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Filename=pic07.jpg Filesize=123KB Dimensions=1024x691 Date added=Jan 23, 2011
Bridge over the horseshoe bend of the Shetucket River This bridge over the horseshoe bend of the Shetucket River on Bricktop Road was replaced in 1987. Note its camelback steel truss construction, a popular design for highway bridges before World War One. Note the weight limitations on the sign to the right.
Filename=pic13.jpg Filesize=199KB Dimensions=1024x626 Date added=Jan 23, 2011
Southwest view WillimanticThis is a circa 1837 drawing by John Warner Barber of the southwest view Willimantic. The Windham Manufacturing Company's cotton mills can be seen on the left. This wooden bridge over the Willimantic River was constantly being damaged by floods, and was eventually replaced by the largest stone arch bridge in Connecticut, built by Lyman Jordan in 1869
Filename=pic14.jpg Filesize=123KB Dimensions=1024x575 Date added=Jan 23, 2011
1869 stone arch bridgeJordan's magnificent 1869 stone arch bridge still carries Bridge Street over the Willimantic River. The view is looking west, and the mills in the distance belong to the Windham Manufacturing Company. The photograph was taken in 1891.
Filename=pic15.jpg Filesize=147KB Dimensions=1024x705 Date added=Jan 23, 2011
Lyman Jordan's 1869 Bridge Street Bridge The largest stone arch bridge in Connecticut (1869-1908), Lyman Jordan's 1869 Bridge Street Bridge is pictured looking east down the Willimantic River in 1908.
Filename=009.jpg Filesize=210KB Dimensions=1024x662 Date added=Feb 12, 2011
Willimantic River
Filename=pic2w.jpg Filesize=139KB Dimensions=1024x659 Date added=Feb 26, 2010
Willimantic footbridgeThe famed Willimantic footbridge. Built in 1906 to connect the northern and southern sections of the city, this bridge is the only one in the eastern United States to cross a highway, railroad lines and a river.
pow - 01-31-2013.jpg
Filename=pow - 01-31-2013.jpg Filesize=345KB Dimensions=1024x745 Date added=Jan 31, 2013
Clubhouse of the Nipnet Canoe ClubPic of the Week - January 31, 2013. Nipnet Canoe Club. The clubhouse was built on the south side of the Willimantic River about a quarter mile from the Quidnick-Windham Mfg. Company’s dam and was later doubled in size. It was destroyed by fire in the early 1930s. The club was active in Willimantic, especially in the early 1920s.
Filename=1910-7-4-1910-painters.jpg Filesize=536KB Dimensions=1624x1092 Date added=Jul 06, 2014
PaintersThe day also included several other athletic events, an afternoon band concert, an evening water carnival on the banks of the river, a second band concert in the evening and a fireworks display.
4-20-2017-river walk.jpg
Filename=4-20-2017-river walk.jpg Filesize=225KB Dimensions=1033x1051 Date added=Apr 21, 2017
Steps at The Willimantic Camp Meeting AssociationThis photo shows what was known as “The Stone Steps”. They led to the Willimantic Camp Meeting Association’s grounds. We are told that the stairs are still there and that the little wooded area they led to was called "The Trysting Place", a park where young lovers could walk and talk.
Filename=7-3-14pow.jpg Filesize=727KB Dimensions=1434x691 Date added=Jul 03, 2014
Schoolchildren at the July 4, 1910 Celebration.This picture shows the approximately 500 schoolchildren who sang “patriotic airs” at Windham Field as part of the July 4th, 1910 celebration. It was a day long celebration that began at 4 A.M. with “the firing of a salute” and lasted until late evening. The day closed with fireworks at Windham Field and an “aquatic display” on the Willimantic River. Pic of the Week July 3, 2014
Filename=sl7.jpg Filesize=385KB Dimensions=1516x1027 Date added=Nov 13, 2013
Willimantic Fair - Balloon AscensionPreparations are being made for a balloon ascension and parachute jump that occurred during the Willimantic Fair of September, 1910. On three different days, aeronaut Vincent Morris made the ascension and jump. On thr third day’s jump, he gave the crowd a scare as the parachute almost landed in the Willimantic River. Pic of the Week November 14, 2013
Filename=April03.jpg Filesize=137KB Dimensions=1024x606 Date added=Apr 01, 2010
Willimantic Water Works 1936 construction of the treatment facility (the dam had been built many years before). The 1889 History of Windham County, Connecticut by Richard M. Bayles says, “Yet another fine drive, but somewhat longer, is the one north through Mansfield street to the Storrs agricultural school. On this route is passed the Willimantic Water Works pumping station. The Natchaug river is dammed at this point, forming a beautiful lake, with grounds laid out very tastily as a small park.
5-11-2017 pow.jpg
Filename=5-11-2017 pow.jpg Filesize=251KB Dimensions=1656x1043 Date added=May 11, 2017
"The River Path"This was known as “River Path” or “River Walk”. It was authorized by the Court of Burgesses in July 1880 and was to be a walkway from Main Street to the New London Northern railway bridge and from there to Pleasant Street. It connected to a “flight of steps from the river bank to Pleasant Street” constructed by A.R. Morrison in 1879. According to newspaper reports, it was “well patronized and appreciated by parties living in that vicinity”. It was later replaced by the footbridge.
Filename=pic8.jpg Filesize=156KB Dimensions=1024x611 Date added=Apr 18, 2010
The Willimantic River, looking west from the footbridge.
Filename=Scan_Pic0114c.jpg Filesize=946KB Dimensions=720x1061 Date added=Jul 01, 2012
Hand Drawn Map of WillimanticHand drawn map of Willimantic. We think it was done just before 1830 as the city was trying to determine the location of another bridge across the Willimantic River. If you have any information, please let us know via the Forum or e-mail "".
Filename=10-2-14pow.jpg Filesize=906KB Dimensions=1440x914 Date added=Oct 09, 2014
Spellman's Market Delivery WagonHere is the delivery wagon of Spellman’s North Street Market. It is parked in front of Young’s Hotel. Young’s later became the Johnson House which was gutted by a fire in 1915. The fire had started in the Natchaug Garage in back of the hotel and then spread to the hotel and the Thread City Garage, seen in back of the wagon’s driver.
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