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Hosmer Mountain Reservoir The Hosmer Mountain Reservoir was an integral part of the city's water works. It is pictured here six years after completion in 1894, and provides a fascinating view of Willimantic before the forest reclaimed the hill.
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1908 view of Hosmer MountainNick K says," the street in the front is Bridge Street (easily recognizable by the houses and natural landscape) . Hosmer Mountain dominates the background. Bridge Street eventually runs into Pleasant Street. The curved road in the distance leading to the hill is part of Mountain Street." Or, as Paul Ashton questions, "upI don't know when the Hosmer reservoir was built but you can see the road cut up the side of the mountain. I wonder if it was for the reservoir or the mica mine or both at that time. "
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Willimantic Water WorksThat same work gives a fairly comprehensive history of the Water Works, including this piece, "A dam and pumping station, and engineer's house were erected at Conantville, about one and a half miles north of the village, on the Natchaug, and a reservoir was built on Hosmer mountain, south of the village."
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Eclipse of the SunOn January 24, 1925, almost five thousand people gathered on Hosmer Mountain to witness a total eclipse of the sun. The photo shows the people leaving the site. Over a thousand people had come from Boston on two special trains. During the eclipse, the temperature dropped five degrees to a chilly two below zero. Mayor Hickey and Street Superintendent John Sullivan had the Street Department prepare Hosmer Mountain for the crowd. Police had also been called to duty but, it was reported, none were needed.
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Hosmer Mountain Soda Label
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