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Filename=endofera-tc-1~0.jpg Filesize=93KB Dimensions=1024x717 Date added=Sep 22, 2011
Loomer's is almost goneThe Loomer Opera House (center of photo) is being razed. Only the first floor remains. It was built in 1860 and razed in 1939. The building was sold by Loomer's estate to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology so that the architectural and structural styles of the period could be studied.
Filename=gall27.jpg Filesize=182KB Dimensions=1024x1009 Date added=Jul 13, 2011
Governor Cross at WCMHMay 11, 1932. Governor Wilbur Lucius Cross speaks at the dedication of the new Windham Community Memorial Hospital. In 1929, it was decided that St. Joseph's Hospital on Jackson needed much more space than was available. Cooperation between St. Joseph's hospital board and local businesses and benefactors led to the planning and building of the new hospital.
Filename=aaaa.jpg Filesize=678KB Dimensions=1573x1223 Date added=Sep 08, 2011
Civil Defense Exercise and ParadeOn Sunday, June 27, 1953. Operation "Willimantic Plan" was a huge Civil defense exercise that involved 1400 firefighters, police and communication workers who fought 6 "fires" set off by an "atomic bomb attack". Following the exercises there was a parade from Lincoln Square and an "air demonstration".
1925 strike-1.jpg
Filename=1925 strike-1.jpg Filesize=467KB Dimensions=1568x1048 Date added=Jun 16, 2013
ATCO's 1925 StrikeIn March, 1925, 2,500 "operatives" of the American Thread Company began a strike. The strke resulted from an ATCO move to reduce their wages by 10 percent.
Filename=pic1a.jpg Filesize=107KB Dimensions=1024x704 Date added=Feb 26, 2010
1890 Main Street, WillimanticThis picture of Main Street, Willimantic was taken in 1890 and shows the towering Loomer Opera House in the center of the picture, and the old Brainerd Hotel on the corner of Church Street. Built in 1850, this was Willimantic's first hotel, built to take advantage of the increased visitation to the town provided by the arrival of the New London Northern Railroad in 1849. It was demolished in 1892 and replaced by the Murray Block.
1925 strike-2.jpg
Filename=1925 strike-2.jpg Filesize=884KB Dimensions=963x1096 Date added=Jun 16, 2013
ATCO's 1925 StrikeThis was one of the most well known and widely circulated images of the Thread Company strike. The first family to be moved was that of Nelson Chamberland of 241 Main St. Eviction notices were handed out five at a time. However, according to the State Police, only one family was to be moved at a time. Two deputy sheriffs and assistants started out at 9 o’clock and in an hour had most of the furniture out on the sidewalk of the company property. The work was witnessed by a large number of people, for the most part former operatives of the company
Filename=6-11-2015-pow.jpg Filesize=196KB Dimensions=1024x718 Date added=Jun 18, 2015
South Windham HouseThe Fitch School (aka Pine Grove Seminary) operated in South Windham from 1848 until 1867. It was conducted by Dr. Jabez C. Fitch (1815-1885), who prepared boys for entry into Yale College. The school building pictured here was erected om 1855, and by 1905 it was purchased by Smith and Winchester and became the South Windham Hotel. The hotel was known primarily for its saloon and a pathway between Smith and Winchester and the saloon was called "Whiskey Alley".
Filename=1912-tc-3.jpg Filesize=173KB Dimensions=1024x614 Date added=Sep 04, 2011
Rear view of the Isolation HospitalAfter much discussion over a period of time, Willimantic decided to open an isolation hospital. Dr. Keating volunteered to stay at the hospital during the entire time it was in operation, thus putting his own health "on the line".
Filename=stan-mem-3.jpg Filesize=631KB Dimensions=1024x437 Date added=Feb 10, 2013
George Greenberger BottleAll we know of George Greenberger is that he operated a cafe in Willimantic in the early 1900s. (Photo courtesy of Stan)
Willimantic ooigugmbxs.jpg
Filename=Willimantic ooigugmbxs.jpg Filesize=145KB Dimensions=1024x742 Date added=Oct 31, 2012
Scotland DamThe Scotland Dam began operation in December, 1908. Today it provides approximately 200kW of power and is administered by Northeast Utilities. In this photo, workers from the Tucker and Vinton Construction Company of New York put finishing touches on the 450 foot long dam. The Scotland side of the dam is on the right.
1925 strike-3.jpg
Filename=1925 strike-3.jpg Filesize=841KB Dimensions=1800x1214 Date added=Jun 16, 2013
ATCO's 1925 StrikeThe “Tented City” was erected on the North Windham Road, just over the city line. Its erection was proposed by Thomas F. McMahon of Providence, R.I., international president of the Textile Workers of America in June when the thread company announced that evictions of former
operatives of the plant occupying company tenements would ensue unless they returned to work.
Filename=pow-12-27-12-chron.jpg Filesize=659KB Dimensions=864x645 Date added=Dec 27, 2012
Pic of the Week - December 27, 2012Pic of the Week - December 27, 2012 This week’s photo was taken inside the Loomer's Opera House. It would be wonderful if someone could identify the event as well. Share your thoughts on our Forum or e-mail us - “”
Filename=ephemstan-29tc.jpg Filesize=1007KB Dimensions=864x1054 Date added=Feb 11, 2013
T.W. Walker Company cardIn the late 1800s, Thomas W. and Mary E. Walker ran this store as well as the "Trader's Rebate Company" at 856 Main St. By 1903, George Walker operated the "Star Thirst Parlors" in the building. His motto - "Fluid delicacies of a superior quality deftly dispensed". (Photo courtesy of Stan)
shea block-eves.jpg
Filename=shea block-eves.jpg Filesize=452KB Dimensions=1154x1860 Date added=Aug 27, 2014
Dennis O'Shea's Bottling WorksWillimantic entrepreneur Dennis Shea operated a bottling works out of this building. He dealt in wine, beer, ales and mineral water from the late nineteenth century until 1905. Shea owned several other buildings in the city. Pic of the week for June 19, 2014
4-13-2017boys band-1.jpg
Filename=4-13-2017boys band-1.jpg Filesize=69KB Dimensions=746x482 Date added=Apr 13, 2017
KofC Boys' BandPictured are members of the Knights of Columbus Boy’s Band. The band later became known as the Willimantic Cadets and was led by local legendary bandmaster Charles Wheeler. The photo was taken in front of the Loomer Opera House.
Filename=stan-30tc.jpg Filesize=840KB Dimensions=864x697 Date added=Feb 12, 2013
Chesbros BottlesSamuel Chesbro began operating a drugstore on the corner of North and Main Streets (Loomer's Opera House Block) in 1890. Before that, he had been a clerk for Doctor Fred Rogers and an apprentice for Druggist William Fuller. As part of the business, the Chesbro brothers (Samuel was a partner in a drug manufacturing business with his brother Ernest, a town selectman) manufactured "specialty drugs" such as "corn cures". In 1917 the business was sold to Bay State Drug Store. (Photo courtesy of Stan)
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