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Filename=pic6.jpg Filesize=127KB Dimensions=663x1024 Date added=Feb 26, 2010
Willimantic Linen Company's Number Three MillThis 1910 postcard depicts the Willimantic Linen Company's Number Three Mill. It was erected in 1845 by the Wellesville Company on the site of Willimantic's first cotton mill built by Perez Richmond in 1822. The Wellesville mill became part of the Linen Company in 1876. It was demolished in the late 1920s, and stood on the city's Recreation Park. This idyllic view depicts the mill raceway and provides a somewhat over romantic view of industrialization, in a style known as "the factory in the garden."
Filename=pic5d.jpg Filesize=89KB Dimensions=1024x586 Date added=Feb 26, 2010
Hosmer Mountain Reservoir The Hosmer Mountain Reservoir was an integral part of the city's water works. It is pictured here six years after completion in 1894, and provides a fascinating view of Willimantic before the forest reclaimed the hill.
Filename=pic05.jpg Filesize=108KB Dimensions=764x900 Date added=Jan 23, 2011
Willimantic footbridgeThis 1908 aerial view of the Willimantic footbridge clearly shows the bend in the construction caused by its hurried construction two years earlier.
Filename=pic10.jpg Filesize=151KB Dimensions=1024x666 Date added=Jan 23, 2011
Most historic bridge in WillimanticThis bridge is one of the most historic in Willimantic, but few know of its existence. It is pictured here in a 1939 aerial view. The bridge was built under electric floodlight in 1880. It is well known however to those who worked at the American Thread Company. It was the connection to Mill Number Four, the large cotton mill destroyed by fire in 1995.
Filename=pic13.jpg Filesize=199KB Dimensions=1024x626 Date added=Jan 23, 2011
Southwest view WillimanticThis is a circa 1837 drawing by John Warner Barber of the southwest view Willimantic. The Windham Manufacturing Company's cotton mills can be seen on the left. This wooden bridge over the Willimantic River was constantly being damaged by floods, and was eventually replaced by the largest stone arch bridge in Connecticut, built by Lyman Jordan in 1869
Filename=pic14.jpg Filesize=123KB Dimensions=1024x575 Date added=Jan 23, 2011
1869 stone arch bridgeJordan's magnificent 1869 stone arch bridge still carries Bridge Street over the Willimantic River. The view is looking west, and the mills in the distance belong to the Windham Manufacturing Company. The photograph was taken in 1891.
Filename=scan0031.jpg Filesize=455KB Dimensions=912x900 Date added=Jul 29, 2011
View from the footbridge
Filename=tc-60swilli-c.jpg Filesize=154KB Dimensions=1024x1050 Date added=Sep 22, 2011
View from upper Brisge St.
tc-60s willi-ff.jpg
Filename=tc-60s willi-ff.jpg Filesize=62KB Dimensions=1024x428 Date added=Sep 22, 2011
East view of Main St. and the Bridge St. intersection
Filename=001.jpg Filesize=299KB Dimensions=1024x886 Date added=Apr 18, 2010
In 1948, a company from Boston, Tichnor Quality Views, published a wallet of colorized postcard views of Willimantic, Coventry and the University of Connecticut printed on linen-style paper. They provide a valuable historical document of life in northeast Connecticut more than half a century ago.
Windham Inn 1910 -120dpi.jpg
Filename=Windham Inn 1910 -120dpi.jpg Filesize=800KB Dimensions=960x612 Date added=Nov 28, 2012
Windham Inn - 1910 Bill Kotrba sent us this photo. He says, "It is a very unusual view picturing route 14 heading in an easterly direction. I have only seen 2 examples of this card in the past. Please note, the Windham Inn has a wrap around porch, and the grade in front of the post office is much higher than it is today. Between 1958 and 1962, our music professor, Elizabeth Fields from Willimantic State Teacher's College, lived in the third building on the left."
Filename=pic3b.jpg Filesize=159KB Dimensions=1024x606 Date added=Apr 18, 2010
The 1906 footbridge view provides an excellent view of Railroad Street.
Filename=renewal-02.jpg Filesize=116KB Dimensions=1024x672 Date added=Jun 04, 2011
First 5 buildings to be razedHere is an overview of the first 5 buildings to be razed. Buildings were “released” to the
demolition firm in lots of 5.
Filename=1912-tc-3.jpg Filesize=173KB Dimensions=1024x614 Date added=Sep 04, 2011
Rear view of the Isolation HospitalAfter much discussion over a period of time, Willimantic decided to open an isolation hospital. Dr. Keating volunteered to stay at the hospital during the entire time it was in operation, thus putting his own health "on the line".
Filename=bbb-a.jpg Filesize=802KB Dimensions=1008x566 Date added=Feb 28, 2013
European House - another viewThis one shows a bit more of Railroad Street.
Bingham (tc2).jpg
Filename=Bingham (tc2).jpg Filesize=650KB Dimensions=880x642 Date added=Jan 11, 2013
Bingham's Mill ?Is this another photo of Bingham's Mill. Share your thoughts on our Forum. The discussion is under "General Discussion >>> Bingham's Mill - second view. Photo courtesy of Bill Kotrba
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