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Filename=pic5.jpg Filesize=126KB Dimensions=1024x560 Date added=Feb 26, 2010
Tinker Ted's Taxi ServiceTed's children are pictured in his taxi, in the yard of his 100 High Street house. Note the hard rubber spare tire. Ted's children are pictured in his taxi, in the yard of his 100 High Street house. Note the hard rubber spare tire.
Filename=tc-fire-melony-1.jpg Filesize=132KB Dimensions=1024x646 Date added=Sep 23, 2011
Melony Block Fire (Maverick Laundry)The Maverick Laundry fire occurred on Wednesday, May 6, 1908. Box 32, at the corner of Bank and Main was struck at 12:05 in the afternoon. The Maverick Laundry was located in the Melony Block which was just across the street from the Hooker House. At the time of the alarm, thick black smoke was coming from both the laundry and from the A.C. Blanchette furniture store.
Filename=pic7.jpg Filesize=205KB Dimensions=1024x659 Date added=Feb 26, 2010
Natchaug Silk Mill The Natchaug Silk Mill on North Street was built in 1881/1882 by Frederick Dwight Chaffee. The factory was later taken over by the Windham Silk Company and Brand Rex. It was demolished circa 1970, and today is the site of the courthouse.
Filename=willi63-3.jpg Filesize=231KB Dimensions=1024x633 Date added=Jun 30, 2011
Willimantic - Summer, 1963Lower Main St. Jillson House. (photo courtesy of Willimantic Public Library)
Filename=pow-12-27-12-chron.jpg Filesize=659KB Dimensions=864x645 Date added=Dec 27, 2012
Pic of the Week - December 27, 2012Pic of the Week - December 27, 2012 This week’s photo was taken inside the Loomer's Opera House. It would be wonderful if someone could identify the event as well. Share your thoughts on our Forum or e-mail us - “”
Filename=4-2-2015.jpg Filesize=248KB Dimensions=1786x1142 Date added=Apr 09, 2015
The Johnson House The sign says "Hotel Johnson" but it started out as the rebuilt Potter’s Tavern (known as “The Tremont”). It later became known as Young’s Hotel and then as the Johnson House. It was gutted by fire in 1915. The old Nathan Hale Hotel was built on this site.
Filename=pic5c.jpg Filesize=130KB Dimensions=862x1024 Date added=Feb 26, 2010
Turner Block/Windham Hotel The Windham Hotel was part of the Turner Block. The block had many owners over the years and by the time of the 1968 St. Valentine's Day fire, had become an apartment house.
3-26-2015 POW.jpg
Filename=3-26-2015 POW.jpg Filesize=253KB Dimensions=1498x950 Date added=Mar 26, 2015
Bricktop District Schoolhouse circa 1895Children stand outside the Bricktop District Schoolhouse. It was located on present day RT 14 near Lover’s Lane. At that time, there were eight Windham school districts outside of Willimantic.
4-13-2017boys band-1.jpg
Filename=4-13-2017boys band-1.jpg Filesize=69KB Dimensions=746x482 Date added=Apr 13, 2017
KofC Boys' BandPictured are members of the Knights of Columbus Boy’s Band. The band later became known as the Willimantic Cadets and was led by local legendary bandmaster Charles Wheeler. The photo was taken in front of the Loomer Opera House.
Filename=4a.jpg Filesize=553KB Dimensions=864x597 Date added=Oct 31, 2012
Thread City Garage /Johnson HouseOn the night of January 9, 1915, what was said to be, “one of the most serious fires in a decade” occurred. The fire was discovered in the Natchaug Garage, located directly in back of the Johnson House Hotel on Main St. As one can see from this photo, the fire eventually spread to and gutted the Johnson House.
Filename=pow-11-29-12-chron.jpg Filesize=563KB Dimensions=1440x1003 Date added=Nov 29, 2012
Pic of the Week - November 29, 2012This week’s rare picture is courtesy of the Windham Historical Society. It is the Prospect St. façade of the original Windham High School. It was built in 1896 was destroyed by fire in 1913 This picture was made from a collection of glass negatives that were at the Jillson House.
Filename=stan-ice-b.jpg Filesize=845KB Dimensions=1656x1131 Date added=May 16, 2013
Ice Delivery in WillimanticThis photo was taken on the High St. side of the Town Hall. It shows the delivery wagon of the Ayer’s ice house. The two principal suppliers of ice in Willimantic were Eaton of Mansfield and Ayer, which was on Pleasant St. at the Lebanon line. Due to public outcry over the rising cost of ice, by 1913, Willimantic began a short-lived municipal ice business and harvested ice near the Pumping Station. May 9, 2013 Pic of the Week
threadcity garage.jpg
Filename=threadcity garage.jpg Filesize=98KB Dimensions=1000x631 Date added=May 11, 2013
Thread City GarageThe Thread City Garage was located off Main St. in back of where the present day Nathan Hale Hotel stands. Parts of the brick walls are standing today and can be seen to the left of the present day firehouse. A spectacular fire in 1915 ruined that garage as well as the Natchaug Garage and the Johnson House Hotel. The Thread City Garage rebuilt and remained in business until sometime in the 1930s. Photo courtesy of Armand Biron.
Filename=courthouse.JPG Filesize=144KB Dimensions=1024x644 Date added=Oct 31, 2012
Filename=pic1m.jpg Filesize=108KB Dimensions=1024x659 Date added=Feb 26, 2010
Chaffee Silk MillThe Chaffee Silk Mill, pictured on the corner of Church and Valley in a building erected in 1872. J. Dwight Chaffee manufactured high quality silk thread and silk fishing lines from this site, well into the 20th century. This building was also fell victim to early 1970s city redevelopment, and today is the site of the Windham Courthouse.
Filename=pic4v.jpg Filesize=126KB Dimensions=1024x622 Date added=Jun 03, 2010
1914 Main Street buildingsThis fine row of Main Street buildings were photographed in 1914. The Melony Block on the left was originally the Congregational Church, built in 1828. It was demolished in the 1930s. The Gem Cinema, on its right, was Willimantic's first custom built movie house. It was built in 1909. Next is the YMCA block, built in 1912. The commercial block at the right was built in 1890, and is still standing, Unfortunately, the two architectural gems in the centre are hidden by decorative concrete blocks, placed there
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