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Governor Cross at WCMHMay 11, 1932. Governor Wilbur Lucius Cross speaks at the dedication of the new Windham Community Memorial Hospital. In 1929, it was decided that St. Joseph's Hospital on Jackson needed much more space than was available. Cooperation between St. Joseph's hospital board and local businesses and benefactors led to the planning and building of the new hospital.
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Co. "L" Plaque - Memorial stone in Memorial Park
Filename=POW-9-5-2013.jpg Filesize=320KB Dimensions=858x693 Date added=Sep 05, 2013
Memorial Day, 1911This photo shows the 1911 Memorial Day parade.The drum belonged to Wheeler's American Band which accompanied the Police Department in that parade and behind Wheeler's was the local National Guard Company, Company "L". In back of Company "L" is the French-Canadian paramilitary organization, Garde Florimond. They had already marched up Main St. and were "picking up" the Grand Army of the Republic and Women’s Relief Corps Floral Wagon, The Spanish-American War veterans and a large contingent of children from Natchaug School for the march to Willimantic Cemetery. The parade of 1911 was the first in which a group of schoolchildren was asked to participate. Pic of the Week September 5, 2013
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Baseball Game at Windham FieldHere we see a crowd of people attending a baseball game at Windham Field. Memorial Park was originally known as Windham Field, and served for many years as the home of the Willimantic Colts, the city's professional baseball team. The stadium was removed in 1917, and the field was landscaped to memorialize those from Willimantic who died during World War One. Pic of the Week October 10, 2013
5-28-2015june-1931-vfw- ceremony-b.JPG
Filename=5-28-2015june-1931-vfw- ceremony-b.JPG Filesize=192KB Dimensions=1272x854 Date added=May 28, 2015
1931Veterans of Foreign Wars EncampmentThis photo was taken at Memorial Park after the 1931Veterans of Foreign Wars encampment and parade. Former Governor John Trumbull is presenting Captain Harry Generous of the 43rd Division, Aviation, CTARNG with a trophy for the best flying record of the year.
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Memorial Day Parade - 1908Chief Edgar.H. Richmond (left) and Lieutenant Daniel Killourey are leading the Willimantic Police (Patrolmen John Manley, Carl Enander, Allan McArthur, Louis Paulhus, Thomas Grady, P.J. Hurley, E.P. Weeks, Edward Leahy, Joseph Cartier and Henry Chamberlin). They are followed by Parade Marshal Luke Flynn and his staff on horseback, Charles Wheeler’s Willimantic Band, Company “L” of the National Guard and Garde Florimond.
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Memorial ParkMemorial Park was originally known as Windham Field, and served for many years as the home of the Willimantic Colts, the city's professional baseball team. The stadium was removed in 1917, and the field was landscaped to memorialize those from Willimantic who died during World War One.
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1928 Memorial Day ParadeOne of the finest floats in every Memorial Day Parade was the one entered by the American Thread Company. It is shown here passing the old Hurley Block in 1928, and is pictured from the roof of the Commercial Block, which was destroyed by fire in 1968. The four businesses in the Hurley Block are the Hurley Grant Company, Martin's photographers, the Rex Restaurant and Rogers Pharmacy.
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Memorial Day, 1911 - first formations of the paradeCompany “L” of the Connecticut National Guard (first group of marchers in the photo) had marched from their Valley Street Armory down to Broad Street. At Broad Street they were joined by the Garde Florimond (second group of marchers) and the Tierney Cadets. They marched down Broad Street to Main and then up Main Street to the Town Hall. There, they were joined by twelve more groups. The parade proceeded to the Willimantic Cemetery where the graves of the veterans were decorated.
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Mayor Pierre J. Laramee at Memorial Day CelebrationWillimantic Mayor Pierre J. Laramee is speaking at what we believe was the 1938 Memorial Day observance. At that time, Windham Field was in the process of being converted to Veterans’ Memorial Park as part of a WPA project.
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The Willimantic Baseball Association DirectorsThese are the directors of the Willimantic Baseball Association which was formed in 1901 : Danny P. Dunn, L.B. Lincoln, E.S. Wyatt, A.L. Griswold, Oscar O. Tanner, C.H. Dimmick, A.F. McQuillan, F.A. Hathaway and E.J. Gilligan. The association fenced in the newly leased Windham Field, built a large grandstand and bleachers and games began to be held. Windham Field, in later years, became Memorial Park.
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Memorial Parl plaque - Willimantic
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The original Windham Memorial Hospital, built in the 1930s and greatly expanded since.
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WWII Memorial Plaque - Willimantic
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Memorial Plaque - Windham Center
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Scotland Memorial Plaque
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