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Normal School - The 22 Club “The 22 Club” was one of the organizations for students at the Normal School. It was founded by the class of ’22 and its purpose was "to encourage an understanding attitude toward the theater...and to encourage the use of drama in community recreation”.
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Gem Theater and YMCA buildingsPhoto courtesy of Windham Historical Society.
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Gem Movie Theater The YMCA and the Gem Movie Theater were built in 1912. They are pictured here in 1963, shortly before the frontages disappeared below decorative concrete blocks.
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Hal White and his AristocratsHal White had studied at the Boston Conservatory of Music and put this band together in the early 1930s. Local musicians included Kerman Lavigne (tenor sax), Clarence Sylvester (banjo), Bill and Ray Buckingham (trumpets), Roy Grover (drums),Lester Carter (piano), Rodney Clune (alto sax), and Hal White (violin and sax). The photo was taken at the Capitol Theater.
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Demolition of the Strand TheaterFedor Litryn, the last owner of the Strand Theater, watches as the Broad Street building is razed during Willimantic’s Redevelopment period.
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The Bijou Moving Picture TheaterThe theater was opened in 1907 by Harry Gale and was located in the building on the left side of Jordan Hardware. The 1916 fire that destroyed the Jordan building had started in the Bijou Theater and then traveled through second story windows into the Jordan building.
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Loomer Opera House The Loomer Block dominated Main St. for several decades. The Loomer Opera House was considered to be the finest theater between Hartford and Providence. It seated 1,200 people in lush surroundings. Many famous vaudeville acts played there, including Buffalo Bill Cody, Charlie Chaplin and Stan Laurel. Lumber magnate Silas Loomer built it in 1879. Movies were shown there in the 1920s, but it could not compete with the Capitol Cinema. The Opera House was demolished in 1940 and replaced by a new Woolworth's store.The block also housed several other businesses including a pharmacy and a pool hall.
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