of the Alert Hose Company are performing in a minstrel show held at the Loomer Opera House in March, 1908. All performers were members of the Company. A newspaper article says that, “the audience was large and appreciative “. One of the songs sung by all the performers was, “When Our Firemen Meet Their Foe”.
Filename=firehouse-tc-1assemblyroom.jpg Filesize=154KB Dimensions=1024x731 Date added=Sep 22, 2011
Alert Hose Company's Assembly Room at Bank St. Headquarters
Filename=1910-hilltop.jpg Filesize=824KB Dimensions=1680x1170 Date added=Jul 06, 2014
Willimantic Fire Department, Company Three (Hilltop Hose).
Filename=firehouse-a-a.jpg Filesize=81KB Dimensions=1024x1080 Date added=Jun 12, 2011
The Montgomery Hose Company The Montgomery Hose Company consisted mainly of Irish firemen. They built this hose house on Jackson Street in the 1880s, and it is pictured here just before it was demolished in 1974.
Filename=fires-tc-4.jpg Filesize=178KB Dimensions=1024x741 Date added=Sep 23, 2011
Windham High SchoolThe fire continued to burn throughout the morning. Many of those who came early stayed on even as more devastated members of the community came to see what was left of the building.
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