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Turner BlockThe Turner Block was built in 1877 by English-born merchant, Thomas Turner, who gave his name to Turner Street.
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Thomas Haran BottlesThomas Haran was a bottler and ran a saloon from the Haran Block at 857 Main Street (that was the old Main St. numbering system - our guess is that it was the corner of Walnut and Main). At one time, he was the Foreman of the Montgomery Hose Company Number Two on Jackson St. (Photo courtesy of Stan)
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ATCO's 1925 StrikeThe “Tented City” was erected on the North Windham Road, just over the city line. Its erection was proposed by Thomas F. McMahon of Providence, R.I., international president of the Textile Workers of America in June when the thread company announced that evictions of former
operatives of the plant occupying company tenements would ensue unless they returned to work.
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Dr. Thomas Morton Hills Hospital Dr. Thomas Morton Hills Hospital stood on North Street behind the building occupied today by Quinebaug Community College (Todds). It was built in the 1880s and demolished during redevelopment in the early 1970s. Hills was a noted surgeon, an expert in the swift amputation of limbs. Note the Methodist Church at the rear which stood on Church Street, and which was also demolished in 1974.
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T.W. Walker Company cardIn the late 1800s, Thomas W. and Mary E. Walker ran this store as well as the "Trader's Rebate Company" at 856 Main St. By 1903, George Walker operated the "Star Thirst Parlors" in the building. His motto - "Fluid delicacies of a superior quality deftly dispensed". (Photo courtesy of Stan)
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Memorial Day Parade - 1908Chief Edgar.H. Richmond (left) and Lieutenant Daniel Killourey are leading the Willimantic Police (Patrolmen John Manley, Carl Enander, Allan McArthur, Louis Paulhus, Thomas Grady, P.J. Hurley, E.P. Weeks, Edward Leahy, Joseph Cartier and Henry Chamberlin). They are followed by Parade Marshal Luke Flynn and his staff on horseback, Charles Wheeler’s Willimantic Band, Company “L” of the National Guard and Garde Florimond.
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Police Chief Grant Bombria and Captain Frederick LaramiePolice Chief Grant Bombria is sitting in his office at the Police Station which was then in the Town Hall. Bombria became Chief in 1940 after the retirement of Chief Thomas Grady. When Bombria retired in 1952, he had been on the force for thirty-five years. He was followed as Chief by the man standing on the right, Captain Frederick R. Laramie. Pic of the Week October 31, 2013
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The Elite Restaurant"The Elite Restaurant". It was located at 829 Main St. (probably in the Hotel Hooker) and run by Thomas F. Shea. Its slogan was, “The place that convinces”. Pic of the Week June 5, 2014
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Filename=2-26-15haranblock-857 main.jpg Filesize=105KB Dimensions=657x900 Date added=Feb 26, 2015
Thomas Haran's BlockThomas Haran’s block which housed his soda bottling works at 857 Main Street. Haran used local spring water to produce his soda. He also sold soda dispensing machines throughout New England. Years later, Haran sold the block to Timothy Sullivan who used it to house his automobile dealership and garage.
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1934 Democratic outingThe speaking programs were long. At the outing in 1934, for example, attendees heard from Willimantic Attorney Arthur Kelley who introduced the program and 14 other speakers. Here, the speaker is Congressman Francis Thomas Maloney, a U.S. Representative from Connecticut from 1933 to 1935 and a U.S. Senator from Connecticut from 1935 to 1945. To Maloney’s right is Mayor James M. Hurley (Willimantic Mayor 1932-1935). To Hurley’s right is Pierre J. Laramee, ( Willimantic Mayor, State Representative and State Senator). To Laramee’s right , we think is Mrs. Minnie Flynn
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Killourey Funeral Home Matchbook coverJohn, Thomas and Daniel Killourey started the business (as well as a livery stable) in the late 1890s. (Photo courtesy of Stan)
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Thomas Angell - Savings Institute
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22 Bank St.The 1888 City Directory says the location was used by the Maxwell Brothers Livery Stable. In 1899, Thomas Smith ,successor to the Smith Brothers, had an ad in the Directory promoting his business. It read, “Livery and Undertaker (Hearses and carriages furnished for funerals). By 1915 the building went back to being a simple livery stable run by Dana Morton. By 1930, the new ways had taken over and the location was used by Chauncey McFarlane Autos. In 1935 the site had become the “Club Paradise Restaurant and by 1944 it was vacant. By 1948 either a new or renovated building housed Roy Motors. Roy Motors stayed there until 1969 when the building went vacant again and by 1974, it was gone…..lost to the redevelopment plan.
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