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Filename=laramee~0.jpg Filesize=944KB Dimensions=610x1008 Date added=Sep 30, 2015
Pierre J. (Pete) LarameePierre J. "Pete" Laramee served as the mayor of Willimantic in 1937 and from 1940 - 1941. He also served as the first person of French Canadian descent to represent Willimantic in the Connecticut State House of Representatives from 1917-1918, and 1923-1924 and as a Connecticut State Senator from 1937 to 1942. He was the owner of "The Laramee Company", a thriving meat market on North Street and was a partner in the "Al-Pierre Dance Hall" on Valley Street.

Filename=laramee.jpg Filesize=917KB Dimensions=864x648 Date added=May 12, 2016
The Laramee CompanyThe Laramee Company’s delivery vehicles and staff are shown outside the market which was located at 22 North Street. The Laramee Company was one of the first local businesses to install refrigerated cases for meats and other goods. The man with the boater hat was owner Pierre J. Laramee who later became Mayor of Willimantic.
Filename=pow-2-2-12.jpg Filesize=129KB Dimensions=1024x698 Date added=Feb 02, 2012
The Laramee Company
This is the interior of The Laramee Company meat market and grocery store on North Street. It was owned by Pierre J. Laramee (on the far right of the picture) who went on to become Mayor of Willimantic and a State Senator. Pic of the Week February 02, 2012
Filename=7-27-2017.jpg Filesize=71KB Dimensions=1024x731 Date added=Aug 03, 2017
Borodach's GroceryThe “Windham Market” was usually referred to as Borodach's Market. It began as a meat market and grew into a full grocery store. It was located on the corner of Valley and Jackson Streets and razed during thr redevelopment period.
Filename=renewal-03.jpg Filesize=117KB Dimensions=1024x691 Date added=Jun 04, 2011
Main St. side of buildingsThis is the Main St. side of buildings that had entrances on both Main and Union Sts. On
the left is Martin’s Home appliances and at the far right is Goettlich’s Furniture store.
The 2 buildings in the middle were vacant at the time but I believe that the smaller one
was, at one time, Rothblatt’s Meat Market.
Filename=6-4-2015.jpg Filesize=353KB Dimensions=1924x1300 Date added=Jun 04, 2015
Willimantic's Redevelopment periodThis is the southwest corner of Valley and Jackson Streets. From the left, the storefronts were occupied in the 1960s by Superior Electronics and George Bourey’s “College Shop”. The building with “72” painted on it had an entrance on Valley Street and was home to Borodach’s Grocery Store. Joseph "Al" Beaulieu told us that, "the first building to the left was Samson Meat Market, then The College Shop, and Ame Bordack Meat Market, which caught fire on the second floor, we had one of our Fire Fighters go through the floor that night . I believe the building was owned by a Mrs Haddad."
Filename=3-24-2016.jpg Filesize=536KB Dimensions=2048x1471 Date added=Mar 24, 2016
Noheimer's Meat Market?This is, we believe, the interior of Noheimer’s Meat Market on Church Street.
11-20-2014pow-cloned-photo fix.jpg
Filename=11-20-2014pow-cloned-photo fix.jpg Filesize=573KB Dimensions=1024x649 Date added=Nov 19, 2014
Pomeroy Block - Church StreetThe Pomeroy Block sat at 44-52 Church Street and was razed during the redevelopment period. In its earliest days, it was the home of the Republican Headquarters, the Blanchette and Hoffman Bakery and the Burnham and Keegan Meat Market. In its final years, Brennan’s Electrical, The Windham Electric Company and Noheimer’s Market were located there
Filename=7-10-14-pow-original.jpg Filesize=429KB Dimensions=2048x1233 Date added=Jul 17, 2014
Turner and Commercial blocks first floor businessesThis photo was taken at the corner of Main and Church Streets and shows the delivery wagon of the Thompson Meat Market (on Church Street) and the bottom floor businesses of the Turner and Commercial Blocks. The businesses included the Thompson Store, Apothecaries Hall, Charlie Lee’s Laundry Pic of the Week July 10, 2014
Filename=pow-chron-13.jpg Filesize=508KB Dimensions=864x1020 Date added=Jun 06, 2013
Willimantic Beef Company - This is the building at 640 Main St.[Prior to Main Street being renumbered, it was 80 Main St.] In the 1890s, William Tiffany had a meat market there. At the time of the photo, it was occupied by the Willimantic Beef Company. After Willimantic Beef, Swift and Company took over the building. In the late 1950s, Willimantic Frozen Food was located there. In the 70s, the building was razed as part of the redevelopment project. May 30, 2013 Pic of the Week
Filename=pow-12-29-11.jpg Filesize=71KB Dimensions=1024x731 Date added=Dec 29, 2011
Borodach's Market - Corner of Valley and Jackson StreetsPic of the Week - December 29, 2011
Ada Kerachsky Albright correctly identified this picture as that of Borodach's Market. She said, "It was Borodach's for at least 40 years as far as I can determine. It started out as Borodach's Meat Market in the 1920s.."
Filename=tc-earlybus-h_dion.jpg Filesize=31KB Dimensions=720x577 Date added=Sep 22, 2011
Hormisdas Dion's businessThis is 36-38 Ash St. (The two story house is still in existence.) The buildings housed the businesses of Hormisdas Dion. His extensive retail store consisted of a bakery, grocery store, meat market and he sold grain, wood and coal. At the height of his business he used 3 trucks and 5 teams for delivery of goods.
Filename=May20.jpg Filesize=104KB Dimensions=1024x552 Date added=May 20, 2011
Adams and Company Meat MarketPic of the Week - May 20, 2011
In this pic, we'll start with the building at the very left of the picture. That is 931 Main St. and was once known as "the Gelinas Block" and then "the Mazzola Block". The middle building (with the Eagle Ale sign) is the saloon of Arthur McQuillan. McQuillans was a popular spot. Notice that the sign actually spells his name wrong. While it was "McQuillan in newspaper ads and the city directory, the sign says "McQuillian" - with an extra "i". Maybe it was painted by a patron who had one too many. The building on the right of McQuillan's (the two story house with a business on the street level) was 921-927 Main St. with "S. Adams and Co. Meat Market" at 921. Today it is the site of the Willimantic Public Library. Determining street numbers of past buildings is not always an exact science when applying them to today's buildings. The Library today is listed at 905 Main. Many of the buildings in earlier years consisted of 2 or more addresses depending upon how many floors a building had. But we'll happily accept any corrections

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