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Filename=pic5d.jpg Filesize=89KB Dimensions=1024x586 Date added=Feb 26, 2010
Hosmer Mountain Reservoir The Hosmer Mountain Reservoir was an integral part of the city's water works. It is pictured here six years after completion in 1894, and provides a fascinating view of Willimantic before the forest reclaimed the hill.
Filename=pic8.jpg Filesize=128KB Dimensions=1024x656 Date added=Feb 26, 2010
Tinker Ted's Taxi ServiceTed Marrotte's taxi service eneded in 1938 when he was hired as superintendent of the Willimantic water works. During World War two Marrotte worked at Pratt and Whitney. After the war he was employed as a plumber and handyman, and from 1954 until 1959, Marrotte established "Tinker Ted's tinshop" at Sturbridge Village, where he made vintage tin utensils using age-old methods. He is pictured here at his Sturbridge Village workshop in the mid 1950s.
Filename=pic2c.jpg Filesize=80KB Dimensions=1024x568 Date added=Feb 26, 2010
Willimantic Water Works Pumping Station The Willimantic Water Works Pumping Station is located just across the border in the town of Mansfield, Connecticut. It was built in 1888, and is still used to pump drinking water to area residents.
Filename=1910-7-4-1910-painters.jpg Filesize=536KB Dimensions=1624x1092 Date added=Jul 06, 2014
PaintersThe day also included several other athletic events, an afternoon band concert, an evening water carnival on the banks of the river, a second band concert in the evening and a fireworks display.
shea block-eves.jpg
Filename=shea block-eves.jpg Filesize=452KB Dimensions=1154x1860 Date added=Aug 27, 2014
Dennis O'Shea's Bottling WorksWillimantic entrepreneur Dennis Shea operated a bottling works out of this building. He dealt in wine, beer, ales and mineral water from the late nineteenth century until 1905. Shea owned several other buildings in the city. Pic of the week for June 19, 2014
Filename=pic3.jpg Filesize=127KB Dimensions=1024x635 Date added=Mar 13, 2010
Industrial Willimantic in 1908Industrial Willimantic in 1908. Note the 1850s gasworks to the right, and the 1820s Smithville mills at Bridge Street. This shot was taken from the footbridge.
Filename=7-3-14pow.jpg Filesize=727KB Dimensions=1434x691 Date added=Jul 03, 2014
Schoolchildren at the July 4, 1910 Celebration.This picture shows the approximately 500 schoolchildren who sang “patriotic airs” at Windham Field as part of the July 4th, 1910 celebration. It was a day long celebration that began at 4 A.M. with “the firing of a salute” and lasted until late evening. The day closed with fireworks at Windham Field and an “aquatic display” on the Willimantic River. Pic of the Week July 3, 2014
Filename=12-11-14pow-7-10-36.jpg Filesize=811KB Dimensions=1263x1255 Date added=Dec 11, 2014
Laying of cornerstone at the new WWW Filtration Plant.Senator Matthew Daly, WPA Administrator for Connecticut (left) and Willimantic Mayor Pierre J. Laramee (right) are pictured at the July 10, 1936 ceremonial cornerstone laying for a new filtration plant at the Willimantic Water Works. The project also included improvements to the flood control dam. The dam had been damaged in a recent flood and the lower Bricktop area had been flooded.
2-26-15haranblock-857 main.jpg
Filename=2-26-15haranblock-857 main.jpg Filesize=105KB Dimensions=657x900 Date added=Feb 26, 2015
Thomas Haran's BlockThomas Haran’s block which housed his soda bottling works at 857 Main Street. Haran used local spring water to produce his soda. He also sold soda dispensing machines throughout New England. Years later, Haran sold the block to Timothy Sullivan who used it to house his automobile dealership and garage.
8-6-2015 POW-a.jpg
Filename=8-6-2015 POW-a.jpg Filesize=268KB Dimensions=1738x999 Date added=Aug 06, 2015
West Main Street near the Town Farm - 1930sWe are looking for information for this week’s interesting photo. The caption says that the car is from “Leonard Brothers Garage”. This photo was taken looking west from where the old Public Works garage was on Main Street. We are told that some of the onlookers at the photo's left were public works employees.
Filename=9-17-2015-pow-a.jpg Filesize=826KB Dimensions=1054x1526 Date added=Sep 16, 2015
Oscar O. TannerHe operated a saloon and bottling works out of his building at the corner of North Street (originally called Tanner’s Lane) and Main Street. Tanner served two terms as Mayor, in 1898-199 and again in 1904-1905. Tanner was a great sportsman and managed the city’s professional baseball team, the Colts. A friend of world champion boxer John L. Sullivan, Tanner also sponsored many boxing matches in the city.
Filename=April03.jpg Filesize=137KB Dimensions=1024x606 Date added=Apr 01, 2010
Willimantic Water Works 1936 construction of the treatment facility (the dam had been built many years before). The 1889 History of Windham County, Connecticut by Richard M. Bayles says, “Yet another fine drive, but somewhat longer, is the one north through Mansfield street to the Storrs agricultural school. On this route is passed the Willimantic Water Works pumping station. The Natchaug river is dammed at this point, forming a beautiful lake, with grounds laid out very tastily as a small park.
Filename=April03a.jpg Filesize=203KB Dimensions=1024x778 Date added=Apr 10, 2010
Willimantic Water WorksThat same work gives a fairly comprehensive history of the Water Works, including this piece, "A dam and pumping station, and engineer's house were erected at Conantville, about one and a half miles north of the village, on the Natchaug, and a reservoir was built on Hosmer mountain, south of the village."
Filename=7-9-15pow.jpg Filesize=835KB Dimensions=1440x925 Date added=Jul 15, 2015
Oscar Tanner's "O.T. Cafe"Willimantic Mayor Oscar O. Tanner (on the right wearing the porkpie hat) stands outside his “O.T. Cafe” which was located at the corner of North and Main Streets. The Thread City Bottling Works carriage belonged to Willimantic entrepreneur Dennis O’Shea, a partner of Tanner’s and whose establishment was on Union Street.
Filename=July03.jpg Filesize=91KB Dimensions=1024x625 Date added=Jul 03, 2010
Not sure - we're told it's on Natchaug St.The building pictured is, we are told, is the Willimantic Auto Works repair shop at the very end of Natchaug St. Ralph Cabit sent us this photo taken in June, 1944.
--photo courtesy of Ralph Cabit--
Filename=willi63-40.jpg Filesize=163KB Dimensions=1024x539 Date added=Jun 30, 2011
Willimantic - Summer, 1963The building on the left was the Susco Service Center (left side of bldg.) and Bob Jacko's OK Tire Center (right side of bldg.). The building on the right was Willimantic's original trolley barn and later was used as a garage by the Willimantic Public Works Dept.
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