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Willimantic footbridgeThe Willimantic footbridge can be seen from the Willimantic's Union Railroad Station in 1910.
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Railroad Station, Willimantic
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Hotel HookerThe Hotel Hooker was built by Chauncey Simeon Hooker in the 1880s, and was considered to be the finest hotel and hostelry between Hartford and Providence. It boasted a fine restaurant and pool rooms. It benefited greatly from the city's increased railroad traffic. Note the passenger transportation stood on Bank Street, ready to take guests to the railroad station.
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Willimantic footbridgeThe famed Willimantic footbridge. Built in 1906 to connect the northern and southern sections of the city, this bridge is the only one in the eastern United States to cross a highway, railroad lines and a river.
Filename=pic1a.jpg Filesize=107KB Dimensions=1024x704 Date added=Feb 26, 2010
1890 Main Street, WillimanticThis picture of Main Street, Willimantic was taken in 1890 and shows the towering Loomer Opera House in the center of the picture, and the old Brainerd Hotel on the corner of Church Street. Built in 1850, this was Willimantic's first hotel, built to take advantage of the increased visitation to the town provided by the arrival of the New London Northern Railroad in 1849. It was demolished in 1892 and replaced by the Murray Block.
Filename=pic4b.jpg Filesize=100KB Dimensions=1024x570 Date added=Feb 26, 2010
European HouseThe European House, a building that housed a hotel and several stores, occupied the corner of Main and Railroad. It was built in 1861, and partially destroyed by fire in the early 20th century. It was again hit by a fire during World War Two, and demolished. Advertised on the Railroad Street side of the building are the City Drug Store, toilet articles, and cigars and soda.
Filename=pic3b.jpg Filesize=159KB Dimensions=1024x606 Date added=Apr 18, 2010
The 1906 footbridge view provides an excellent view of Railroad Street.
Filename=pic5-a.jpg Filesize=147KB Dimensions=1024x578 Date added=Jun 11, 2011
Willimantic Railroad DepotThe Willimantic Railroad Depot building was also known as the Union station. It appears here in H. W. Rich's 1894 photograph. It was demolished shortly after the flood of 1955.
Filename=11-12-2015-POW-adj.jpg Filesize=395KB Dimensions=2047x1172 Date added=Nov 12, 2015
Natchaug Street area during the Flood of 1938This photo was taken looking eastward from the railroad tracks. The building on the left with the tall smokestack is the Willimantic Wet Wash Laundry on Natchaug Street.
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Railroad StreetThe west side of Railroad Street, pictured in the late 1960s from beneath the footbridge, just before redevelopment got underway. How many stores do you recall?
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European House - another viewThis one shows a bit more of Railroad Street.
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Junction of Main and Railroad Street in 1974This is a photograph taken of the junction of Main and Railroad Street in 1974, just before the building in the corner was demolished. Railroad Street, which originally ran either side of the footbridge was then relocated to the east of the original site. Railroad Street came into existence during the 1850s to improve access to the new railroad depot, built to accommodate the increased traffic though the borough after the arrival of the Hartford and Providence Railroad. The street took further shape after 1
Filename=7-23-2015b.jpg Filesize=322KB Dimensions=2047x1206 Date added=Jul 24, 2015
Picnic - July 16, 1890 - Near Eaton's Ice PondSame group - different pose. Others attending were : Charles Gates (agent for the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad) , E. Frank Bugbee (lawyer and prosecuting attorney) , D.A. Lyman (insurance agent and judge of the Police Court) , James M. Smith Windham First Selectman), George Bartlett (Willimantic Chronicle), Charles Holbrook, Fred Vinton, Charles Daniels, George Prouty and Charles Dimock..
Filename=btc10-a-chron1-17-2013.jpg Filesize=352KB Dimensions=960x595 Date added=Jan 17, 2013
The Liberty Bell visits WillimanticPic of the Week - January 17, 2013 . A crowd of over 5,00 gathered at the railroad station in June, 1903, to see the Liberty Bell. The train stopped at the station for a short ceremony and moved on after about twenty minutes.
Filename=pow-chron-17b.jpg Filesize=782KB Dimensions=1440x853 Date added=May 23, 2013
The Grand Army of the Republic (The G.A.R. - Civil War Veterans)This picture was taken during the 1909 reunion of the Civil War veterans of the 21st Regiment, Connecticut Volunteers (“The Gallant Old Regiment”). They met at the Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) Hall. The veterans were all members of various G.A.R. posts throughout the state. Those who came for this, their fortieth reunion, marched from the railroad station to the Grand Army of the Republic Hall. The May 16th reunion was also the anniversary of the 1864 Battle of Drury’s Bluff in which the regiment had played a prominent part. May 23, 2013 Pic of the Week.
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Victorian homeBeyond its cotton thread and railroad links, Willimantic is also renowned for its magnificent Victorian mansions. Here's a view of a few of them, built during the 1890s on Windham Street in the city's famed hill district.
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