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Cute kidsCute kids are favored by advertisers today. It was no different a century ago! This card depicts three young girls becoming entangled in Willimantic cotton thread.
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Willimantic Linen Company's Number Three MillThis 1910 postcard depicts the Willimantic Linen Company's Number Three Mill. It was erected in 1845 by the Wellesville Company on the site of Willimantic's first cotton mill built by Perez Richmond in 1822. The Wellesville mill became part of the Linen Company in 1876. It was demolished in the late 1920s, and stood on the city's Recreation Park. This idyllic view depicts the mill raceway and provides a somewhat over romantic view of industrialization, in a style known as "the factory in the garden."
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The beginning......Redevelopment officially began at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday Oct. 9, 1973. It began at Lincoln
Square and proceeded East. The first building to be razed was the gas station that sat at
the junction of Union and Main. Four other buildings were razed in that first three week
Melony aftermath.jpg
Filename=Melony aftermath.jpg Filesize=407KB Dimensions=864x523 Date added=Jun 13, 2013
Melony Block fire According to the Chronicle story, it was about 10 minutes before all the fire companies were on the scene although “some companies arrived very shortly after the alarm and in a few minutes there were three streams of water on the flames”.In this May 6, 1908 photo (originally from "The Chronicle"), spectators gathered to see the damage done by the fire in the Melony Block.
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Hilltop Hose - Willimantic Fire DepartmentCompany Three - the "Hilltoppers".
Filename=windhams-11.jpg Filesize=164KB Dimensions=538x338 Date added=Nov 01, 2012
Johnson and Potter Store - Windham Center (today it is the Post Office)Pic of the Week - October 25, 2012. At the time the photograph was taken, this was the Johnson and Potter Store. It was built for Benjamin Dwyer as a store in 1875. Somewhere around 1886, postmaster William Swift purchased the store after his own store (and the Congregational Church) burned to the ground.For much more detail, see Tom Beardsley's three articles on the Windham center Post Office. They were published in "The Chronicle" on September 2,9 and 16, 2000. Use the "Articles" tab on this page or copy/paste this link :
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Willimantic Fair - Balloon AscensionPreparations are being made for a balloon ascension and parachute jump that occurred during the Willimantic Fair of September, 1910. On three different days, aeronaut Vincent Morris made the ascension and jump. On thr third day’s jump, he gave the crowd a scare as the parachute almost landed in the Willimantic River. Pic of the Week November 14, 2013
Filename=1910-hilltop.jpg Filesize=824KB Dimensions=1680x1170 Date added=Jul 06, 2014
Willimantic Fire Department, Company Three (Hilltop Hose).
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Willimantic Frozen Food Store
Ada Kerachsky Albright said, "Now I see the railroad car in the background. I remember the freezer locker place very well. It wasn't far from my parents' store, and my mother rented a locker drawer there. When the place closed, my mother bought a stack of three or four drawers which we had in our cellar and used for storage. One of the drawers was "mine" for special things I stored when I went to college. My mother eventually decided to discard the contents--my precious baseball cards and other baseball memorabilia which would be worth a lot today. " Pic of the Week January 25, 2012
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Hilltop Hose - Fiftenth AnniversaryThe men of WFD's Hilltop Hose Company Three gather outside their headquarters. We think this photo was taken at the fifteenth anniversary celebration of the company’s formation. There were 150 guests representing present, former and honorary members, city officials, and invited guests. The evening included “ a fine musical program... a banquet and social time”. The only men we could identify were Elmer Young, company Secretary (front row, second from right), Frank M. Lincoln, company Foreman.
Filename=2-5-2015-pow-2.jpg Filesize=903KB Dimensions=1680x1266 Date added=Feb 12, 2015
Valley Street - looking west from Pearl Street -Pic of the Week February 5, 2015The building on the left was built in 1897 as Willimantic’s second armory. Later it became a dance hall and then home of Watson’s Movers. The next three buildings housed McCarthy Brothers Plumbing and Heating, then the Park Central Hotel, and J.B. Carpenter Plumbing. The Trade School can be seen on the far right.
Filename=10-23-2014-pow.jpg Filesize=869KB Dimensions=1297x967 Date added=Oct 23, 2014
Windham Center Grammar SchoolThis is the original, pre-Civil War Windham Center School. It was located on what is now called Windham Center Road approximately halfway between the firehouse and Mullen Hill Road. It was replaced in 1923 by the school on North Road. Rural Windham had eight school districts, each with its own building. Willimantic had three school districts.
10-08-2015-pow-edward john-b.jpg
Filename=10-08-2015-pow-edward john-b.jpg Filesize=291KB Dimensions=1439x911 Date added=Oct 08, 2015
Edward John's Market - Pic of the Week 10-08-2015Edward John stands outside his store which was located on Milk Street. Grandson Bruce John tells us, “He raised nine children on Milk Street on the corner by the tracks in the three story house that is still there today. He lost his business during the depression when many families i the neighborhood couldn't pay their tabs. He fed them anyway and lost his business. “
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1925 graduates of Saint Joseph’s Hospital Training SchoolThese are the 1925 graduates of Saint Joseph’s Hospital Training School. The hospital had a two year, three month training program. The grads from Willimantic are Mary McKenna on the far left and Mary Moriarty on the far right. The hospital served the community from 1907-1933 Pic of the Week April 3, 2014
Filename=8-21-14pow.jpg Filesize=250KB Dimensions=1321x884 Date added=Aug 21, 2014
The 1920 Willimantic Auto ShowThis was one of the exhibits at Willimantic’s first Auto Show, which was held in February, 1920 at the Pleasant Street Armory. Twenty local businesses had spaces there and exhibited automobiles, cycles and a huge range of accessories. The show itself was, as the “Willimantic Daily Chronicle” said, “an elaborate affair” and included military marches, local singers and orchestras. The Leonard Brothers Garage provided the three Reo automobiles in the picture; a touring car, a sedan and a roadster. Pic of the Week August 21 , 2014
Filename=7-14-2016.jpg Filesize=412KB Dimensions=1405x2048 Date added=Jul 14, 2016
Pan American Clipper "America" at Windham AirportThis is the Pan American Clipper Ship “America” at Windham airport after it made an emergency belly landing there on June 18, 1946. On board at the time were actress Vivien Leigh and her husband, Laurence Olivier. The plane sat at the airport for over a month while extensive repairs were made. During its first two days at the airport, over three thousand people came to see it. When it finally took flight again on July 24, crowds again lined the banks of the airport to watch. Read an eyewitness story by Adrian Atkins in our Pic of the Week Forum.
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