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Filename=pow-c2.jpg Filesize=442KB Dimensions=1200x561 Date added=Oct 14, 2012
Insulation Products Company - South Street
The “Insulation Products Company” which produced insulated wire and was located on South Street. It was later reorganized as “The William Brand Co.”. Pic of the Week - August 23, 2012
Filename=stan-mem-2b.jpg Filesize=781KB Dimensions=504x1152 Date added=Feb 10, 2013
City Drug Store BottleThe City Drug Store was started by Dennis Shea. James Courtney took over when he bought the building from Dennis Shea. Joseph H. Lockwood, who owned several drug stores, bought the store from the Courtney estate and, a year later, sold it to Eugene Curran and William Flynn in 1919. At that time, it became the Curran and Flynn Drug Store. Interestingly enough, in 1892 a fellow by the name of Timothy Shea went to a doctor for a prescription for liquor but was refused. Later, he saw the doctor at City Drug and threw a bottle at him. The bottle missed the doctor but broke several of the City Drug bottles. (Photo courtesy of Stan)
Filename=pow-historical-9a.jpg Filesize=866KB Dimensions=1728x1368 Date added=Jun 06, 2013
Valley Street (looking west from Church St.)The first building (partially visible) on the left was the Chaffee Mfg. Company which made braid. By 1950, Mayor Bergeron’s tin shop was there along with a liquor store. The next building was the Windham Silk Mill. By the 50s, it was William Brand. Then, on the corner of North and Valley, was the Washburn Block. Beyond the Washburn block, is a group of buildings housing the Willimantic Welfare Bureau (later home to Watson’s Movers), the Women’s Christian temperance Union, the Park Central Hotel, and Carpenter’s auto radiator repair. Just about visible to the left of the tree is the Turner Silk Mill, later the Trade School. June 6, 2013 Pic of the Week
11-5-2015POW-trolley 1907.JPG
Filename=11-5-2015POW-trolley 1907.JPG Filesize=288KB Dimensions=1599x1025 Date added=Nov 05, 2015
First Day of Trolley - Ceremony in CoventryThis photo was taken at the dedication of the Coventry to Willimantic Trolley Line. The portly gentleman in the front ,holding a cigar is Dr. William Higgins, a Coventry doctor and legislator. Route 31 in Coventry is named after him.
Filename=pic4.jpg Filesize=105KB Dimensions=1024x651 Date added=Jun 03, 2010
Dr. Mason's HospitalThis picture is of Dr. Mason's Hospital at Fairview Avenue in 1920. It was built in 1880 as a home by William Barrows, the president of the Willimantic Linen Company. The rambling mansion was purchased circa 1908 by Dr. Louis Irving Mason (1865-1930), and in 1911 he built the extension on the rear. In 1939 it became the home of the Spector family, and also the site of summer theatre, thus laying the roots of the Windham Theatre Guild. The magnificent building was demolished in 1979.
1925 strike-4.jpg
Filename=1925 strike-4.jpg Filesize=720KB Dimensions=1800x1210 Date added=Jun 16, 2013
ATCO's 1925 StrikeSome twenty tents were erected and the official opening of the “tent city” took place on July 7 when William Green of Washington, D.C., national
president of the American Federation of Labor delivered an address to the local strikers. For a time some of the tents were occupied by families of
Filename=5-26-2016-pow.jpg Filesize=403KB Dimensions=1537x1160 Date added=May 26, 2016
Dedication of the new Willimantic ArmoryThis photo was taken prior to the January 31, 1913 dedication of the new State Armory on Pleasant Street. Gathered together are the members of the dedication committee. Captain Elmer Carpenter, commander of Company “L”, First Infantry, CTARNG, is flanked by Willimantic Mayor Danny Dunn (left) and Attorney William Arnold. Standing in back are businessman John F. Carr and Windham County High Sheriff Charles Gates.
