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tc-60s willi-dd.jpg
Filename=tc-60s willi-dd.jpg Filesize=193KB Dimensions=1024x943 Date added=Sep 22, 2011
Hurley's in the H.C. Murray buildingThis photo shows the ornate brickwork of the H.C. Murray building.
tc-60s willi-cc.jpg
Filename=tc-60s willi-cc.jpg Filesize=169KB Dimensions=1024x1006 Date added=Sep 22, 2011
H.C. Murray building
Filename=Scan_Pic0004.jpg Filesize=877KB Dimensions=976x1178 Date added=Apr 29, 2012
Main Street looking west and the H.C. Murray buildingWe are grateful to the copyright owner, "The Chronicle", for permission to use the above images and story from the May, 1992 anniversary edition of "The Chronicle". Further reproduction without permission is prohibited.
Filename=DSC05114~0.JPG Filesize=296KB Dimensions=1724x1177 Date added=Jun 21, 2015
Willimantic's Merchants in 1975The May 29, 1975 "Chronicle" contained a section showing some of the city's merchants. Robin Murray was kind enough to send a copy of that paper from New York. Here are the merchants and their stores.......
Filename=pic1a.jpg Filesize=107KB Dimensions=1024x704 Date added=Feb 26, 2010
1890 Main Street, WillimanticThis picture of Main Street, Willimantic was taken in 1890 and shows the towering Loomer Opera House in the center of the picture, and the old Brainerd Hotel on the corner of Church Street. Built in 1850, this was Willimantic's first hotel, built to take advantage of the increased visitation to the town provided by the arrival of the New London Northern Railroad in 1849. It was demolished in 1892 and replaced by the Murray Block.
Filename=October-20-2011.jpg Filesize=99KB Dimensions=1024x545 Date added=Oct 20, 2011
H.C. Murray's AutoPic of the Week - October 20, 2011
H.C. Murray's auto is decorated for the 1910 4th of July Parade. H.C. Murray was the owner of the Boston Store.
1910-Murray's auto.jpg
Filename=1910-Murray's auto.jpg Filesize=970KB Dimensions=1639x1059 Date added=Jul 06, 2014
H.C. Murray's Auto
Filename=November20.jpg Filesize=153KB Dimensions=1024x787 Date added=Nov 20, 2010
Church Street Here are the occupants of the pictured buildings in the 1950s:
2-18 Church St – Murray Building ; 20-24 Church St. – Chronicle Building ; 28 Church St. – Hartford Cleaners ; 34 Church St. – Methodist Church ; 44-52 Church St. – Pomeroy Block (44 - Brennan Electric ; 46 – Vacant ; 48 – Windham Electric ; 50 – Vacant ; 52 – Noheimer’s Market)Pic of the Week - Nov. 20, 2010
Filename=pic6b.jpg Filesize=120KB Dimensions=1024x733 Date added=Feb 26, 2010
Murray BlockEveryone knows it today as Hurley's Department Store, but here it is pictured just two years after it was built on the site of the old Brainerd Hotel. It was built by Scotsman Hugh Murray in 1892, and known by several generations as the Murray Block, or Murray's Boston Store.
Filename=mainst-a-6.jpg Filesize=81KB Dimensions=1024x707 Date added=Jun 12, 2011
Main St. The south side of Main Street is pictured in this 1937 photograph. The Union Shoe store can be seen on the right in the Murray Block. Going up Main is the A & P grocery, the Wilson Drug Company, Bill's No. 7 Restaurant, the First National store in the old Shea Block and the Bay State Drug Company in the Loomer Opera House Block
Filename=8-25-2016-a-pow.jpg Filesize=496KB Dimensions=1515x1107 Date added=Aug 25, 2016
Tanner Block The Tanner block stood on the northeast corner of Main and North Streets. At the time of the photo it was home to Dorman’s Candy Shop, Miss Helen Battey’s tailor shop, D.C. Barrows Jewelry store, Sherman’s Fruit Store and James Murray’s Clothing store. The shops were located both on the Main Street and North Street sides. QVCC is now at this location.
Filename=tc-mainst-bb.jpg Filesize=116KB Dimensions=1024x692 Date added=Apr 23, 2012
Brainard House HotelThe Brainard House was razed in 1893 to make way for H.C. Murray's dry goods store (later known as "The Boston Store"). Murray bought the Brainard House for about $30,000.
Filename=img031b.jpg Filesize=505KB Dimensions=1568x1032 Date added=Oct 10, 2013
H.C. Murray Company - The Boston StoreHere is the H.C. Murray Co. (Boston Store) building with its delivery wagon in front. At that time, the storefront also included the Union Shoe Store which was run by Charles Risedorf who lived on North St. Pic of the Week October 3, 2013
Filename=pic51.jpg Filesize=174KB Dimensions=1024x797 Date added=Jun 03, 2010
Summer of 1968This photograph was taken in the summer of 1968, after the St. Valentine Day fire destroyed the Commercial Block, which had stood on the site since 1865. The building located on the eastern corner of Main and Church, the Turner block, was built in 1877 and served as a hotel for many years. It was demolished in the early 1970s, and the site is today the home of Liberty Bank. Note the Methodist Church, and the Murray Block, which would be the home of Hurleys until December, 2002.
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