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Filename=pic1.jpg Filesize=138KB Dimensions=1024x619 Date added=Feb 26, 2010
Tinker Ted's Taxi Service"Ted Marrotte (1894-1965) introduced Willimantic's first taxi, or jitney service in February 1915. Ted trained as a plumber, and gained a reputation of being somewhat of a mechanical genius, thus his name, "Tinker Ted." Ted is pictured here with that first taxi on Valley Street, Willimantic."
Filename=pic2.jpg Filesize=95KB Dimensions=1024x570 Date added=Feb 26, 2010
Tinker Ted's Taxi ServiceWhen Ted Marrotte was 21, his father Arman Trudeau, a well known local grocer, loaned him the money to purchase the city's first taxi cab, and launch the first motorized jitney service. Here is Marrotte's business card.
Filename=pic6.jpg Filesize=145KB Dimensions=721x1024 Date added=Feb 26, 2010
Tinker Ted's Taxi ServiceThe Marrotte household at 100 High Street was demolished in 1949 because of building projects at the Willimantic State Teacher's College. Ted is pictured here laying a new drive in 1937. Note the old Willimantic Normal School in the background.
Filename=pic7.jpg Filesize=92KB Dimensions=629x1024 Date added=Feb 26, 2010
Tinker Ted's Taxi ServiceThe Marrotte family purchased a summer home on Lake Coventry in the 1920s. Ice fishing was a favorite winter pastime. Marrotte (right) and his father-in-law Arman Trudeau dsiplay their catches, circa 1925.
Filename=pic8.jpg Filesize=128KB Dimensions=1024x656 Date added=Feb 26, 2010
Tinker Ted's Taxi ServiceTed Marrotte's taxi service eneded in 1938 when he was hired as superintendent of the Willimantic water works. During World War two Marrotte worked at Pratt and Whitney. After the war he was employed as a plumber and handyman, and from 1954 until 1959, Marrotte established "Tinker Ted's tinshop" at Sturbridge Village, where he made vintage tin utensils using age-old methods. He is pictured here at his Sturbridge Village workshop in the mid 1950s.
Filename=DSCN0618a-gray.jpg Filesize=921KB Dimensions=1200x1396 Date added=Mar 11, 2013
St. Mary's ChurchPhoto courtesy of Steve Marrotte
Filename=5-15-14pow-adj_2.jpg Filesize=498KB Dimensions=1440x883 Date added=May 15, 2014
Willi PD 1930-31Last week’s photo showed members of the Willimantic Police Dept. in 1930. We believe Chief Walter King is front and center and that Captain Killourey is on the far right. The back of the photo has this information: 1st Row Leahy, Marrotte, Grady, Piche, King, McLean 2nd Row: Hurley, LaChappelle, Meikle, Laramie, Killourey Back Row: Lutton, Burchnall, ?, Dawson. Pic of the Week May 15, 2014
Filename=people-pinkie-marrotte.jpg Filesize=82KB Dimensions=899x608 Date added=Apr 25, 2012
Paul Pinkiewicz, aka "Pinkie" of the Windham Police; picture taken in 1959 on Jackson Street, Willimantic. Notice the old "Windham Police" cruiser. (photo courtesy of Steve Marrotte)
Filename=1-5-2017-pow.jpg Filesize=151KB Dimensions=1024x815 Date added=Jan 05, 2017
Willimantic Police Department and CD AuxiliariesThis 1952 photo shows members of the Willimantic Police Department. Police Chief Grant Bombria had appointed police auxiliaries and Civil Defense personnel in response to the nation’s new “Civil Defense Structure”. Among those in the photograph are Chief Bombria, First Selectman Ralph Crosthwaite, Stanley Harris, Calvin Harris, Jessie Owens, Jim Spurlock, Paul Pinkiewicz and Andre Marrotte.

Filename=redev-marrotte-a~0.jpg Filesize=208KB Dimensions=960x668 Date added=Jul 30, 2012
Railroad St.Courtesy of Steve Marrotte
Filename=redev-marrotte-b~0.jpg Filesize=119KB Dimensions=960x690 Date added=Jul 30, 2012
Looking north from Footbridge (Courtesy of Steve Marrotte)
Filename=earlybus-tc-mm.jpg Filesize=21KB Dimensions=320x222 Date added=Apr 25, 2012
Marrotte's GroceryCharles Marrotte (forefront) was owner of this butcher shop located somewhere over the river in Willimantic. Standing in back is Charles Jr. Picture taken approximately 80 years ago, 1930's, we guess. (photo courtesy of Steve Marrotte)
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