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Civil Defense Exercise and ParadeOn Sunday, June 27, 1953. Operation "Willimantic Plan" was a huge Civil defense exercise that involved 1400 firefighters, police and communication workers who fought 6 "fires" set off by an "atomic bomb attack". Following the exercises there was a parade from Lincoln Square and an "air demonstration".
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Willimantic Police DepartmentWe are grateful to the copyright owner, "The Chronicle", for permission to use the above images and story from the May, 1992 anniversary edition of "The Chronicle". Further reproduction without permission is prohibited.
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Willimantic's Finest Willimantic's Finest are pictured here in this 1892 photograph, posing outside the old police station on the west side of Church street. The building in the rear was built by the Natchaug Silk Company in 1889, and fronted onto North Street. The police station was removed to the town hall in 1894, but this structure continued to be used as a lock up when the cells at the town hall were full.
1925 strike-2.jpg
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ATCO's 1925 StrikeThis was one of the most well known and widely circulated images of the Thread Company strike. The first family to be moved was that of Nelson Chamberland of 241 Main St. Eviction notices were handed out five at a time. However, according to the State Police, only one family was to be moved at a time. Two deputy sheriffs and assistants started out at 9 o’clock and in an hour had most of the furniture out on the sidewalk of the company property. The work was witnessed by a large number of people, for the most part former operatives of the company
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Memorial Day, 1911This photo shows the 1911 Memorial Day parade.The drum belonged to Wheeler's American Band which accompanied the Police Department in that parade and behind Wheeler's was the local National Guard Company, Company "L". In back of Company "L" is the French-Canadian paramilitary organization, Garde Florimond. They had already marched up Main St. and were "picking up" the Grand Army of the Republic and Women’s Relief Corps Floral Wagon, The Spanish-American War veterans and a large contingent of children from Natchaug School for the march to Willimantic Cemetery. The parade of 1911 was the first in which a group of schoolchildren was asked to participate. Pic of the Week September 5, 2013
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1940 Train wreck in South Windham.May 2, 2013 Pic of the Week. The train wreck occurred in April, 1940. The locomotive and tender of a Central Vermont train derailed in South Windham when the rails split apart due to a collapse of the road bed. Such a large crowd gathered that State Police had to direct traffic on RT 32. The train had been moving slowly - it was backing up to some other cars. (Photo courtesy of Stan)
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Memorial Day Parade - 1908Chief Edgar.H. Richmond (left) and Lieutenant Daniel Killourey are leading the Willimantic Police (Patrolmen John Manley, Carl Enander, Allan McArthur, Louis Paulhus, Thomas Grady, P.J. Hurley, E.P. Weeks, Edward Leahy, Joseph Cartier and Henry Chamberlin). They are followed by Parade Marshal Luke Flynn and his staff on horseback, Charles Wheeler’s Willimantic Band, Company “L” of the National Guard and Garde Florimond.
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Picnic - July 16, 1890 - Near Eaton's Ice PondSame group - different pose. Others attending were : Charles Gates (agent for the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad) , E. Frank Bugbee (lawyer and prosecuting attorney) , D.A. Lyman (insurance agent and judge of the Police Court) , James M. Smith Windham First Selectman), George Bartlett (Willimantic Chronicle), Charles Holbrook, Fred Vinton, Charles Daniels, George Prouty and Charles Dimock..
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State Senator Pierre Laramee buys the first Defense Stamps issued in Willimantic In May, 1941, Willimantic Mayor and State Senator Pierre J. “Pete” Laramee was the first in Willimantic to purchase the new Defense Savings Stamps. From left to right are Street Superintendent Alexis J. Caisse, Jr., an unidentified woman, City Clerk and Treasurer Arthur Clark, Mayor Laramee and Chief of Police Grant Bombria. Pic of the Week August 8, 2013

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Police Chief Grant Bombria and Captain Frederick LaramiePolice Chief Grant Bombria is sitting in his office at the Police Station which was then in the Town Hall. Bombria became Chief in 1940 after the retirement of Chief Thomas Grady. When Bombria retired in 1952, he had been on the force for thirty-five years. He was followed as Chief by the man standing on the right, Captain Frederick R. Laramie. Pic of the Week October 31, 2013
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ATCO's 1925 StrikeBy May 9, State Police were called in to assist local police. Twelve state police from the Danielson and Stafford Springs barracks and six local police were detailed to provide control of the crowds, the lines of march and the meetings.
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The Willimantic Christian Endeavor UnionMembers of the Willimantic Christian Endeavor Union are gathered at the old Post Office. The local chapter started in the late 1880s with the goal of developing its members into future religious and civic leaders. The April, 1929 statewide convention was held in Willimantic with over 500 young people in attendance. During its early years in town, it became a force in getting town officials and the police department to regulate what type of amusements were offered at the Willimantic Fair.
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Willi PD 1930-31Last week’s photo showed members of the Willimantic Police Dept. in 1930. We believe Chief Walter King is front and center and that Captain Killourey is on the far right. The back of the photo has this information: 1st Row Leahy, Marrotte, Grady, Piche, King, McLean 2nd Row: Hurley, LaChappelle, Meikle, Laramie, Killourey Back Row: Lutton, Burchnall, ?, Dawson. Pic of the Week May 15, 2014
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ATCO's 1925 StrikeOne of the duties assigned to the State Police was the protection of those workers who did not join in the strike. There were many instances of clashes and near-clashes, especially in the area of the mill's housing and the Elms Boarding House.
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Paul Pinkiewicz, aka "Pinkie" of the Windham Police; picture taken in 1959 on Jackson Street, Willimantic. Notice the old "Windham Police" cruiser. (photo courtesy of Steve Marrotte)
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Eclipse of the SunOn January 24, 1925, almost five thousand people gathered on Hosmer Mountain to witness a total eclipse of the sun. The photo shows the people leaving the site. Over a thousand people had come from Boston on two special trains. During the eclipse, the temperature dropped five degrees to a chilly two below zero. Mayor Hickey and Street Superintendent John Sullivan had the Street Department prepare Hosmer Mountain for the crowd. Police had also been called to duty but, it was reported, none were needed.
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