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Filename=goodbyewilli-1.jpg Filesize=262KB Dimensions=1024x1034 Date added=Jun 24, 2011
Mourning the CityOn May 31, 1983, the evening before Willimantic (as a city) ceased to exist, mourners held a wake and processed up Main St. The consolidation culminated a 30 year effort to unite city and town and ended Willimantic's 150 year history as a separate political entity.
Filename=pic7w.jpg Filesize=101KB Dimensions=1024x555 Date added=Feb 26, 2010
Windham Center Green, 1911It all began here in the 1690s. This is Windham Center Green, pictured in 1911. The building visible at the far side of the green was built in 1839 for the Windham Bank. The organization relocated to the growing borough of Willimantic in 1872, and since then the building has been the home of the Windham Free Library. Also located on the green is a Sheriff's lock-up from the early 18th century -- along with some magnificent houses built before the Revolutionary War. This charming village also served as the summer home of Julian Alden Weir, the famed American impressionist artist.
Filename=pic04.jpg Filesize=159KB Dimensions=1024x659 Date added=Jan 23, 2011
Lyman Jordan's 1857 bridgeLyman Jordan's 1857 bridge, soon to become a decorative walkway and part of the Windham Mills State Park, is pictured in 1906 looking west.
Filename=006.jpg Filesize=216KB Dimensions=1024x648 Date added=Feb 12, 2011
St. Mary's School
Filename=event-stmary.jpg Filesize=128KB Dimensions=1024x768 Date added=Jul 13, 2011
St. Mary Church - Cornerstone Laying CeremonyAugust 23, 1903. Several thousand people braved the intense heat of the day. Mass was celebrated and two sermons were preached (in French and English). After Mass, the cornerstone and foundation were blessed. Later that afternoon, Benediction was held. The banner above the platform reads (in French), "Lord, how beautiful is your dwelling place".
Filename=gall27.jpg Filesize=182KB Dimensions=1024x1009 Date added=Jul 13, 2011
Governor Cross at WCMHMay 11, 1932. Governor Wilbur Lucius Cross speaks at the dedication of the new Windham Community Memorial Hospital. In 1929, it was decided that St. Joseph's Hospital on Jackson needed much more space than was available. Cooperation between St. Joseph's hospital board and local businesses and benefactors led to the planning and building of the new hospital.
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Filename=tc-60s willi-bb.jpg Filesize=141KB Dimensions=1024x1010 Date added=Sep 22, 2011
Bridge St at Main St.Remember those great Remy's grinders?!?
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Filename=tc-60s willi-aa~0.jpg Filesize=109KB Dimensions=1024x683 Date added=Sep 22, 2011
Main St.
Filename=tc-60swilli-c.jpg Filesize=154KB Dimensions=1024x1050 Date added=Sep 22, 2011
View from upper Brisge St.
tc-60s willi-ff.jpg
Filename=tc-60s willi-ff.jpg Filesize=62KB Dimensions=1024x428 Date added=Sep 22, 2011
East view of Main St. and the Bridge St. intersection
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Filename=Scan_Pic0003 2.jpg Filesize=287KB Dimensions=1320x1296 Date added=Feb 19, 2012
1888Here's a great picture of Church St. during the blizzard of 1888. Picture courtesy of the Windham Historical Society.
Filename=pic4~0.jpg Filesize=41KB Dimensions=430x480 Date added=May 08, 2012
Saint Joseph's Roman Catholic ChurchSt. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church was built in 1876 on Jackson Street, financed by the borough's first and second generation of Irish-Americans. Up until the Civil War, Catholic church services had to be held in secret. A Belgium missionary, Father Florimond de Bruycker was also a central figure in the building's construction.
Filename=DSCN0618a-gray.jpg Filesize=921KB Dimensions=1200x1396 Date added=Mar 11, 2013
St. Mary's ChurchPhoto courtesy of Steve Marrotte
Filename=smsfire-marsalisi-1.jpg Filesize=398KB Dimensions=893x598 Date added=Mar 21, 2013
St. Mary School FireCourtesy of Joe Marsalisi
Filename=1-1880s.jpg Filesize=100KB Dimensions=1024x685 Date added=Jun 17, 2011
Main St. - West1880s
Filename=38huricane1.jpg Filesize=134KB Dimensions=1024x648 Date added=Feb 02, 2011
St. Joseph's Catholic Church1938 Hurricane Photos. St. Joseph's Catholic Church. Willimantic. Photo courtesy of Mike Tirone.
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