Filename=windhams-11.jpg Filesize=164KB Dimensions=538x338 Date added=Nov 01, 2012
Johnson and Potter Store - Windham Center (today it is the Post Office)Pic of the Week - October 25, 2012. At the time the photograph was taken, this was the Johnson and Potter Store. It was built for Benjamin Dwyer as a store in 1875. Somewhere around 1886, postmaster William Swift purchased the store after his own store (and the Congregational Church) burned to the ground.For much more detail, see Tom Beardsley's three articles on the Windham center Post Office. They were published in "The Chronicle" on September 2,9 and 16, 2000. Use the "Articles" tab on this page or copy/paste this link :
Filename=1912-tc-4-c.jpg Filesize=128KB Dimensions=1024x586 Date added=Sep 04, 2011
Doctor William Patrick Stuart KeatingDr. Keating. He was also the City Health Officer.
Filename=stan-30tc.jpg Filesize=840KB Dimensions=864x697 Date added=Feb 12, 2013
Chesbros BottlesSamuel Chesbro began operating a drugstore on the corner of North and Main Streets (Loomer's Opera House Block) in 1890. Before that, he had been a clerk for Doctor Fred Rogers and an apprentice for Druggist William Fuller. As part of the business, the Chesbro brothers (Samuel was a partner in a drug manufacturing business with his brother Ernest, a town selectman) manufactured "specialty drugs" such as "corn cures". In 1917 the business was sold to Bay State Drug Store. (Photo courtesy of Stan)
Filename=fires-a.jpg Filesize=114KB Dimensions=1024x670 Date added=Jun 12, 2011
St. Valentine's Day - 1968The famous St. Valentines Day fire of 1968 destroyed the Sherwin-Williams paint store, and a vital center of old Willimantic. Many suspect the fire was set in an attempt to attract HUD funds for the city's ill-fated urban-renewal program. Note the icicles on the traffic lights.
Filename=July07-2011.jpg Filesize=192KB Dimensions=1024x806 Date added=Jul 07, 2011
Windham Fire CompaniesThis was the Pic of the Week for July 7, 2011. The info says this pic is of the Windham Fire Companies in 1900 and was taken on Pearl st. in Willimantic. From left are: Jarrius Smith, William Swift, Rufus Huntington, William Wales, Henry Page, Edward Burnham, Rufus Rood, Andrew Frink, Charles Larrabee, Charles Rood and William Rood.
Filename=6-15-2017-pow-a.JPG Filesize=354KB Dimensions=1014x1600 Date added=Jun 22, 2017
Entrance to Dr. Mason's HospitalThis was the entrance to Dr. Mason’s Hospital on Fairview Street. Dr. Mason practiced in Willimantic from 1909 to 1930. The hospital was originally built in 1881 as a home for Willimantic Linen Company president William Barrows. The building was demolished in 1974.
Filename=pic5.jpg Filesize=155KB Dimensions=1024x775 Date added=Mar 13, 2010
William Curtis Jillson House The William Curtis Jillson House is located on Route 32. It is pictured here in 1876.
Filename=pow-03-15-12.jpg Filesize=97KB Dimensions=1024x682 Date added=Mar 15, 2012
William's CrossingButch Ives identifies the photo as, "Trolley Bridge at Williams Crossing. Present location would be at the Mushroom Factory. Roadway runs parallel with the Central Vermont Railroad tracks under the two bridge spans. Last trolley to Willimantic was i n 1938. Pic of the Week - March 15, 2012
Filename=September25a.jpg Filesize=124KB Dimensions=1024x612 Date added=Sep 25, 2010
Governor Cross - 1934 outing at "The Oaks" in North WindhamIn the 1930’s, Windham County Democrats held semi-annual “outings” to present the upcoming "ticket". Upwards of 500 people would attend these outings. During his terms as Governor, Wilbur Cross was a regular visitor. Governor Wilbur Cross (wearing coat and tie) is speaking. To Gov. Cross’ right, in light colored pants and shirt and wearing a bowtie, is Mr. Timmins. To Mr. Timmins right is Congressman Maloney. The second man from Maloney's right is (we THINK) State Representative William M. Citron who was to go on the be elected as a Representative to the U.S. 74th and 75th Congress.
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