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Filename=pic3b.jpg Filesize=158KB Dimensions=1024x717 Date added=Jun 03, 2010
Willimantic's Finest Willimantic's Finest are pictured here in this 1892 photograph, posing outside the old police station on the west side of Church street. The building in the rear was built by the Natchaug Silk Company in 1889, and fronted onto North Street. The police station was removed to the town hall in 1894, but this structure continued to be used as a lock up when the cells at the town hall were full.
Filename=POW-9-5-2013.jpg Filesize=320KB Dimensions=858x693 Date added=Sep 05, 2013
Memorial Day, 1911This photo shows the 1911 Memorial Day parade.The drum belonged to Wheeler's American Band which accompanied the Police Department in that parade and behind Wheeler's was the local National Guard Company, Company "L". In back of Company "L" is the French-Canadian paramilitary organization, Garde Florimond. They had already marched up Main St. and were "picking up" the Grand Army of the Republic and Women’s Relief Corps Floral Wagon, The Spanish-American War veterans and a large contingent of children from Natchaug School for the march to Willimantic Cemetery. The parade of 1911 was the first in which a group of schoolchildren was asked to participate. Pic of the Week September 5, 2013
Filename=11-12-2015-POW-adj.jpg Filesize=395KB Dimensions=2047x1172 Date added=Nov 12, 2015
Natchaug Street area during the Flood of 1938This photo was taken looking eastward from the railroad tracks. The building on the left with the tall smokestack is the Willimantic Wet Wash Laundry on Natchaug Street.
Filename=4-9-2015.jpg Filesize=937KB Dimensions=1392x1117 Date added=Apr 16, 2015
The Knights of Columbus Boys BandThe Knights of Columbus Boys Band stands in front of the north door of Natchaug School. . It was organized in 1917 by Charles Wheeler and played at Willimantic events until the early 1930s. They are in front of the north door of Natchaug School. This band started out as "The American Boy's Band" and was part of a local Boy Scout Troop. When the troop lost its charter, Wheeler was able to get a new sponsor - the Knights of Columbus. Years later, the band became known as "The Thread City Cadets.
Filename=pic7.jpg Filesize=205KB Dimensions=1024x659 Date added=Feb 26, 2010
Natchaug Silk Mill The Natchaug Silk Mill on North Street was built in 1881/1882 by Frederick Dwight Chaffee. The factory was later taken over by the Windham Silk Company and Brand Rex. It was demolished circa 1970, and today is the site of the courthouse.
Filename=pic5m.jpg Filesize=80KB Dimensions=1024x590 Date added=Feb 26, 2010
Morrison Machine Company & Natchaug Silk CompanyThe Morrison Machine Company's factory is the wooden structure, and was located on Valley Street.
The Natchaug Silk Company's mills, built in 1888, stood on North Street. The Morrisons manufactured silk spinning machinery, and the Natchaug Company was famous for its high quality dress silk. The former company's mills were taken over by the Windham Silk Company in 1910. The latter company went into liquidation in 1895, due to a financial scandal. The Brand Company later used their mills in the 1950s.
Filename=4a.jpg Filesize=553KB Dimensions=864x597 Date added=Oct 31, 2012
Thread City Garage /Johnson HouseOn the night of January 9, 1915, what was said to be, “one of the most serious fires in a decade” occurred. The fire was discovered in the Natchaug Garage, located directly in back of the Johnson House Hotel on Main St. As one can see from this photo, the fire eventually spread to and gutted the Johnson House.
threadcity garage.jpg
Filename=threadcity garage.jpg Filesize=98KB Dimensions=1000x631 Date added=May 11, 2013
Thread City GarageThe Thread City Garage was located off Main St. in back of where the present day Nathan Hale Hotel stands. Parts of the brick walls are standing today and can be seen to the left of the present day firehouse. A spectacular fire in 1915 ruined that garage as well as the Natchaug Garage and the Johnson House Hotel. The Thread City Garage rebuilt and remained in business until sometime in the 1930s. Photo courtesy of Armand Biron.
