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Filename=event-stmary.jpg Filesize=128KB Dimensions=1024x768 Date added=Jul 13, 2011
St. Mary Church - Cornerstone Laying CeremonyAugust 23, 1903. Several thousand people braved the intense heat of the day. Mass was celebrated and two sermons were preached (in French and English). After Mass, the cornerstone and foundation were blessed. Later that afternoon, Benediction was held. The banner above the platform reads (in French), "Lord, how beautiful is your dwelling place".
Filename=peo-par-1.jpg Filesize=139KB Dimensions=620x1024 Date added=Jun 10, 2011
People Parade Back in the 80s, 3 artists created a painting of Main St. and the people who were often seen there, including many of the shopkeepers. It is hanging in the Town Hall lobby. Years ago, I took pictures of the mural, divided them up into 9 sections and put a number near each person, hoping to be able to identify as many as possible. I couldn't get as close as I wanted to the original picture because there was a big framed poster in front of it. But if there is enough interest, I'll go back and take more pics in a higher resolution.This is the 3rd of 9 pictures. Recognize anybody?
Filename=qua1.jpg Filesize=60KB Dimensions=1024x714 Date added=Sep 04, 2011
We are fairly sure that the photos in this Gallery are all from the Willimantic/Windham area. If you can help us identify any of the locations, structures or people, please let me know. (E:MAIL -
Filename=peo-par-2.jpg Filesize=155KB Dimensions=534x1024 Date added=Jun 10, 2011
People Parade - 2
1925 strike-2.jpg
Filename=1925 strike-2.jpg Filesize=884KB Dimensions=963x1096 Date added=Jun 16, 2013
ATCO's 1925 StrikeThis was one of the most well known and widely circulated images of the Thread Company strike. The first family to be moved was that of Nelson Chamberland of 241 Main St. Eviction notices were handed out five at a time. However, according to the State Police, only one family was to be moved at a time. Two deputy sheriffs and assistants started out at 9 o’clock and in an hour had most of the furniture out on the sidewalk of the company property. The work was witnessed by a large number of people, for the most part former operatives of the company
Filename=people-1.jpg Filesize=139KB Dimensions=620x1024 Date added=Jun 09, 2011
People Parade - 1
Filename=peo-par-3.jpg Filesize=179KB Dimensions=701x1024 Date added=Jun 10, 2011
People Parade - 3
Filename=df-a.jpg Filesize=870KB Dimensions=1200x669 Date added=Nov 01, 2012
Sherman's Corner - Chaplin, CTPic of the Week - November 1, 2012. Chaplin First selectman Bill Rose was among the people who identified last week’s photo as “Sherman’s Corner” in Chaplin. Bill wrote, “In the era pictured it was a gas station, bus stop, bar and grill and the local hot spot for night time entertainment. Today it is the home of the Bach Dor Cafe.
Filename=peo-par-4.jpg Filesize=120KB Dimensions=398x1024 Date added=Jun 10, 2011
People Parade - 4
Filename=1912-tc-4.jpg Filesize=175KB Dimensions=1024x605 Date added=Sep 04, 2011
Dr. Keating with Nurse Ryan and Frank Brooke, the cook.Nurse Ryan and Cook Brooke also stayed at the hospital during this time. As a result of these peoples' efforts, there were no deaths due to smallpox in Willimantic.
Filename=military-2~0.jpg Filesize=509KB Dimensions=1423x1993 Date added=May 08, 2012
Company "L", 1st Infantry , Connecticut Army National Guard (CTARNG), Company "L", 1st Infantry , Connecticut Army National Guard (CTARNG), prepares to leave Willimantic on June 24, 1916. They had been called to duty for the Mexican American Border War. President Wilson activated National Guard troops to reinforce garrisons along the border. On the morning of June 24th the Willimantic Fire Bell gave a "two hours 'til assembly" alert. People gathered at the Pleasant Street Armory. With all church bells ringing, government leaders, the police force and Wheeler's American Band escorted the troops to the train station. Note the troops and their gear. What we found really interesting about the pic is the fact that you can see the expressions on so many faces. Look toward the lower middle of the photo, for example, and notice the soldier shaking hands with another man. Then just below and to the left of that (near the train) is a couple talking to a soldier while a girl looks on...perhaps his parents and sister. Our soldiers from Willimantic were in Nogales for only a short period of time. Company L apparently didn't see any fighting but several soldiers sent letters back home complaining about the conditions they had to live in. Company L returned to Willi before the year's end and their return was a celebrated as their departure with the ringing of church bells, the fire bell, parades and, of course, speeches. They were mustered out of Federal service on October 24, 1916.
Filename=sl3.jpg Filesize=614KB Dimensions=1568x1020 Date added=Oct 17, 2013
Baseball Game at Windham FieldHere we see a crowd of people attending a baseball game at Windham Field. Memorial Park was originally known as Windham Field, and served for many years as the home of the Willimantic Colts, the city's professional baseball team. The stadium was removed in 1917, and the field was landscaped to memorialize those from Willimantic who died during World War One. Pic of the Week October 10, 2013
Filename=peo-par-5.jpg Filesize=201KB Dimensions=693x1024 Date added=Jun 10, 2011
People Parade - 5
Filename=peo-par-6.jpg Filesize=125KB Dimensions=418x1024 Date added=Jun 10, 2011
People Parade - 6
Filename=March05.jpg Filesize=119KB Dimensions=1024x654 Date added=Mar 05, 2011
The Horribles"The Horribles" are marching. People wearing comic and grotesque costumes was a traditional feature of Fourth of July parades in parts of the United States in the nineteenth century, and "Horribles Parades" continue to be part of the Independence Day celebration in several New England communities
Filename=peo-par-7.jpg Filesize=162KB Dimensions=536x1024 Date added=Jun 10, 2011
People Parade - 7
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