Filename=ephemstan-22tc.jpg Filesize=702KB Dimensions=1077x1800 Date added=Feb 11, 2013
Willimantic High School Graduation ExercisesPrior to the opening of Windham High School in 1897, Willimantic had two high schools. The District One High School (Willimantic High School) which was at the southeast corner of Windham and Valley Streets), and Natchaug High School. (Photo courtesy of Stan)
4-28-2016 pow.jpg
Filename=4-28-2016 pow.jpg Filesize=240KB Dimensions=1697x1069 Date added=Apr 28, 2016
Johnson House HotelThis is the Johnson House Hotel in the aftermath of the January, 1915 fire that began in the Natchaug Garage (right side of photo). The fire also destroyed the Thread City Garage. For a short time, the Hooker Hotel was in danger but the valiant efforts of firefighters saved the Hooker House as well as many dwellings on Meadow Street from burning.
Filename=April03.jpg Filesize=137KB Dimensions=1024x606 Date added=Apr 01, 2010
Willimantic Water Works 1936 construction of the treatment facility (the dam had been built many years before). The 1889 History of Windham County, Connecticut by Richard M. Bayles says, “Yet another fine drive, but somewhat longer, is the one north through Mansfield street to the Storrs agricultural school. On this route is passed the Willimantic Water Works pumping station. The Natchaug river is dammed at this point, forming a beautiful lake, with grounds laid out very tastily as a small park.
Filename=April03a.jpg Filesize=203KB Dimensions=1024x778 Date added=Apr 10, 2010
Willimantic Water WorksThat same work gives a fairly comprehensive history of the Water Works, including this piece, "A dam and pumping station, and engineer's house were erected at Conantville, about one and a half miles north of the village, on the Natchaug, and a reservoir was built on Hosmer mountain, south of the village."
Filename=ephemstan-28tc.jpg Filesize=913KB Dimensions=1800x1077 Date added=Feb 11, 2013
Natchaug High School Reunion Prior to the opening of Windham High School in 1897, Willimantic had two high schools. The District One High School (Willimantic High School) which was at the southeast corner of Windham and Valley Streets), and Natchaug High School. (Photo courtesy of Stan)
Filename=9-11-14.jpg Filesize=311KB Dimensions=2047x1513 Date added=Sep 11, 2014
Oliver Risley's ParlorThe room in last week’s photo belonged to Oliver Risley. He was the head cashier at the First National Bank. He was also an embezzler and forger. Shortly after his death, the bank collapsed due to his shady dealings. The Natchaug Silk Company and Morrison Machine came close to collapsing as well due to the forged paper. His room was located in the house at 80 Maple Avenue that was originally built in 1863 for Holland Silk Mill owner Goodrich Holland. After Risley’s death, the mansion was sold to Willimantic Mayor George Harrington. In 1903, it was sold to the Rev. Arthur deBruycker who transformed it into a convent. It is still owned by Saint Mary Parish.
Filename=10-2-14pow.jpg Filesize=906KB Dimensions=1440x914 Date added=Oct 09, 2014
Spellman's Market Delivery WagonHere is the delivery wagon of Spellman’s North Street Market. It is parked in front of Young’s Hotel. Young’s later became the Johnson House which was gutted by a fire in 1915. The fire had started in the Natchaug Garage in back of the hotel and then spread to the hotel and the Thread City Garage, seen in back of the wagon’s driver.
Filename=July03.jpg Filesize=91KB Dimensions=1024x625 Date added=Jul 03, 2010
Not sure - we're told it's on Natchaug St.The building pictured is, we are told, is the Willimantic Auto Works repair shop at the very end of Natchaug St. Ralph Cabit sent us this photo taken in June, 1944.
--photo courtesy of Ralph Cabit--
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